• Treatment with garlic

    Garlic seed( Allium sativum L.) is a perennial herbaceous bulbous plant of the lily family with flat linear leaves with small flowers collected in umbrellas. The curative properties of this plant were known to the Sumerians, which for about 2300 years BC.began to be used to relieve heat, treat tumors and poisoning. The ancient Egyptians widely used it to prevent and treat infectious diseases in slaves engaged in building pyramids. Legionnaires and gladiators of ancient Rome actively used it to increase strength in combat campaigns and gladiatorial battles, and Claudius Galen, using garlic in his balm, sought the full recovery of wounded gladiators.

    Avicenna considered it a remedy for all diseases. Western medicine also drew attention to the medicinal properties of garlic. But a truly scientific study of the healing properties of garlic began only in the seventies of this century.

    The name of garlic reflects all the taste characteristics: "burning", sharp. The characteristic sharp taste and strong smell caused by essential oil, determine the food use of garlic. In addition to the essential oil consisting of sulfur compounds, the garlic contains nitrogenous substances, glycoside, alliin, phytosterols, metal salts, vitamins C( 10 mg%), B, B, PP, E, A, a multitude of trace elements, of which the most important for the bodyzinc, selenium, germanium. And the most powerful components are found not in fresh, but kept in the cold garlic. On the useful properties of garlic, see here.

    Healing properties of garlic are known to man since ancient times. Garlic was tried to treat all known diseases - and it must be said that in quite a large percentage of cases this brought a certain result.

    Say, if you do not have a completely healthy heart, any doctor will prescribe medications containing potassium, vascular disorders - vitamin-mineral complexes, catarrhal diseases, anemia - iron.

    It is enough to return to the previous section to see: all these substances are contained in garlic.

    But we should start with another: garlic is the strongest disinfectant that affects viruses, carriers of diseases, no matter how it gets into the body. Moreover, the disinfecting effect of sulfides( sulfur compounds) is enhanced by the presence in garlic of allicin, which, as already mentioned, can be considered a rather strong antibiotic.

    Among the other beneficial effects of garlic on the human body, the following should be mentioned first:

    Already in ancient manuscripts we find recommendations to consume garlic in heavy physical exertion and for the speedy recovery of health after a serious illness.

    Simultaneously, garlic positively affects the composition of blood and the state of blood vessels, saturates vitamins and salts of rare metals, that is, the action is complex.

    Perhaps, for this reason, pediatricians recommend garlic preparations for weakened children who suffer from dysbacteriosis. In children, by the way, very often gastrointestinal diseases are cured with garlic alone.

    Especially it should be said about the benefits of regular consumption of garlic in food for severe and chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

    At the end of the last century, the University of Pennsylvania( USA) issued a special bulletin, which is entitled: "Garlic reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases."American studies have shown that garlic lowers blood cholesterol. Recall that cholesterol plaques in atherosclerosis are the main reason for narrowing the lumen of blood vessels and serious blood flow disorders that can eventually lead to such serious diseases as myocardial infarction, stroke, etc.

    On the "anticholesterol" effectgarlic, folk healers have known for a long time, but now scientific medicine on the basis of experimental data claims: Yes, due to the regular use of fresh garlic or preparations based on it, the blood cholesterol level is reduced in a separatex cases by 12-16%.

    However, the aforementioned benefits of garlic are not exhausted. One of the most important applications of garlic - and in everyday life, and in folk and in clinical medicine - is its powerful preventive effect.

    Probably everyone knows that during the epidemic outbreak of influenza or acute respiratory viral infection, increased consumption of garlic can protect you from infection - flying viruses, when encountered with garlic volatile liquids, on the fly and die.

    However, not everyone knows that it is possible to prevent garlic from such "illnesses of the century" as permanent stress or chronic fatigue syndrome.

    A distinctive feature of garlic is the ability of elements of its chemical composition to enter into a quick connection with organic substances, which provides a high preventive effect.

    It should not be forgotten that the amount of garlic compounds directly depends on the condition of the plant itself: the untouched, whole head is practically neutral, but after the mechanical treatment( for example, rubbed, crushed or simply shredded garlic not only contains the already mentioned useful substancesminerals, organic acids, pectins, vitamins), but it activates many compounds - sulfur and others, so in most recipes it is indicated that it is desirable to cook fresh garlic

    First of all, it should be noted that for centuries, a tried and simple remedy is to eat once a day for half the average size of a garlic head.

    A sulfur-containing compound of ajoen was isolated by processing the garlic. It has a strong anti-rejuvenating effect, suppresses growthpathogenic fungi. Many studies confirm the anti-cancer activity of adjoen in tumors of the stomach, bladder. It is now known that garlic contains more than 100 sulfur-containing components that have special healing properties.

    Another sulfur-containing garlic S-allyl-cysteine ​​reduces cholesterol in the blood, especially triglycerides, which play a major role in the development of atherosclerosis. Japanese scientists received a garlic compound that has a protective effect in liver damage.

    Preparations from garlic have become irreplaceable for diseases of coronary heart disease, cerebral circulation disorders and others.

    For obese, sluggish people suffering from shortness of breath: mix 400 g of ground garlic with 2-4 lemon juice, pour into a jar with a wide neck, tie with gauze and put on for 2-4 days. Take 1 time before bedtime 1 tsp mixture with 1/2 cup water. Shake before use. After 10-14 days fatigue will disappear, a good sleep will appear.

    One of the most effective properties of garlic is its antibacterial action. There is an opinion that during the cold epidemics, it is enough to put a necklace of garlic cloves on the neck of the child, and it will protect against pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

    Garlic syrup is prepared for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, hoarseness, sore throat.

    10-12 heads of garlic through a meat grinder. Thin layers of the resulting mass and layers of sugar, laid out alternately, fill the jar. Insist two days. Strain through the tissue. Take, like any syrup from a cough.

    Put several heads of chopped garlic in a clean glass jar and pour liquid honey at room temperature. Insist for 24 hours. Take with pain in the throat, bronchitis, cough every half hour-hour on a teaspoon. Sandwiches for colds. Pour two lemons with boiling water, grate. In the resulting mass, add the head of garlic, also grated. Stir, add 200 g of butter, which in a softened form it would be good to beat with a mixer. To such sandwiches it is still good to serve tea brewed on herbs.

    To prevent flu and cold, garlic drops buried in the nose will help. Grind some garlic, squeeze the juice, add 10 parts of water, the drops are ready.

    For colds, bronchitis and pneumonia, garlic plaster will help. Grind 5-8 heads of garlic until pasty. Lay a layer of loose paper on a sheet( blotter, napkin) and attach the adhesive with a paper side to the chest, from above cover with a denser cloth, and then with napkins. To keep no more than 20 minutes.

    And you can just sniff. In a small vial( it is possible from under medicines), the main thing is that the neck is not wide, put the finely chopped garlic, close the lid. Do 10-15 breaths and exhalations. Then a break.

    Effective garlic for intestinal disorders. Garlic has excellent choleretic properties, the drug allochol, which includes garlic, is widely used. Japanese scientists testify to the ability of garlic to excrete various poisonous substances from the body through the intestine, in particular heavy metal salts - lead, mercury, cadmium and other harmful substances.

    Prepare a mixture of 1 liter of honey, 10 lemons and 10 heads of grated garlic. Leave for a week in a closed bank. Take 4 teaspoons a day, but not immediately, but slowly, slowly, one spoon after another. Do not miss the days. This amount is enough for 2 months.

    Effective garlic for less serious problems. Garlic, boiled with milk, accelerates the ripening of abscesses and softens the painful calluses. Warts, lichen, eczema, other skin diseases are treated with fresh mush or garlic juice.

    In case of dry calluses and warts, it is necessary to apply crushed raw garlic for the night, covering it with sterile gauze or cotton glove and fixing it all with plaster.

    For fungal infections, try a hot garlic compress.3-6 cloves of chopped garlic mixed with 0.5 liters of hot water, then add another 0.5 liters of boiling water. Allow the mixture to cool so that it does not burn, soak the cloth in it and attach it to the affected area of ​​the skin. Make sure that the compress remains moist and hot, for which water on top of it with a hot garlic mixture. For each subsequent compress, a fresh mixture should be prepared.

    To strengthen hair juice is rubbed into the skin.

    Garlic can replace iodine in small cuts. The ancient Greeks considered garlic an indispensable tool against the bite of poisonous snakes. Slavs in the ancient and Middle Ages also used it from snake venom, so they called garlic "snake grass".In cooking, garlic is added to salads, borscht, and sauces are prepared. Eat in fresh, pickled or salted form.

    We offer to cook garlic caviar. To do this, crush 1 head of garlic with salt, add 1/2 cup of walnut kernels and crush again;soak in a slice of white bread, squeeze, mix with garlic and nuts. The resulting mass of whisk with a wooden spoon until the mashed potatoes, adding 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil. To mash the lemon juice, vinegar, put on a plate and decorate with olives. Garlic pickled garlic .Put the garlic heads in cold water for three days, changing it 2-3 times a day. Then divide the garlic into denticles, rinse and put in sterilized jars. In each jar lower 1 bay leaf and 5 peas of sweet pepper( or cloves).Prepare marinade: for 0.5 liters of water - 3 tablespoons.tablespoons of sugar and 1 tbsp.spoon of salt, boil. Add to each jar 3 tbsp.spoon of vinegar, immediately pour boiling marinade and cover with lids. Keep refrigerated.

    Garlic is cleaned, passed through a meat grinder, folded into a glass jar and poured with vegetable oil. This garlic seasoning can be stored for 2-3 years. Cover the top with a plastic cover.

    In autumn, dry garlic well, put the heads in a saucepan or in glass jars.

    Top up the pan with ordinary dry salt. Top with a cotton cloth, but in no case a lid. Salt should "breathe".You can put containers in any place. It is possible to fall asleep not with salt, but with millet - garlic too is well preserved all winter and does not dry up.

    Fine marinade or seasoning is obtained from arrows of garlic. They must not be ransacked so that they are not rigid.

    With a curative purpose, you need to use freshly picked garlic, since the antibacterial effect of garlic, stored in the refrigerator for four months, is reduced, in comparison with freshly collected, approximately twice.

    Garlic, stored at room temperature, completely lost its phytoncidal properties after eight months.

    In folk medicine for medicinal purposes, broths and infusions are prepared from leaves of garlic, and garlic bulbs are taken in fresh, boiled, paren, baked, stewed, fried and burnt. But the most commonly used tincture from peeled bulbs.

    Required: 40 g of mashed garlic, 100 g of alcohol or vodka, a little mint for smell. Mashed garlic is placed in a glass vessel, pour alcohol or vodka, close the lid tightly and insist for at least 10 days in a dark place. The taste and smell of this tincture will be more pleasant if you add a little mint to it. Take tincture is recommended for 10 drops 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.

    Aerosol inhalations from crushed garlic are effective in the treatment of exacerbations of chronic pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, and in combination with vitamin A they are used to improve the functional state of the bronchial mucosa with professional dust bronchitis.

    Research conducted by Russian scientists in the middle of the last century allowed us to establish that volatile volatile volatile garlic in the first minutes of experiments kill staphylococci, streptococci, typhoid bacteria, dysentery bacillus, putrefactive bacteria and many other pathogenic microorganisms. Already, the 15-minute exposure to an aqueous extract of garlic weakens the tubercle bacillus, and after 30 minutes it dies or undergoes abrupt changes.

    The expressed positive effect of inhalation procedures for chronic tonsillitis is described: they are carried out with fresh garlic juice diluted in distilled water in a ratio of 1:10 or 1:50.

    Inhalations of phytoncids of garlic are recommended not only for diseases, colds, but also for disinfection of premises. In the latter case, use finely grated garlic clove, placing it on a saucer.

    • For individual inhalation, a clean, dry teapot, a small head of garlic and a piece of medical bandage should be prepared. Garlic grind and the resulting mass smeared on the surface of the bandage. Put the bandage in the kettle, close the lid. Take the tip of the teapot in your mouth and, holding your nostrils with your fingers, slowly inhale the garlic smell. Then, having opened your fingers, make a quiet exhalation. Duration of inhalations - from 2 to 10 minutes, repeat 2-4 times a day. At each subsequent inhalation, fresh mass should be taken and a clean bandage taken.

    Garlic inhalation can also be done with other herbs.

    • Take 3 tbsp.tablespoons dry chamomile, 3 tbsp.spoons of dry mint, 3 tbsp.spoons of dry oregano, 1 head of garlic, 1 liter of water. Boil the water in a separate bowl mix and mash the chamomile, mint and oregano. Pour the mixture with boiling water. Garlic clean and rastolkite. Garlic paste in a decoction immediately before inhalation. Cover your head with a towel and breathe over the broth for 10 minutes.

    In folk medicine, various methods of preparing medicinal forms from garlic are known. Consider the method of cooking garlic oil.

    This kind of oil has a characteristic sharp aroma. Natural essential oil is obtained from bulbs and garlic Allium sativum by steam distillation. Has a strong antimicrobial, moderate hypotensive and diuretic action, lowers cholesterol. Recommended for use in hypertension, edema, various intestinal infections and helminthic invasions, angina, flatulence, insomnia.

    Garlic oil can be prepared at home or buy a ready-made drug.

    • For garlic oil, grind the garlic head, place in a jar and pour equal amount of vegetable oil. After a day in the oil infusion, pour the juice of one lemon and stir. Infuse 7 days in a dark cool place. Strain. Take garlic oil should be diluted in milk on a half-spoonful 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals to strengthen blood vessels and cleanse the blood. The course is not more than 1 month, in a month you can repeat.

    • Inside take one drop with bread crumb during meals with helminthic invasions;3-4 drops per glass of milk or any vegetable juice to prevent flu and improve immunity.

    • For massage to 5 drops of garlic oil add 10 ml of base oil( olive, peach, sea-buckthorn) and used for stretching muscles, muscle and joint pain.

    It is proven that garlic has a good effect in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract of an infectious nature, tuberculosis, influenza. Therefore, the diet should be increased with a large amount of garlic. You should also boil the head of garlic with 10 g of beans and take during the day in two divided doses.

    When everyone around sneezes, and you have not yet felt any signs of a cold, hurry up with prophylaxis. If you are not happy with the prospect of smelling garlic flavor, it is better not to eat this medicine, but just sniff.

    • Grind a pair of cloves of garlic, put in a glass, and cover its top with a single layer of napkin. Laying down to sleep, take this inhaler into bed and sniff it for about 10 minutes. And put a glass near the pillow for the night: while you sleep, garlic stands guard over your health.

    • With flu and sore throat, a good effect is due to the inhalation of the smell of freshly prepared garlic clot.

    • Infusion of garlic( 2-3 crushed teeth infused 40-60 minutes in a glass of boiling water) is instilled in the nose, used to rinse the throat.

    • Chewing a clove of garlic for 2-3 minutes kills the microorganisms of the mouth and throat.

    • 5 denticles, peeled, diluted 1 cup of sour milk. Insist 30 minutes. Take in warm form for 1 tsp several times a day.

    • With sputum cough for improvement of its withdrawal, and also as a restorative for pneumonia, bronchitis, catarrhs ​​for 1 glass of milk - 1 teaspoon of garlic juice, you can use sour milk or serum( one-day), warm, but nothot. To drink in two steps.

    • When coughing, the garlic head is ground in 100 g of butter or fat and rubbed into the soles of the feet 1 time per day at night.

    • Requires: slightly goose fat, 1 tbsp.a spoonful of dry mustard powder, 3-4 cloves of garlic, a few drops of mint broth for a smell. Mix goose fat, mustard powder, grated garlic on a fine grater. Pour a few drops of peppermint. Rub this neck and chest, and if necessary, the upper back. Tie with a woolen scarf or a downy shawl.

    • In case of a cold, mashed garlic is mixed with lard oil in a ratio of 1: 2 and rubbed into the skin of the chest, neck, back, and painful areas of the body.

    Also good for colds the following way.

    • Requires: 2 tbsp.spoon mustard powder, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 tbsp.spoon of water. Garlic clean and grate on a fine grater to give juice. Mix with mustard powder and water. This mass should be oiled feet feet. Then wear woolen socks. This procedure is done at night. In the morning, the socks should be removed and washed with warm water by a dried solution.

    Garlic is used as an anthelmintic( against pinworm) remedy in pediatrics. At the same time, the enema is made from a warm broth of garlic( 1 part garlic and 50 parts water), sometimes garlic clotted milk is introduced into the rectum.

    • Grind 5 cloves of garlic and boil in a glass of milk. Cool, insist and drink 1 tsp 4-5 times a day on an empty stomach. The course of treatment is 7 days. Or hold the same infusion course of treatment enemas with pinworms 1 time per day at night. The course of treatment - 4-5 procedures.

    • Freshly prepared garlic juice take 10-15 drops with warm boiled milk 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach.

    • Boil 10 cloves of garlic with 250 g of potatoes and take during the day.

    • Enema from the broth of garlic and wormwood( 1 head of garlic per 1-1.5 cups of wormwood infusion) is used to drive out pinworms.

    • For the expulsion of pinworms: 10 g of peeled and crushed lobules should be poured with 1/2 cup of boiling water, fresh milk or whey, cool and strain. Enough for two microclysters, which put on the night.

    • Garlic is an excellent remedy for tapeworms. Take one clove of garlic, one raw egg( yolk), two tablespoons of cereal grains, one medium herring. All components are ground in a meat grinder, mixed with egg yolk, milk is added until a liquid mixture is obtained. Eat in the morning on an empty stomach in several receptions.

    Based on the data of traditional medicine, garlic is widely used in dentistry, in particular in the treatment of lip cracks, stomatitis, pulpitis, chronic periodontitis and complications associated with tooth extraction.

    The experience of Russian folk medicine on the use of garlic against toothache and fluxes is interesting.

    • Garlic rub the wrist of the back of the hand opposite the side of the aching tooth, then put a cotton cloth with finely chopped garlic on the wrist and tighten it to the arm until the toothache disappears, but for no more than 30 minutes.

    • Fill a third of a liter of bottled garlic with chopped garlic and pour vodka to the neck. Infuse in a dark place for 14 days, shaking daily. Take 5 drops 3 times daily before meals with 1 teaspoon of water. This remedy also cleans the circulatory system and stomach, reduces blood pressure.

    • Grind 5 garlic heads and 5 lemons, then mix everything with 0.5 liters of honey. Insist a week and take 1 tsp 3 times a day on an empty stomach. The course of treatment is 2 months.

    • Grind 5 cloves of garlic with shallow salt and mix with 100 g of butter. Take with bread or mashed potatoes as a restorative.

    • It is recommended to take garlic with honey: 1 kg of honey, 10 lemons, 5 heads( not chunks) of garlic. From lemons squeeze the juice, peel the garlic, grate it. All mix and leave closed in a cool place for 7 days. Take 4 teaspoons 1 time per day, with stops for 1 minute between each spoon.

    Garlic contains more than four hundred different useful components, including many antioxidants, which have a number of positive therapeutic properties. Garlic lowers cholesterol, dilutes blood, lowers blood pressure, has anti-inflammatory effect. Garlic counteracts the aging and clogging of not only the main, but also peripheral arteries. The therapeutic effect can be achieved with the daily intake of two or three heads of garlic.

    Garlic dilutes blood and is a natural antibiotic. It is very important that garlic very well strengthens the immune system, thereby increasing the body's ability to withstand the harmful effects of the environment. Garlic kills a large number of a wide variety of bacteria.

    Garlic is added to many medications. Preparations prepared on the basis of garlic, effectively destroy the malignant formations of cancer cells. It should be remembered that the long-term use of drugs based on garlic suppresses the intestinal microflora, which becomes the cause of its irritation.

    • 40 grams of chopped garlic, pour 100 ml of vodka and insist in a closed vessel for 14 days. To improve the taste, you can add 3-5 drops of peppermint oil. Take 10 drops 2 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.

    In epilepsy and pregnant women, this tincture is contraindicated!

    • Rub on a fine grater 11 g of garlic, put into glassware, pour 100 g of vodka, tightly close and insist in a dark place for a week. Then strain the tincture and drink 20-30 drops per glass of water, after meals three times a day. Before starting treatment, consult a doctor.

    • 300 g of garlic, peel, transfer to a two-liter can, pour 1 liter of alcohol and insist for 3 weeks. Take 3 times a day for 20 drops of tincture for half a cup of milk.

    • 1 tbsp.a spoonful of dry garlic leaves or 5 finely chopped cloves of garlic pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist night and take 1/4 cup 2 times a day on an empty stomach.

    • 300 g of garlic put in a bottle( wash and clean) and pour alcohol. Infuse for 3 weeks and take 20 drops daily for 1/2 cup of sour milk or whey.

    • Every day, 1-2 drops of a mixture of garlic juice and olive oil( in a ratio of 1: 3) are instilled in each ear for 15-20 days.

    External garlic is used to treat infected wounds, shin ulcers, to remove warts and calluses, as an antifungal agent in mycosis. Garlic has a good preventive effect with a tendency to suppuration of the skin.

    During the First World War, based on the experience of folk medicine, garlic juice, diluted in water( 1: 4), was successfully used as an antiseptic for treating purulent wounds. After careful clinical studies in hospitals, the method of treating purulent wounds with garlic and onions was officially recommended( 1942-1945).

    Lotion with garlic juice, diluted 1:10 with isotonic sodium chloride solution, promote the release of ulcers from purulent microflora and enhance tissue regeneration.

    • Garlic, honey, white wax and white lily juice should be mixed in equal amounts, heated in a water bath, stirring constantly, until a homogeneous mass is obtained, 10-15 minutes. To cleanse the skin, apply the obtained ointment without rubbing, on the pigment spots, warts, calluses.

    • Also, to cleanse the skin, stir the ashes of three heads of garlic in 50 g of honey and rub the mixture into problem areas.

    • For rheumatic pains, freshly cut garlic leaves, mash, moisten with vegetable oil and wrap in gauze. Apply to sore spots for 1 hour.

    Homemade garlic plaster helps the lumbosacral radiculitis, as well as stretching the muscles and tendons. It has a powerful warming effect and is very easy to prepare.

    • On a dry cotton cloth, apply a mixture of an equal amount of yellow mustard powder, grated garlic and hazelnut broth. To get a decoction, you need to hold 10 nuts in 150 grams of water in a water bath for half an hour, use this water for a mustard. On top of the smeared cloth cover with another piece of fabric so that it looks like a closed sandwich. Apply the patch on the sore spot, from above as it should be insulated and lie for at least 30 minutes. Be attentive to your feelings, do not allow a burn! When the procedure is finished, do not forget to rinse the skin with water at room temperature, and then wrap and sleep. After 3-4 sessions there will come an improvement.

    • Finely chopped garlic cloves with milk so that it only covers the garlic. Then add honey from the calculation of 1/3 of a spoonful of honey per 100 g of garlic. Blend the mixture over low heat until softening and thickening of the mass. Dissolve the resulting mixture and insist 3 hours at room temperature. Lubricate sore spots 3-4 times a day and always at night. This will reduce the pain, and the hemorrhoids will decrease in size and gradually disappear.

    • It is recommended to rub freshly prepared garlic juice into the skin of the forehead and temples. To avoid irritation, the juice can be mixed with butter or any nutritious cream.

    It is proven that garlic significantly improves the state of the cardiovascular system, positively affects metabolism and blood composition. There are several recipes that can be used as well as prevention of cancer.

    Recipe 1

    • Peel 30 g of garlic, crush and infuse 100 ml of medical alcohol or vodka in a warm glass bottle for 10 days in a cool place. Take infusion of 15-20 drops 2 times a day for 10 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is 2 weeks. After a 10-day break, repeat the course.

    Recipe 2

    • Peel 350 g of garlic collected in the morning after dew drying, crush with a wooden spoon and infuse in 200 ml of 96% alcohol solution in dark, darkly sealed glassware for 10 days( in a dark cool place).Then tincture strain and keep at room temperature for another 2 to 3 days. Take, dripping in 1/4 cup of cold milk, 3 times a day for 15 minutes before meals according to the scheme:

    Day 1 - 1 drop( breakfast), 2 drops( lunch), 3 drops( dinner).

    Day 2 - 4 drops( breakfast), 5 drops( lunch), b drops( dinner).

    Day 3 - 7, 8, 9 drops in the same order. To reach 15 drops by the end of the 5th day, then on the 6th day - 15, 14, 13 - that is, gradually reduce the number of drops to the reception and reach 1 drop before dinner. On the 11th day, tincture of 25 drops 3 times a day until all the tincture has been drunk. To conduct such treatment is recommended 1 time in 5 years. Store the tincture in a cold place for no more than three months.

    This tincture cleans the body of fat and salt deposits, improves metabolism, the vessels become elastic, which prevents stenocardia, myocardial infarction, sclerosis, paralysis, the formation of tumors, and improves vision. When the recipe is strictly observed, the body rejuvenates. It is recommended to start treatment after 30 years.

    Recipe 3

    • 350 g of garlic mash, squeeze juice from 24 lemons on it, mix everything thoroughly. Put the mixture in a jar with a wide neck, tie with gauze, insist 24 hours. Before taking the shake. Take 1 time a day before going to bed 1 teaspoon of the mixture for 1/2 cup water.

    Clean the middle head of garlic, crush it. Then pour a glass of cold boiled water, insist 12 hours.

    Take 3-4 breaths when starting a febrile fit in bed, be sure to take cover. Treatment continues for 4-5 days.

    Prophylaxis of the disease. To protect against mosquito bites, you should sleep in rooms where the doors and windows are tightened with a net, when dressing on the street, dress so that your hands and feet are closed;Persons traveling to epidemic zones that are epidemic in malaria should be provided with chemoprophylaxis.

    It should immediately be said that garlic in its fresh form is itself a wonderful medicine. The same applies to freshly prepared juice or mush. But for the treatment of certain diseases, folk medicine recommends using a few more varieties of medicinal forms based on garlic. Their recipe and cooking technique we offer below your attention.

    In an enameled container pour two glasses of water and put on a weak fire. When the water starts to boil, add a teaspoon of finely chopped garlic and boil for 5-7 minutes. Then remove from heat and press for at least an hour - one and a half, then strain through gauze. The broth is ready.

    It should be taken two, maximum three times a day, with an interval of at least 5 hours. Garlic broth is prepared every time fresh, just before use, as when stored, it loses its medicinal qualities.

    Finely chopped garlic cloves pour boiling water, close the container tightly and cover it. Insist in this form should be until the infusion does not cool to room temperature, after which it must be carefully filtered through several layers of gauze.

    Ointments with garlic should be liquid - they are used mainly for grinding, although it is also possible to use them in the form of compresses. Oily preparations are especially good in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, arthritis, injuries, sprains and muscle pains, as well as in certain skin diseases.

    Preparation: 5-7 large cloves of garlic should be cleaned and finely crushed in a wooden mortar. The resulting mass is transferred to a glass container, add two cups of apple cider vinegar, half a glass of vodka and mix thoroughly the resulting mixture. Then it should be insisted for at least two weeks in a cool place, stirring at least three times a day. After this period, the mass must be filtered, add a tablespoon of eucalyptus oil to it and mix again well.

    The product is stored in the refrigerator for up to a month, without losing its healing properties.

    Crush several cloves of garlic, put the mass in an enameled container and pour a small amount of water. Put on a weak fire and heat until a lot of steam, but not less than twenty minutes. Then the liquid must be cooled so as not to burn yourself with too hot steam.

    The procedure itself is carried out according to the usual method: covering your head with a towel, bend over the container and inhale steam. The duration of garlic inhalation should not exceed fifteen minutes.

    Freshly prepared garlic gruel mixed with hot butter in a ratio of approximately 3: 1 and pour into pre-prepared foil molds in the form of cones. Put in the fridge for the mixture to freeze. Candles are used in the treatment of hemorrhoids and certain gynecological diseases.

    For cooking house garlic powder, peeled garlic cloves are ground and then dried. Best of all - just in the air, at room temperature, but you can( and at low temperatures) in the oven.

    Dry garlic is then to be wiped out with a coffee grinder or in a wooden mortar, as our great-grandfathers did.

    Garlic powder is well stored( in a dry, cool place), and it is easy to prepare a wide variety of dosage forms from it - but it should be borne in mind that when drying, and especially the thermal effect, garlic loses its healing qualities to a certain extent.

    Clean from three to five( depending on the size) cloves of garlic and pour them with three glasses of apple cider vinegar( you can also wine, but apple is more useful).Cover the container with a lid and press for two weeks. At the end of this period, drain the product.

    Garlic vinegar is not used very often to treat diseases, but as a cosmetic remedy for removing warts and calluses it is simply irreplaceable.

    Official medicine recognizes the healing properties of garlic. Everyone is familiar with such a wonderful drug as allochol - and in fact it practically consists of a dry extract of garlic. In addition, pharmacies have on sale such dosage forms as gelatin capsules with garlic powder or butter and garlic tablets. Tablets favorably differ from capsules in that they are not afraid of heat, but they are inferior in strength to the therapeutic effect. Very roughly we can say that three tablets are equivalent to one capsule.

    In recent years, new "garlic" drugs have appeared: alisate - is recommended for atherosclerosis, and allicor is a good adjuvant in the treatment of hypertension.

    Garlic baths are a highly effective, time-tested treatment for many diseases. Indications for carrying out this procedure are very extensive, and even if you can not completely cure this bath with garlic baths, the patient always feels much better after them.

    By nature, the baths are hot and cold, sessile and recumbent, short-term and long.

    To prepare a garlic bath, you can use different methods: either prepare a decoction of garlic, or cleaned garlic in advance put on the bottom of the bath, wrapping it in a soft cloth or linen bag. The optimum water temperature for such a bath should be about 35 ° C.Garlic bath soothes the nervous system, especially if garlic is combined with mint leaves.

    The most recommended recipe is given below.

    About 12-20 cloves of garlic grind, place in an enameled container of sufficient volume to fill with five liters of boiling water. Boil for about half an hour, then infuse for 8-10 hours. The resulting infusion should be heated to 40 ° C and poured into a bath, bringing it to the desired volume. For a bath in the bath, the ratio of decoction and water should be 1:10, for a sit-up - 3: 7.


    Sitting garlic baths are especially shown for pain inback, radiculitis, but they also help with migraines, thyroid dysfunction, insomnia, digestive disorders

    If it is a cold bath, it should be taken no more than a minute, in a warm garlic sedentary bath you can stay for 10 to 15 minutes at a water temperaturein 32-35 "C. Warm bath tracet apply twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. With a warm bath it is necessary to rub the skin with a towel until light red.

    With contrasting varicose veins, insomnia, migraine, high blood pressure, contrasting garlic baths, with a sharp change in temperature, are starting from a hot bath, lowering the legs into it for about two minutes, then moving them to the cold one - for no more than 30 seconds. Then again, a hot bath, etc. The procedure should last at least 20 minutes, with a tenfold change of hot and cold water. Finish with the pouring of feet with cold water, after which you should immediately put on woolen socks.

    Here is a recipe for the "elixir of youth", which came to us from ancient times, but it remains very popular in our days. This recipe for rejuvenation was compiled in ancient times by ancient Tibetan healers.

    Squeeze the juice from 350 grams of garlic and mix with 300 grams of pure alcohol. Place this mixture in a container with a tight fitting lid and leave it for ten days in a cool place. Then strain through 2-3 layers of gauze or a rare tissue, and leave for another three days, after which the remedy is ready.

    Take with cold milk( 50 grams of milk at a time), according to the scheme below, which reflects the number of drops per reception per day of the course.

    Next, take 3 times a day for 25 drops with milk, until all the tincture has run out. Such courses for the purpose of rejuvenation can not be conducted more often than once in five years.

    Due to the biologically active substances contained in it, garlic finds itself a wide range of applications. In particular, there are many popular recipes for the correction of cosmetic defects, especially those associated with inflammatory processes. A few of them are given below.

    Take seven parts of vodka and two pieces of garlic juice or finely ground gruel and mix well. The mixture should be stored in a refrigerator, but before each use, the required amount should be heated to room temperature.

    Lubricate the affected areas of the skin, cover with a bandage or a clean cloth, and leave until the sensation of heat appears( but no more than 10 minutes!).

    Fresh gruel from several cloves of garlic should be applied to the affected area as a mask, and keep up to 10( but not more) minutes.

    This preparation must be prepared immediately before use.

    In addition to this popular recipe, it is recommended to regularly eat garlic for food( one to three lobules a day).

    Garlic grate or grind into gruel, add honey in the ratio of 1 part honey to two parts gruel. The resulting mixture is put on the wart and fixed with a patch. It is better to do this at night, every day, until the complete disappearance of the warts.

    You can also just often drip fresh garlic juice on the wart.

    Do not grind the garlic, but cut the lobule along and attach it to the callus, fixing it with a plaster. This "compress" should be changed frequently - up to three times a day. As a rule, calluses in a week are much softened, and they can be easily removed.

    Another recipe is to boil a couple of cloves of garlic in the milk, mash it and put it on the corn for the night, with a bandage or band-aid. Do daily, at least five days( preferably a week).

    With constant intake of garlic has a positive effect on blood and metabolic processes. With impaired metabolism associated with both the emergence of acne, and the formation of a fairly serious disease - furunculosis. The medication below will work well for both single furuncles and multiple( or what is called furunculosis).

    Strip a soft natural cloth soak with vegetable oil( preferably olive oil) and then rub well with chopped garlic. The resulting bandage is applied to the boil and attached with a bandage. Such bandages are changed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Under the influence of garlic, the furuncle is opened, and the pus gets out. After opening the abscess, the patient immediately becomes lighter.

    There is another recipe, old: put on a sore spot compress of gruel( take at least three lobules) of garlic, mixed with sour cream in a ratio of 2: 1.Keep such a compress can be from one to one and a half hours, but not more than two.

    Mix a tablespoon of aloe juice with a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoonful of freshly squeezed garlic juice. Before you wash your head, prepare a decoction: field horsetail, chamomile and nettle - all herbs on a tablespoon of dry ground raw material, per liter of water, boil for 30 minutes. Garlic mixture with light circular motions rub into the roots of the hair, then wrap the head with a warm soft towel and stand for 10 minutes. Then you should wash your hair with neutral shampoo, rinse with water, and finally rinse well with herbal decoction.

    Prepare the garlic mush and rub it into the roots of the hair an hour before washing your head. After that, thoroughly wash the hair with soap( preferably baby).

    Warning! Before starting treatment with garlic, you need to make sure that you do not have allergies to it. Do not interfere and consultation of the treating doctor: garlic is contraindicated not only with allergies to it and pregnancy, but also with certain diseases, in the first place - kidney pathology.

    To cure ringworm, it is advised to mix a little crumbled garlic with warmed honey and apply it to the lichen.

    Another recipe: cut a garlic slice and coat the affected area with a cut piece. Then rub a mixture of birch charcoal and plantain juice, prepared in a 1: 1 ratio.

    Garlic "The recipe for folk medicine in this disease is to apply a cloth impregnated with garlic oil, alternating them with compresses from grated garlic with olive oil. Eczema may not be completely resolved, but it will be much less troubling.

    Her garlic compresses are also effective: they remove itch well. However, the cause of the disease, this remedy can not be eliminated - therefore, for any allergic manifestations( including hives), a doctor's consultation is necessary.

    Take a slice of uncooked cucumber, a clove of garlic and a handful of wheat flour. All this is crushed in a mortar and the resulting cake is applied to the sore spot. As a rule, itching stops almost immediately, and overnight the wound is cleared and already heals.

    The first remedy for colds is garlic and honey. Garlic grind into a gruel, mix with honey( melted or best in May) in a 1: 1 ratio and take three times a day on a tablespoon of the remedy - before eating, squeezed with water or milk, until the condition is alleviated.

    For a cold, it is useful to lubricate the inflamed tonsils with freshly squeezed garlic juice, diluted 1: 1 with warm boiled water. The feeling is unpleasant, but it helps well and quickly.

    Do not use pure juice - this can cause a mucous burn.

    Inhalations. Pour the tincture of garlic with water, bring to a boil, then drain into a wide bowl( preferably glass or enameled).Cover your head with a towel, bend over to the container and inhale the steam for five to six minutes. It helps not only with colds, but also relieves chest pain with a strong cough or chronic diseases( bronchitis, pneumonia).

    Wraps of .It is good to rub a terry towel on the garlic, wrap the chest( in addition, it is also useful to the lower leg), go to bed, take cover with a blanket and lie down for about five minutes( but not more than ten!).

    After this procedure, it is absolutely necessary to take a warm shower, carefully washing the remains of garlic juice under it with soap.

    Applications. Lubricate the chest or back with vegetable oil and distribute finely chopped garlic evenly over the entire area. The duration of such a procedure should not exceed ten, from the strength of fifteen minutes.

    If the skin is too sensitive, you can put garlic not directly on it, but on an oiled bandage.

    With angina. The following remedy is recommended: from 8 to 10 cloves of garlic grind until smooth, pour half of a glass of apple cider vinegar, mix thoroughly and insist overnight. In the morning, add a tablespoon of hot buckwheat honey to the mixture and stir.

    The tablespoon of the product should be kept in the mouth until it dissolves completely. Wash with hot milk and add a small amount of baking soda.

    Repeat up to five times a day, before the onset of a tangible relief.

    With inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, pharyngitis and laryngitis .Recipe: half a glass of peeled and finely chopped fresh garlic put in an enameled container and pour with fresh honey so that it completely covers the garlic. Put on a small fire and stir constantly. After about half an hour all the garlic will dissolve - after that, insist the remedy for an hour, then again bring to a boil.

    The received means take courses for two weeks - twice a day( morning and night), before meals, one teaspoon, washed down with water or better with milk.

    When coughing. Finely chopped garlic( one head) boil in fresh milk until it becomes completely soft. Grind in the same milk, add the juice of mint and two spoons of lime honey. Take every hour on a tablespoon throughout the day.

    When otitis( inflammation of the middle ear). Apply a little garlic liquid ointment on a cotton turund( the method of its preparation has been described in the corresponding section) and as deep as possible to lay it in the external ear canal. Then tie a warm handkerchief on top. You can hold up to one hour. It is advisable at the same time to drink vitamin blends or even just a decoction of rose hips.

    In any inflammatory process in the nasopharynx, an excellent remedy is garlic oil. Method of preparation: two heads of fresh garlic should be cleaned, cut into a slurry( preferably in a wooden mortar). "Pour the resulting mass into a glass container, pour 150 g of olive oil and mix thoroughly.

    Infuse in a warm place for at least a week, stirring dailytwo or three times. The finished oil should be carefully filtered through several layers of gauze and stored in a refrigerator, in a dark glass container, preferably with a tight stopper. The shelf life is not more than two months. When garlic butter is heated to 30-35 ° C three times a day before meals, the course is not more than one week, the week is a break, then you can repeat( once)

    400 g of garlic to pass through a meat grinder orcrush lemon juice with garlic and put the resulting mixture in a glass container, do not cover with a dense lid, and cover with a cloth or tie with gauze. Infuse for three weeks in a dark place.

    Reception scheme. Take this drug once a day, a teaspoonful, best before bed. It is recommended that the mixture be stirred in half a glass of warm boiled water before use. This drug is also effective for relieving dyspnea in chronic pulmonary pathologies.

    Five to seven large cloves of garlic to rub into gruel, mix with 100 g of butter and add two teaspoons finely chopped fresh dill.

    Scheme of administration: three times a day, with meals( you can spread the mixture on bread).The course of treatment is two weeks.

    Take the two peeled garlic heads, wipe them in a gruel, and mix with the freshly squeezed juice of five medium lemons( can be with the pulp).Mixture pour a liter of warm boiled water and insist at least a week in a dark place. After this period, squeeze the mixture through gauze and carefully strain.

    Scheme of admission: three times a day for a tablespoon, half an hour before meals. During the whole course, rub the chest with garlic oil for the night. The duration of the course is two weeks. After a one-month break, the course can be repeated only once.

    A few words about atherosclerosis is a very widespread and dangerous disease. The reason for its development is that under the influence of a variety of factors on the walls of blood vessels accumulate fatty deposits in the form of plaques. The lumen of the vessel narrows, and the wall becomes less elastic. In far-reaching cases, the bloodstream is blocked, which causes the development of such serious ailments as a heart attack and stroke.

    Means for cleaning vessels from cholesterol plaques. Grate the cleaned garlic head and one lemon( with zest), and mix until smooth. Then pour a mixture of 0.5 liters of boiled water and press for 4-5 days;when the product is ready, it should be carefully filtered through several layers of gauze.

    The scheme of reception: in the morning on an empty stomach on two table spoons. Daily for a week, a week - a break, then repeat.

    Preventative tool .Rub a few heads of peeled garlic to get 100 g of garlic paste. Pour it 150 grams of vodka. Insist in a dark place for at least two weeks. Strain. Take 25 drops, dissolved in a quarter cup of milk, three times daily before meals for a month.

    First aid( with an attack). Feeling the pain, immediately swallow( without chewing) a small clove of garlic. The experience of folk healers suggests that this simple remedy is enough in many cases to prevent the development of a heart attack at all - and, at least, to facilitate its course.

    Therapeutic. Clean the garlic head, peel it on denticles and pour three cups of strong meat broth. Boil on low heat for fifteen minutes, then add a bunch of parsley and carefully place, then insist another hour.

    Diagram of reception: Take a quarter cup three times a day, before meals for a month.

    Means for course treatment. Grind cleaned garlic head in a gruel. Pour it 0.25 liters of unrefined sunflower oil and press for 24 hours, after which the mixture is ready for use. Keep it recommended in the refrigerator.

    Reception scheme. On a teaspoon three times a day for 30 minutes before eating. The course of treatment - two months, then you need to make a monthly break. If necessary, this course can be repeated up to three times a year.

    This tool is effective not only with thrombophlebitis itself, it also brings relief in case of varicose veins of the lower extremities, and with endarteritis.

    250 g of refined chopped garlic, pour 350 g of liquid fresh honey, stir and insist in a dark place for a week. Take a tablespoon three times a day for 30-40 minutes before eating. The course of treatment - a month and a half;after a month's break it can be repeated.

    In this disease( at any stage), folk medicine recommends eating at night two crushed cloves of as much "evil" garlic. Some healers in case of aggravation of the flow advise also to eat one clove in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Recently, excessive use of medicines, yeast dough, milk very often provokes the colonization of the gastrointestinal tract by foreign microorganisms( conidia, yeast, staphylococcus).These parasites are introduced into the mucosa of the digestive tract, feeding on blood, and releasing toxic products of vital activity. Often, it is even difficult to distinguish symptoms of the underlying disease( dysbiosis, for example) from symptoms caused by the activity of parasites of the gastrointestinal tract.

    To combat them effectively use of garlic. It is recommended that within a week or two in the morning on an empty stomach one can eat bread without a clove of garlic one hour before a meal and one more in the evening - two hours after dinner. A sign of healing will be the cessation of swelling of the stomach after eating.

    Note. In all cases, those people who have irregularly used garlic earlier, should introduce it into the diet gradually, starting with small amounts - regardless of the purpose of its use.

    The sulfur compounds contained in garlic expel any unwanted tenants from the human body, including worms( both tape and round).For this, you can regularly take inwards in moderation quantities of garlic broth, infusion, butter. With the constant use of garlic, the possibility of infection with intestinal parasites is zero.

    Short description of pathology. Inflammation of the joints is called arthritis, and joint diseases are arthrosis. Deforming osteoarthritis is manifested knotty thickening of the joint bones, especially on the terminal phalanges of the fingers and toes. The disease is often accompanied by pain and a characteristic crunch during active movements. Rheumatoid arthritis also causes gradual deformation of the affected joint. Gout is manifested mainly in men with acute painful attacks and swelling of the joint of the big toe, ankle or knee joint.

    Recipes of