Proper treatment of food allergies. What products are banned?

  • Proper treatment of food allergies. What products are banned?

    If there is such a problem as food allergy, treatment can be most effective if you exclude from the diet of an allergic product, which is a bad reaction. But there are cases when this can not be done. Than to treat a food allergy in the given situation?

    The most popular and widely used are antihistamines from food allergies. In some cases, mainly in acute reactions, the patient is injected.

    We treat food allergy in children

    If a child has a food allergy, it is very important to properly care for him. In acute form, even from the smallest portion of the allergen product, anaphylaxis can develop. Therefore, such a child should always have a first aid kit and a medical bracelet.
    After using the forbidden product, symptoms of the disease appear in children. They manifest themselves in a few minutes, only at first in a lighter form. After a while they can become aggravated.

    Treatment of allergies in children implies medication( internal and external).In most cases, a specialist appoints antihistamines of the second generation for oral administration. They do not lead to drowsiness, dryness of mucous membranes, and decreased learning ability. The same way is treated and food allergies in newborns. There are drugs that are allowed to give to children only after 2 years. From one year, the drug with the active substance desloratadine is usually prescribed.

    These drugs very well reduce itching, as well as swelling and flushing of the skin. As a result, the rashes virtually disappear. Atopic dermatitis excludes the treatment with herbs in the form of a cream or a bath. When getting rid of this problem, an integrated approach is important, which includes not only a diet, but also antihistamines and external therapy. Treatment should be long - only so you can avoid relapse.

    What is the treatment for adults?

    The main condition for successful treatment is the timely detection of a product that causes allergies, and the fight against symptoms.
    The most optimal option is to exclude from your diet problematic products. It is very important to inform everyone( relatives, friends, colleagues) about your problem.

    It is recommended that you study the label before trying a new product. It is worth remembering that, for example, milk can be called casein, wheat - gluten, and peanuts can be referred to as hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

    Treatment, with the diagnosis of acute food allergies, is under the supervision of a doctor. Patients may be prescribed an injection of epinephrine to stop histamine release, muscle relaxation and relief of breathing. Further treatment involves taking a combination of drugs such as epinephrine and antihistamine tablets. You always need to have a medical bracelet, which indicates what you are allergic to, and a first aid kit.

    Treatment at home

    To alleviate the symptoms of food allergies, you can use folk medicine( decoctions, infusions and tinctures):

    • 3 times a day for 1 -2 ч.л.30 minutes before eating you need to take fresh celery juice;
    • to brew the broth of the string. After 20 minutes after brewing, you can drink. When turbid or green color is better to not drink broth - it should have a golden hue. Decoction of the turn must be drunk immediately after preparation, since later it becomes unsuitable.
    • pour 10 g of marigold flowers with medicinal 2 cups of boiling water. Infuse for 2 hours. Take 1 tbsp.2-3 times a day.
    • 1 p.a. Blush the nettle in a glass of boiling water. To wrap and insist 30 minutes, then strain. Take 4-5 times a day for 0.5 cups in a warm form. It is shown with hives, eczema and allergic rash.
    • an equal amount of dandelion root and burdock root to mix and well to grind. Pour 2 tbsp.mix 3 cups of water, leave to infuse for the night. After this, boil for 10 minutes. Take 5 times a day for 0.5 glasses before eating and before going to bed.

    Prevention of

    Most often this problem develops in families where there are people with asthma, atopic dermatitis, allergy to mold or pollen. The person is in a state of atopy - in this case, prevention is useless.

    If your child can genetically get a predilection for allergies, breastfeed him as long as possible( at least up to a year).

    Menu for food allergies for nursing mothers also need to be limited: you can not eat foods such as peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds. Undesirable are milk, eggs and fish.

    Avoid smoking environment, as tobacco smoke increases the sensitivity to the disease.

    About 85% of children can develop an allergy to such products: milk, wheat, soy and eggs. However, the allergy to peanuts, various nuts, fish and oysters never goes away.

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