• Useful and medicinal properties of apple juice

    Apple tree is known to man since time immemorial biblical times, and apple is considered the best fruit of all peoples. The Greeks, for example, preferred the apple to all other fruits. Now apples are spread all over the world.

    The taste of apples depends primarily on the content of sugars, organic acids and tannic

    substances. Aromaticity is given to them by essential oils. In addition to these substances in apples contain: fiber, pectins, vitamins C, group B, P, carotene, mineral salts of iron, potassium, manganese, sodium, calcium, phytoncides.

    In addition to its excellent taste and nutritional value, apples and juice from them have been considered as carriers of medicinal properties since ancient times. In the Middle Ages, for example, apple juice doctors were given as a protective against epilepsy. Nowadays, apple juice is widely used in many diseases. Due to the presence of pectic substances and tannins in fruit, apple juice is taken with acute and chronic enterocolitis. A significant amount of pectin gives the fresh apple juice the ability to heal diarrhea. Apple juice treats other acute intestinal diseases, including in children. In the Caucasus, with gastrointestinal diseases, apple juice and cider are used. The therapeutic effect in this case gives anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of apples. However, with intestinal diseases it is best to drink juice from sweet apple varieties, since the presence of organic acids in acidic varieties can cause undesirable intensification of peristalsis. Apple juice is useful in cardiovascular diseases, as well as for obese people. Juice from apples is recommended to people of intellectual work and other persons leading a sedentary lifestyle. Juice from sweet varieties of apples is useful in hyperacid gastritis, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. Persons suffering from hypocidal gastritis, spastic colitis, dyskinesia of bile ducts are shown juice from acid varieties of apples containing a large amount of organic acids. Due to the content of

    in apple juice of tannin and organic salts of potassium, apple juice prevents the formation of uric acid in the body. That is why the doctors of the late XIX-early XX centuries used apple juice of patients with all kinds of sclerosis, gout, chronic rheumatism.

    Apple juice is useful for people suffering from stone disease. It is noted, for example, that in Normandy( France), where apple wine - cider is common, there are very few cases of kidney stones. Apple juice is useful for anemia. From the juice of acidic apples, an extract of apple gland is obtained, which is treated with anemia. Apple juice is good for edema.