Why dental caries are formed and how to overcome it in modern conditions

  • Why dental caries are formed and how to overcome it in modern conditions

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    A pathology affecting solid dental tissues is referred to in dentistry as dental caries. In case of untimely treatment, this disease contributes to the rapid destruction of dentin and tooth enamel. Against this background, in the dental tissue, first a damage is formed, and then a pathological cavity. The danger of this condition is that the risk of complete loss of rotted tooth is sufficiently large.

    Why does it strike?

    Dental caries is not formed spontaneously. Modern dentists identify the following causes of the emergence and progression of this dangerous dental pathology:

    1. Incorrect oral hygiene.
    2. Weak protection of the immune system.
    3. Absence in the diet of vitamins necessary for the body.
    4. Low level of drinking water in the body important for the body of phosphorus, fluorine and calcium.
    5. Genetic factor.
    6. Presence of associated pathologies.
    7. Presence of the diseases transferred in childhood, which contribute to the violation of the correct formation of dental tissues.
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    According to dentists, dental caries is a system process, in the progression of which a huge role is played by factors of the internal environment of the human body.

    Representatives of the fair sex, regardless of age and social status, are more at risk of developing a carious process. This is due to hormonal changes during the gestation and during the lactation period.

    The intervention of the dentist

    The strategy of caries treatment depends on the stage at which the dangerous disease has developed. It is important to remember that the dentist needs to be treated immediately after the discovery of the first anxiety symptoms.

    We treat the spot stage

    Caries treatment in this degree assumes immediate saturation of affected and healthy teeth with the necessary minerals. For this, the dentist uses medicines containing magnesium, potassium and calcium ions.

    The mineralization procedure is carried out as follows:

    • "armed" with a special brush, the dentist cleans the affected teeth;
    • then the topical teeth are isolated from salivation;
    • the most important step is applying a remineralizing solution.

    The average course duration is ten days.

    We treat the remaining stages of

    If the patient does not contact the dentist on time, a pathological cavity appears in the affected area. For this reason, caries treatment involves careful mechanical processing. The goal of medical intervention should be considered the elimination of tissues affected by decay and the closure of the pathological cavity, as well as the complete restoration of the aesthetic appearance of the tooth.

    Caries treatment is carried out in stages:

    • the doctor first anesthetizes the affected area( operation of the conductor or infiltration anesthesia is supposed);
    • then the dentist proceeds to a careful opening of the pathological cavity;
    • the next stage is the elimination of necrotic sites;
    • the final stage is the establishment of the seal.

    Wisdom of ancestors for the protection of health

    Natural and home remedies for a pathological carious process do not lose their relevance today. Their use does not imply the existence of specific knowledge and skills. This is explained by the simplicity and accessibility of "grandmother's" recipes.

    It is advisable to resort to folk treatment only if the disease has not had time to progress in later stages.

    Camphor alcohol

    Treatment of caries in the spot stage will be successful if you use a proven tool in the fight against pathology, such as camphor alcohol.

    To ease the condition, moisten a cotton or gauze swab in the solution and attach it to the current area. Keep the compress on the aching tooth should not more than two to three minutes. Treatment will be more effective if you smear camphor alcohol and gum.

    "Extreme" method of

    Children's writers, writing about how Soviet boys diligently polish their teeth with a soap solution, did not curse. In the treatment of caries and the prevention of relapses, you can use soap. The therapeutic effect is due to the presence in the composition of soap of gamma-globulin, responsible for the timely elimination of trichomonads, bacteria and fungi.

    The solution must be freshly prepared. The process of cleaning teeth is similar to cleaning with a regular paste. At the end of the procedure, the mouth should be thoroughly rinsed with running clean water.

    The legendary sage

    For the preparation of a medicinal product, the main ingredient of which is sage, which in ancient times is considered a panacea for many diseases, it is necessary to do the following manipulations:

    • dilute a tablespoon of grass in a glass of boiling water;
    • infuse the mixture for 1 hour;
    • apply compresses to the affected area and rinse during the day.

    Do not allow relapse!

    Care of caries is of no small importance. Measures intended to relieve relapse are:

    1. Timely brushing of teeth( after waking and eating and before bedtime).
    2. Correct attitude to nutrition( snacks are excluded).
    3. Use of funds for cleaning the interdental spaces( it is recommended to use rinsers or dental floss).
    4. Reception of fluorine-containing drugs( topical after consultation with the treating dentist).
    5. Professional cleaning of teeth( every six months).

    It is also very important not to forget about regular visits to the dental office.

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