• Papaya( melon tree) useful properties

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    Melon tree( papaya)( Carica papaya L.) - belongs to the family of papayas. This tree up to 8 m high has spongy wood and a crown formed by a bundle of petiolate leaves. Leaves large, palpately divided into 7 segments, collected by bundles on the tip of the stem on long petioles.

    Fruit is like a melon, large, up to 7 kg, in the ripe form is yellow. Flesh of the fetus is yellow.

    A melon tree comes from the tropics. Extensive papaya plantations are in Sri Lanka, East Africa, Pakistan, India, Australia, Brazil.

    In greenhouses it blooms with fragrant flowers and brings large fruits - berries in shape and taste reminiscent of melon. In the rooms does not bloom and does not bear fruit.

    Courtship. Requires a well-lit place at the windows, in the hot summer days it is better to protect from direct sun. It should be borne in mind that plants grow quickly. Water should be regularly and abundantly, with warm water. Do not tolerate stagnant water, so you need good drainage. The root system is superficial, wide shallow containers are needed for planting. In the summer, weekly feed on mullein or full mineral fertilizers. The temperature should be 20-24 ° С, even in winter - not lower than 18 ° С.The composition of the nutrient mixture: turf, humus, compost soil( 1: 2: 1).

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    Reproduction. Propagate by seeds and cuttings( vegetatively).The temperature for germination and rooting is about 28 ° C.

    Useful properties

    The chemical composition is close to the melon. The fruits contain papain - a plant enzyme, in its physiological effect similar to gastric juice. This ability is used to soften meat. Old hard meat, wrapped in papaya leaves, after a while becomes soft and friable, like veal. In tropical countries it is customary to add small pieces of papaya fruit to soups and fries. In the United States annually produce about a million servings of steak processed with an enzyme isolated from the fruits of papaya.

    Papaya leaves are used instead of soap when washing laundry. In Florida, the local population does just that. Papain is used inside with gastritis, as an anticoagulant for the treatment of thrombosis, it restores the strength of sick people. Papain helps with burns, in cosmetics - to remove freckles and strengthen hair.

    Papaya is eaten fresh, cooked compotes, added to soups and second courses. Unripe papaya fruits are fried like zucchini or potatoes.

    Dish and cheese dish "Mozzarella"

    4 servings

    2 ripe papaya, 1 fresh sweet grapefruit, juice from 1 lemon, 2 tbsp.spoonful of gin or liqueur "Cointreau", 4 sheets of Chinese stalked salad, 4 tbsp.spoons of cut pecans, mint leaves, 4 cherries for a cocktail.

    Peel the papaya and cut into slices, removing and discarding the black seeds. Slice the grapefruit lobules in a bowl, connect the papaya with the grapefruit slices. Sprinkle with lemon juice and liqueur to your liking. Serve on lettuce leaves, on top - pecans. Decorate with mint leaves and cherries.