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    The use of multivitamins is justified only with beriberi

    In our time of the continuous "vitamin boom" and the general entrainment of people with artificial vitamins, between doctors and scientists there is a fierce debate about the benefits andharm multivitamins.

    For example, Americans, since the 90's, drink multivitamins literally handfuls, trying to compensate for the errors in their nutrition.

    The wide use of multivitamins was also promoted by the fact that in the 20th century there was a stable opinion in society that it is extremely difficult to form a correctly balanced diet, it is much easier to swallow a multivitamin and be sure that you provided the body with everything you need.

    Harm multivitamins ^

    But everything was not as simple as we would like. The use of multivitamins in many scientific studies not only did not justify the hopes placed on them, but often even aggravated the disease.

    For example, a study was conducted 170 thousand people to find out whether an additional intake of vitamins A, C and E protects against cancer of the digestive system, as doctors have claimed. The result of the study was sad - it turned out that taking multivitamins not only did not reduce, but even increased the risk of oncological tumors.

    Studies have also failed to study the effects of additional use of polyvitamin E on reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes and increased longevity:

    • The lifespan of people who regularly took vitamin E was 4% lower than those who did not take it;
    • A reception of vitamin A and did shorten the life of patients by 16%.

    And quite unexpected was the result of the experiment on the additional admission of patients with multivitamin C. It turns out that the "harmless" ascorbic, beloved since childhood, contributes to the development of heart disease. However, no less large-scale observations of people eating a lot of vegetables and fruits containing the same ascorbic acid, but in kind, produced remarkable results - such people became much less likely to develop cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

    After analyzing all these studies, many scientists came to the unequivocal conclusion that the use of multivitamins can not prevent either cancer or infarction, and certainly can not contribute to their treatment. Therefore, for normally eating people, the harm of multivitamins is obvious - their use is not only completely useless, but very harmful, and the reason is their artificial nature, because the human body has for millennia used to consume vitamins contained in natural daily food.

    According to doctors, the use of multivitamins is indicated only if in your diet for some reason there is not enough of something necessary: ​​

    • for example, vitamin C for seamen and polar explorers,
    • and also for pregnant vitamin E, responsible for normalthe process of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child.

    It is desirable for all other population groups to pay enough attention to their diet so as not to resort to the use of artificial multivitamins.

    Currently, there are 13 vitamins vital to the human body - A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, folic and pantothenic acids and biotene.

    • Eating a lot of greenery, vegetables and fruits, you can provide yourself with vitamins A, C and folic acid.
    • Vitamins of group B and K can be provided by the organism, using meat and milk products and black bread.
    • Vitamin D comes from fish oil and is produced in the skin under the influence of sunlight.
    • Vitamin E is especially abundant in soy and sunflower oil, as well as in nuts and oatmeal.

    And, it should be noted that the vitamins contained in raw vegetables and fruits are practically not preserved in the process of conservation. Therefore, it is not necessary to hope that with the use of home canned billets you will get them as much as from fresh vegetables and fruits.

    There are practically no vitamins in house cans, but a lot of sugar, salt and vinegar, so you should not abuse them. Frozen the same and dried vegetables and fruits retain all useful substances, so they can be eaten without restrictions.

    An excellent source of vitamins for the whole winter are:

    • onion,
    • garlic,
    • white cabbage, which does not lose its properties even in a sausage kind.

    Sauerkraut contains a lot of vitamin A, B and C, and is also considered an enemy of alcohol for its unique property of preventing hangover syndrome. And although seasonal vegetables from their region are most useful for a person, cabbage is a happy exception - it can be used in your diet all year round, because it is useful in any form.

    The benefits of multivitamins: when and how to take multivitamins ^

    Multivitamins can be successfully replaced with natural products

    Often doctors recommend the use of multivitamins for prevention, especially in the spring, to avoid beriberi. But you should know that overdosing with multivitamins is very dangerous for the body and you only need to take them if you really have signs of vitamin deficiency, and not just in case. The benefits of multivitamins are only in emergency help to the body.

    Knowing the main signs of vitamin deficiency, you can independently assess what the body lacks. As a rule, if a person refuses animal products, then he will have a shortage of vitamins A, D, E and biotin, if the plant is, then there is usually a deficiency of vitamins C and B.

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    The main signs of vitamin deficiency, which require the use of multivitamins

    • If your hair becomes heavily hairy, dull and brittle nails become cracked and flaky, eyesight diminishes in twilight, bleeding gums, teeth are crumbling, the tongue becomes covered - all the obvious signs of beriberi.
    • In addition, frequent signs of vitamin deficiency are swelling, muscle pain, numbness of the limbs, leg cramps and constant chilliness.
    • Also in vitamin deficiency, absorption of vitamins in the intestine is impaired, causing constipation, diarrhea, increased cholesterol and obesity.
    • In addition, often a lack of vitamins becomes the main cause of insomnia and the nervous system suffers greatly from it - there is a breakdown, irritability and even depression.

    If you observe these symptoms in your body, then you have a clear lack of vitamins and you can not do without the use of multivitamins, since it is necessary to urgently fill their deficiency in the body in order to avoid aggravation of the symptoms of beriberi.

    If you feel well, your diet consists of useful and fresh products, then no "chemistry" in the form of multivitamins you do not need, because natural fruits, vegetables, meat and milk have always been and will be the best sources of vitamins for man.