Bloated veins on the hands - symptoms of many diseases

  • Bloated veins on the hands - symptoms of many diseases

    If you have bloated veins on your hands, then this should not be ignored. This may be the beginning of a varicose process. Our hands are subject to constant physical stress, almost always down.

    This leads to an influx of blood, which begins to stagnate in the veins. First of all, the veins become noticeable on the hands. At the first symptoms you need to consult a specialist. Probably, that there is nothing terrible.

    If a thin person has veins on his hands, then this is quite normal. Men do not pay attention to such trifles. Even consider this a sign of life force.

    Women with this state of affairs can not be reconciled. They are worried about the appearance of their hands. At the first stage, you can use such preventive measures:

    1. Keep your hands from prolonged physical activity. Do not wear heavy bags. Do not lift large loads.
    2. Try to raise your hands more often to drain blood.
    3. Include in your diet more vegetables and fruits. They increase the tone of the veins, and the blood is maintained in good condition.
    4. Positive effect on the tone of the vessels contrast shower.

    Closely monitor the status of its venous system is important because the varicose enlargement may indicate the onset of another disease. For example, atherosclerosis is accompanied by varicose veins. Therefore, if you have a vein on your arm, be sure to see a phlebologist. The earlier you start to treat varicose veins, the more successful will be the treatment.

    Why are veins swollen?

    Varicose veins suffer from blood vessels, veins that carry blood to the heart. With this, the walls of the veins thin out, the diameter of the lumen increases, nodes appear, aneurysm-like local extensions. If you have a lump on a vein on your arm, then perhaps it is just such a venous junction.

    If your illness is just beginning, then you can benefit from hirudotherapy. This is an old kind treatment with leeches. The saliva of medical leeches contains an enzyme that heals the blood vessels, helping them regain their shape. Recommended 5-6 sessions hirudotherapy with their repetition in 3-4 months.

    Sometimes, varicose veins on the arms are accompanied by pain. Varicose veins are disturbed by the operation of the vascular valves. Damaged valves prevent blood from flowing to the heart. In the vessels, an increased blood pressure is created on the walls. This further disrupts the operation of the valves.

    Blood pressure can be such that, under its influence, the vessels begin to twist. Of course, the patient will be in pain at the same time. You do not need to finish this before. If you have veins on your hands, you need to do everything to prevent the severe stage of varicose veins.

    But if the moment is already lost, then other methods of treatment go into action. If the vein is already swollen on the arm, the correct method of treatment can be indicated only by the doctor.

    Methods for treatment of dilated veins at the hands of

    Phlebological hospitals currently have various options for treating bloated veins on the hands:

    1. Laser therapy;
    2. Ultrasound therapy;
    3. Treatment with medicines;
    4. Surgical operation.
    5. Sclerotherapy.

    Laser therapy is the most convenient and painless way of treating convex veins on the arm. The walls of the vessel are glued using a laser. The blood stops flowing through the vein. After a while, the vein completely disappears. Sclerotherapy does almost the same thing.

    Only the walls of the vessel are glued not under the action of thermal radiation, but under the action of a special substance of the sclerosant injected into the vein. The diseased vein is thus removed from the circulatory system and disappears. If the veins swell on your hands, you can resort to a surgical operation, if the doctor finds this method of treatment the only possible.

    And in the near past this method was used very often. Now he is replaced by medicamental methods of treatment. Created a large number of ointments recommended for use with the expansion of veins on the hands. There are drops, pills, capsules that act on the veins from the inside.

    Most of them are made on the basis of a horse chestnut extract. Horse chestnut is credited with the property of narrowing small vessels. The same property has vitamin P( rutin).These substances are supplemented by other medicines that have a stimulating effect on blood circulation: lily of the valley extract, oleander, mistletoe.

    Also, medicines can contain anti-inflammatory substances, analgesic and antipyretic. However, medication can only mitigate the disease, but not cure it.

    Folk remedies for

    If the vein on your arm is swollen, you feel pain that prevents you from sleeping at night, you can use folk remedies.

    1. Cut the green tomato into small slices, place on a sick vein and tie with a bandage. Do this in the evening before bedtime. Then go to bed, and in the morning remove the bandage. The main thing that had enough patience. After a year, varicose veins will disappear. It can happen that before.
    2. Grate garlic and mix with butter. Blend the mixture overnight, top with parchment paper and bandage. In the morning you need to wash everything and warm it. After a few months, varicose veins pass.
    3. Lubricate in the mornings and evenings sick veins with apple cider vinegar, mixed with alcohol tincture of birch buds in equal parts. Lubricate, then repeat after 15 minutes.
    4. Flowering wormwood crush and mix with yogurt. Lubricate with a mixture of gauze and attach to diseased veins. Wrap the cellophane and hold for half an hour. Then remove the mixture. After that, diseased veins should be smeared with sour cream.
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