• Why does herpetic stomatitis spread and how to deal with it?

    According to modern doctors, most often there are stomatitis, provoked by viruses. The most common of these is herpetic stomatitis. This pathology is caused by the herpes simplex virus. The disease affects people of different ages, but a greater percentage of the risk group is made up of small children.

    How to recognize the disease

    The disease has specific symptoms, thanks to which even someone who is not a specialist in medicine can make a preliminary diagnosis. Symptoms of the pathology are:

    • general weakness accompanied by fever;
    • enlarge of the jaw and cervical lymph nodes;
    • swelling of the gums, a change in their color;
    • the formation of bubbles, inside which is a clear liquid;
    • formation as a result of bursting of vesicles of painful sores;
    • pain and discomfort in the process of eating.

    In order to make a person's condition not worse, treatment of pathology should be timely and correct. If the patient immediately visits the doctor, recovery will come already on the tenth day.

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    Forms of pathology

    Herpes stomatitis develops in two forms:

    1. Acute.
    2. Chronic.

    It's time to beat the alarm

    In case of the first virus entry into the human body, acute herpetic stomatitis is formed. There are three forms of this type of pathology:

    • Light.
    • Medium.
    • Heavy.

    If the human immune system is not compromised, the mild form sometimes occurs in the absence of any symptom. The only specific feature is the formation of vesicles on the mucosa. After a while they burst and there is a fusion of soft tissues.

    For a moderate degree, there are rashes. There is a slight increase in temperature, a person feels unwell and weak.

    When acute herpetic stomatitis progresses to severe form, the patient complains of aches in bones and muscles. He has a fever, periodically there are vague pain in the head. Sometimes there is nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The mouths spread in the mouth at lightning speed. When healing old sores, new, no less painful, are formed.

    As a result of serious complications, pathology rapidly recurs.

    Features of the recurring form

    Herpetic stomatitis is transformed into a chronic form against the background:

    • of the presence of concomitant chronic pathologies;
    • weakened immune system;
    • of frequent ARI and ARVI;
    • frequent injury of the oral cavity;
    • the presence of caries on the teeth.

    The main difference of relapse is the absence of any specific signs other than rashes.

    Rather, to the doctor!

    Herpes stomatitis involves immediate medical attention. Cures pathology with the help of general and local methods.

    It is important to regularly treat the mouth with healing and disinfecting medications and antiseptics. A remarkable healing effect is the regular rinsing of the oral cavity with decoctions of herbs, which contribute to the rapid relief of inflammation.

    For adult patients, the treating physician often prescribes the use of ointments:

    • Bonaflonova.
    • Florenaleva.
    • Tebrofen.

    Children are prescribed to be treated with oxolin and interferon ointments.

    In order to alleviate the suffering of the patient in the presence of ulcers and erosions, treatment of the affected areas is assigned:

    • Aloe juice.
    • Sea-buckthorn oil.
    • With peach oil.
    • Rosehip oil.
    • Flaxseed oil.

    If there is a risk of developing an allergic reaction, treatment involves taking antihistamines.

    When the disease progresses to chronic form, the doctor may prescribe an antiherpetic vaccine.

    A patient suffering from an acute form of the disease should be isolated from healthy family members and eat food from individual dishes. It is important to provide him with frequent drinking. It can be warm drinks and freshly squeezed juices.

    Assistance in the acute form of the pathology

    Treatment of herpetic stomatitis, progressing to acute form, is carried out with the help of generic and topical preparations.

    General treatment of

    The doctor appoints the patient the following means:

    • antiviral( actual for the first week of the illness);
    • antipyretic and analgesic;
    • antihistaminic;
    • vitamins( ascorbic acid).

    Local treatment of

    This form of treatment is carried out with the help of:

    • anesthetics - lotions and applications( procedures are conducted twenty minutes before meals);
    • antiseptics for the treatment of the oral cavity( the procedure is carried out after eating);
    • antiviral drugs( ointments or applications);
    • aniline dyes( used for the treatment of affected areas of the lips);
    • enzyme preparations;
    • anti-inflammatory drugs;
    • epithelial preparations.

    If this pathology occurs in extremely severe form, then the person is hospitalized and intravenously administered immunomodulating and vitamin medications.


    Treatment of pathology in children should be comprehensive. Local procedures should be combined with general therapy, the purpose of which is to strengthen and maintain the immune system.

    Prevention of the disease is the intake of vitamin and mineral complexes and the maintenance of an active, healthy lifestyle. It is also important to get rid of destructive habits, regularly visit the dentist and monitor oral hygiene.

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