How to decorate a room for a birthday party - a festive room decoration

  • How to decorate a room for a birthday party - a festive room decoration

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    I want to create a holiday atmosphere on my birthday not only for children but also for adults. And the decoration of the room plays an important role here. Beautifully decorated space will help you tune in to fun and joyful pastime, cheer up and give hope for a miracle. The main thing is to show imagination and creativity, and then the result will please all the guests and, of course, the birthday boy.

    How to decorate a room for a birthday so that the holiday will be remembered for a long time and became the most joyful event?


    Figures from balloons

    This is the simplest and, nevertheless, one of the most successful options for decorating the room. And there are a lot of opportunities for decoration. You can inflate the balls with helium and create a carpet on the floor or ceiling with their help. Also an excellent way is to make of them all kinds of animal figures, flowers, figures, etc. They are easy to make with your own hands or order in a specialized store.

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    Balloon arch

    It is easy to create a festive arch from intertwined spheres, which will decorate the headboard of a table or a bed. Little children love to play with single balls, which you can fill the room, chaotically placing them on the floor.

    It is also recommended inside the balls to put some sweets and inflate them. So small children can burst balls and eat candy.

    To the ends of ribbons on the balls you can attach good photos or interesting pictures with inscriptions.


    Ornaments from paper

    Ornaments made of paper, made independently or by printing, can be attached to walls and other surfaces. The applications from the letters that make up congratulations on the holiday, all kinds of flashlights, colorful triangles, pompons or flowers will look great.

    An interesting option is electric garlands with luminous bulbs that will create in the evening an indescribable atmosphere of celebration and comfort.


    You can draw a birthday poster or create a collage of the most successful photos. It is not necessary to select a photo for all years of life, you can find the most successful in recent times. Also in this newspaper it is worth writing short congratulations from all family members and friends.

    Please note! Such an unusual gift will be very pleasant to the originator of the celebration.

    If the child is still small enough, the original idea will be to create a small locomotive on the wall, in the windows of which you should place photos of the baby for each of his years. So the guests will be able to observe the stages of your child's growing up. And if you carry out such a drawing, for example, from cardboard, next year you will be able to replenish your train with a new photo, and this will become an interesting tradition for your family.


    Please note! It will be very joyful for a small child to see in his room the animated characters from favorite fairytales and cartoons.

    You can purchase decorative stickers and decorate them with windows, doors, furniture and other room surfaces. And if you paste these drawings on a solid substrate, you get vertical figures that are easy to arrange around the room.

    You can decorate the windows with the help of gouache and watercolor, depicting the child's favorite motifs or colorful ornaments.

    Festive table

    Table for children

    If you celebrate the day of the birth of a child, then to decorate the festive table you need to approach with great responsibility, because it makes the fun memorable and bright.

    First of all, you need to choose a suitable tablecloth. Suitable options with drawings from your favorite cartoons, images of animals or colorful flowers.

    Please note! For small children it is better to choose disposable dishes to avoid the possibility of their injury due to excessive activity of preschool children.

    In addition, the use of such serving greatly facilitates the subsequent cleaning. After the holiday dishes can simply be thrown away and save a lot of time. Today in stores it is easy to buy a variety of disposable cutlery for celebrations.

    On the table, you can put small bright toys or beautifully designed signposts so that each guest will occupy the space reserved for him.


    Do not forget about bright napkins and a beautifully decorated holiday cake, so that the children are delighted.

    For an adult table, you can choose elegant dishes, snow-white or, conversely, a bright tablecloth with an unusual print. Perfectly decorate the table with fresh flowers in the original vase. You can attach bright ribbons to the legs of chairs so that the interior becomes even more fun and memorable.

    Undoubtedly, the main decoration of the festive table are beautifully decorated snacks and dishes, carefully prepared by the hostess. Original sliced ​​fruits and vegetables, all kinds of canapes and sweet dishes will create a wonderful atmosphere of warmth and home comfort.

    The original decoration of space will transform everyday day into a real magical holiday and make it unforgettable.