• Diseases and prevention of liver damage

    Many liver diseases are known, among which the most common is liver oncology, fatty degeneration, inflammation, cirrhosis. Most often, the diseases remain unidentified at the first stages, since specific signs are manifested only when the already irreversible consequences develop, when the prevention of the liver is impossible.

    People who notice symptoms of liver damage begin to drink medicines from the pharmacy, make herbs or make medicines at home according to folk recipes at home. But, first of all, you should contact a specialist. Self-medication may not give the expected results, so it is on a visit to a doctor and careful observance of his advice that you will need to focus first.

    Causes of liver damage

    Various factors can cause abnormalities in liver function. Approximately half of all diseases occur due to chronic alcoholism. In addition, no less harm is caused by taking certain medications, metabolic disorders, chronic forms of viral pathologies. Negative effects on the body can be reduced without visiting a doctor. Prevention of liver disease at this stage is the normalization of metabolic processes due to herbs and other recipes. Also in pharmacies are sold special pills for general health of the liver.

    Liver diseases are often detected at a stage where treatment should have been started long ago. The reason for this situation is a weak manifestation of signs of abnormality in the work of the organ during all the early stages of the disease progression.

    For a long time, only signs of defeat include fatigue and lethargy, vomiting with nausea, lack of appetite, a problem with attention and a feeling of strong pressure in the upper abdomen.

    If the listed symptoms do not recede for a long time, then you should think about visiting a doctor for advice. If the skin and mucous surfaces begin to acquire a yellowish shade, then it is simply necessary to urgently go to see a doctor - this is manifested in advanced stages of liver disease.

    Symptoms of liver damage

    The human liver will function even if only 20% of healthy cells are stored in it. In this regard, it is important to pay a lot of attention to even nonspecific manifestations that will help to understand how to heal the liver for prevention:

    • Decline in strength.
    • High fatigue.
    • Nausea.
    • Lack of appetite.
    • Feeling of heaviness in the right side.
    • Itching of the skin.

    Such well-known symptoms as yellowness of the skin, stool and urination disorders, develop with acute course of the disease.

    Implementation of preventive measures

    Prevention of liver damage is organized quite simply - it is enough to give up the consumption of alcoholic beverages as much as possible and observe the rules of balanced nutrition.

    When a person is at risk, it is recommended to get a vaccine against hepatitis A. Prevention of liver treatment increases the protective characteristics of the human body and makes it possible to reduce the risk of the disease.

    Periodically, it is recommended to examine the liver and check its functioning, especially when developing suspicious fatigue, malaise, lack of appetite and nausea. These manifestations may indicate the development of the disease, and doctors have developed special tests that help at home to establish the need for examination of the liver by a doctor.

    If a person notices typical symptoms of jaundice, for example, yellowing of the skin and eyes, then it is urgently needed to see a doctor. For most liver lesions, it is early diagnosis that makes it possible to eliminate the disease in the shortest possible time. It is required to remember, that at late diagnostics the only way of treatment is liver transplantation.

    What to do to restore the liver at high loads

    Many people have questions about what to drink for liver prophylaxis with heavy loads on this organ. First of all, hepatoprotectors help restore damaged cells of the body. These medicines can be taken concomitantly with antibiotics. Their main active substance is essential phospholipids, which are the main constituent building component of membranes in liver cells.

    Essential phospholipids normalize the protective and transport activity of the liver, helps cells to counteract oxidative processes - and this is an important mechanism for the progression of alcohol and other poisoning. Thus, liver cells can quickly cope with the suppression of the inflammatory process, perfectly neutralize dangerous toxins and more easily eliminate fat.

    One of the active components of popular drugs designed to restore the liver is phosphatidylcholine. This component has long won the trust of doctors and is produced in Germany. A large number of clinical experiments have proved its undeniable effectiveness for the treatment of a variety of liver pathologies. Preparations with this substance are used to treat diffuse lesions of the liver, even with toxicosis in pregnant women, as well as in the complex treatment of psoriasis. Drugs are often prescribed to prevent violations when taking antibiotics, as well as for those who adhere to a diet.

    Hepatoprotectors should be taken in long courses so that the body cells can fully recover - the average duration of treatment is three months or more.

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