• Concussion: symptoms and consequences

    Such a diagnosis as concussion is an insignificant form of brain damage.

    Many people believe that a shaking occurs because of broken functional connections between brain cells.

    Concussion takes the leading position among all craniocerebral injuries, which can occur for many reasons: in road accidents, sports, industrial, domestic injuries, often injuries occur in criminal attacks.

    Note that this is a rather dangerous injury. The patient, when he comes to himself, may not understand what happened and where he is. Sometimes he does not recognize people around him. Therefore, we need help to such a person. If you saw on the street a decent dressed person unconscious, give him support or call an ambulance.

    Signs and symptoms of concussion

    In adults with concussion, the following symptoms appear:

    1. 1) In 80% of cases, a loss of consciousness occurs, which can last from a few seconds to 30 minutes.
    2. 2) Possible amnesia, which occurs after fainting, making diagnosis difficult.
    And also present:

    • the retardation;
    • headache;
    • confusion;
    • gag reflex and nausea;
    • circling in the head;
    • fear of light and sound;
    • tinnitus;
    • inability to concentrate;
    • convulsions, which are the main confirmation of the presence of the disease;
    • is likely the appearance of pupils of different shapes;
    • speech incoherence;
    • coordination problems;
    • general weakness of the body;
    • loss of consciousness is the main symptom in this disease.
    Due to the concussion, the first symptoms disappear after a certain period of time. If this symptomatology persists for a long time, it may be that another disease occurs.

    There are three conditional stages of brain damage with a concussion, however, some doctors believe that for such a diagnosis, the division into degrees is incorrect, because every person with concussion can have different symptoms, and it is difficult to classify them.

    In the United States, we can distinguish such severity levels:

    1. 1) In the first stage, the first mild symptoms appear, which do not persist for more than 15 minutes, the victim does not lose consciousness.
    2. 2) With an average or a second degree of severity of the disease, symptoms continue to persist for more than a quarter of an hour, loss of consciousness also does not occur.
    3. 3) Finally, in severe stages of the disease, the third degree in the patient may be loss of consciousness for a short period of time - the duration of a few seconds or more.

    Treatment and Diagnosis of Concussion

    Does a person have a concussion? First of all, it is recommended to give him first aid. When the victim quickly came to his senses, or he was conscious, it should be put in such a way that the head was always slightly elevated.

    It is necessary to take into account the specifics of the trauma and the indicators of the witnesses of the event. A special role in the diagnosis belongs to traces of injuries on the head, as well as factors of alcoholism, the state of the patient after the incident and others.

    Such diagnostic studies as ophthalmoscopy, ultrasound dopplerography, electroencephalography are quite informative during the examination.

    For any severity of the disease that is presently present, the patient should be sent for identification to the hospital. An acute period of the disease involves therapy in neurosurgery. Patients should for 5-6 days correspond to bed rest, based on the course of the disease, the treatment time can be increased to 8-10 days.

    After this, the patient is prescribed medications that normalize the brain functions, which remove the signs of the disease. Treatment lasts about two weeks. Tserukal, Baralgin, and Phenazepan are the most common drugs after a disease.

    When the normal picture of a patient's condition after a previous illness is restored, complications should be prevented.

    Recommended vasotropic and nootropic drugs, beneficial effects on blood circulation in the brain. Apply these medications during the following months after discharge from the hospital.

    In addition, patients are assigned:

    • vitamins;
    • extract of magnolia vine, ginseng root, eleutherococcus;
    • mineral complexes.
    It should be remembered that in a number of cases the disease is tolerated normally with the timely access to a specialist. However, with the transfer of concussion on the legs, there is a possibility of a mild form of the disease being overflowed. There may be epilepsy, as well as post-traumatic shock. In some situations, surgical intervention is required.


    To say exactly how to prevent the disease - concussion is impossible, since accidents and sudden attacks on the street are possible. However, it is worth considering the following recommendations.

    So, traditional sports, for example, volleyball, boxing, are traumatic. Therefore, you should follow security measures in these games.

    During cycling, skating, riding, you need to use a special helmet with a protective tab to protect your head. The volume should be chosen very carefully.

    Fasten your seat belts, it is especially important to protect children while traveling by car. Toddlers need to be transported in car seats and other supporting devices. You do not need to drive a car if you use medicines that affect attention and reaction, as well as alcohol.

    During the ice, wear special anti-slip boots or boots. They will help prevent falling and punching the head. It is not necessary to talk about the security measures required in a potentially dangerous situation. If you want to be robbed, it's better to sacrifice money, not your health. In the evening, carry a flashlight and a gas can.

    Consequences of concussion

    Consequences after a concussion abound. The main problem is "syndrome after a concussion," when for a while, a few days or months, the patient begins to worry about headaches. They can be very strong, often there are difficult thoughts, the head starts to crack. There is irritation, insomnia, trouble concentrating.

    The doctor must prescribe special medications that ease the condition after the illness. In some cases, prescribe psychotherapeutic drugs, hypnotics, sedatives, and painkillers. At treatment it is necessary to observe a strict mode and to be in a quiet state. In order to avoid unpleasant complications after concussion, the patient should be observed at the neurologist one year after the concussion.

    Boxers after the disease may suffer from the so-called "encephalopathy of boxers", when the psyche and balance are disturbed, there is a shiver in the limbs.

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