• Treatment of warts at home, folk remedies

    Warts are caused by the fact that the human body is exposed to the attack of the papilloma virus. The virus is transmitted through direct contact with the carrier or through an environment where it could spread( public pool, pond).

    If a person has good immunity, the effect of the virus may not appear for a long time. But with a decrease in immune defense, the papilloma will necessarily germinate.

    Warts are classified as benign formations. Their appearance is not a threat to the human body, but distorts the appearance. Therefore, they should be treated. The most common treatment for warts at home. People prefer to treat the doctor with this problem rarely.

    Effective methods of treatment exist both in the arsenal of folk and official medicine. Simple cases are quite easily cured by various plant and other drugs. The doctor is treated in difficult cases.

    Treatment of viral forms of the disease

    All warts are divided into several groups according to their location on the body and appearance. These are:

    • Conventional( vulgar), mostly affecting hands. Hands are defeated because they participate in most contacts with people or objects. Most folk recipes are focused on treating this particular species of papillomas.
    • Plantar warts( plantar) are placed on the surface of the legs undergoing pressure. Recipes for their removal take into account the specifics of localization and structure.
    • Flat, located on the face of a person, neck, arms or legs. Their name was received due to the fact that they do not protrude above the surface of the skin.

    Flat warts on face treatment are not always given, because of their coloring they can be mistaken for pigment spots or freckles. However, treatment of ailment on the face without the supervision of a doctor is risky, as it can lead to skin damage.

    • Genital warts occur as a result of sexual contact with untested partners.

    In the vast majority of cases, treatment at home is possible.

    The basic means of traditional medicine:

    • Purity. The burning juice of the poisonous-orange color of this herbaceous plant is used as a cauter.

    This ailment is recommended to lubricate with fresh juice or a celandine-based preparation twice a day. The duration of the course is about two weeks.

    • Garlic. For warts on the foot, the treatment with garlic juice provides a good effect. Preliminarily, the foot is steamed, softening the papilloma itself, and then it is rubbed with garlic juice. The procedure is done overnight for thirty days.
    • Onion. For warts on the foot is very suitable for an interesting recipe from onions. One small peeled bulb should be kept in vinegar for an hour.

    Then divide the bulb in two, and one part is bandaged to the papilloma incision for the whole night. In the morning, after removing the composition, a sore spot should be greased with vegetable oil. This tool is suitable for both vulgar and flat warts.

    • Castor oil. It is considered to be a particularly safe and effective means of treating benign neoplasms.

    If there are flat warts in a person - treatment with castor oil will allow them to get rid of. Each of them must be lubricated daily with oil until it disappears completely.

    • Acetic acid. It is also used in routine treatment. This is a rather dangerous drug, which can lead to a burn of tissues around.

    The use of acetic acid requires extreme caution. According to the recipe, one should drop acetic acid on each one so that it does not go beyond the affected area.

    Procedure is performed before bedtime. The process of getting rid of growths should begin on the fourth day. The course of treatment lasts one week.

    • Apple. The juice of immature apples is extremely effective in combating conventional warts on the hands and feet. The juice will have to be applied on the education itself for a week or two, three times a day.
    • Propolis. Excruciates a heel wart - treatment with propolis allows you to forget about it.

    Leg for half an hour steamed in hot water. On a soft heel wart bind a small piece of propolis at night. Sessions are conducted until the complete destruction of an unpleasant entity.

    Baths from this disease

    Sometimes the human skin is too sensitive to the drugs used. Or warts are located in places where it is difficult to use active substances.

    There are still senile warts, keratomas. Treatment they require gentle, because the skin with age becomes particularly sensitive.

    It is recommended to treat warts at home with baths with decoctions of bug grass or horse chestnut leaves. To prepare a portion of broth for a bath of shredded bug grass, take 1 glass of 2 liters of boiling water.

    Leaves of horse chestnut along with petioles require ½ bucket to a full bucket of boiling water. It is better to brew in an enameled container. The duration of stay in a warm bath is no more than 20 minutes. The daily procedure continues in the evenings for 14 days.

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