Allergy on the face of a child: photo, how to treat a baby from rashes

  • Allergy on the face of a child: photo, how to treat a baby from rashes

    Surely, many parents have experienced allergic reactions to the face of the child. Even in our time, the problem of allergy remains relevant, despite numerous achievements in medicine. Very often parents notice on the face of the child a rash, red spots and peeling of the skin. Quite often, allergies can be accompanied by nasal congestion, a slash in the eyes, sneezing, and a complication of breathing. How not to be mistaken and find out exactly what is the allergy on the face of the child, photo-examples will be presented in this article. Depending on the allergen, the reaction of the body can be instantaneous or should take some time.

    Causes of sleep on the face of the baby

    Allergies in the child can manifest for a variety of reasons:

    1. Food;
    2. Medicaments or chemical preparations;
    3. Pollen of plants;
    4. Dust and wool of animals;
    5. Change of season.

    Quite often, an allergy occurs due to weakened immunity, and also after the introduction of a new product in the diet of the child. That is why among all the causes of allergies, food products are in the first place.

    Allergy in a nursing child

    Most often in an infant, an allergy to the face appears due to food: eggs, citrus, cow's milk, nuts. Also on the crumb can affect such allergens as: dust mite, cream or children's shampoos.

    Finally, the diagnosis can be made by a pediatrician, after consulting a dermatologist and an allergist.

    In newborns, allergic rashes on the face appear with the introduction of new products or a change in diet. Pediatricians in this case put a diagnosis such as diathesis.

    Diathesis can not be started in any case. Eruptions on the face can merge and become bright red. But you never need to start panicking. To begin with, it is necessary to revise the baby's diet and recall whether there were any household changes. Having identified the allergen it should be excluded from the diet of the child.

    If it was possible to exclude from the diet very quickly unsuitable products, the allergy on the face can pass without a trace, without the use of medications.

    Methods of treatment

    Parents need to remember that if a child has allergy symptoms, then immediately you need to see a doctor, because if you do not start treatment, the rash will spread all over your body, which will cause a lot of trouble for the baby.

    Now we need to figure out how to treat an allergy on the face of a child. To begin with, the doctor determines the allergen. All treatment activities are carried out only after the allergen has been eliminated. Further treatment will be complex: the doctor appoints a special diet, which is developed for each child individually, after which the symptoms are removed.

    Treatment of allergy on the face of the child will be carried out in the following direction:

    1. External treatment. The doctor will prescribe medications that will remove the allergy and will also take care of the skin of the face. Special cream will eliminate itching, flaking and soften the skin of the face.
    2. Internal treatment. To eliminate the causes of allergies, internal treatment is simply necessary. The doctor will prescribe antihistamines, which should be used solely for the doctor's prescription and in the exact dosage. In addition to antiallergic drugs, the pediatrician will prescribe medications to support the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
    3. Elimination of consequences. Here you need to apply baby creams to soften the skin of the baby's face and smooth out the roughness.

    Particular attention should be paid to hygiene. It is necessary to wash the face of the child every day several times to relieve itching, and also to prevent the development of allergic reactions.

    If the treatment was carried out correctly, then the allergy will not lead to complications and will not become chronic.

    Parents should remember that the face of the child is a reflection of the processes that occur in his body. It is very important to decrypt all signals in a timely and correct manner and get help from specialists. Video selection