• How to get rid of the second chin at home

    A person with harmonious features is always very beautiful. Any man, but in particular a woman wants to have such.

    However, not always nature is endowed with ideal proportions, in which case it remains to choose opportunities to improve its appearance. Feel beautiful you are hindered by the second chin? Let's deal with this medical and aesthetic problem.

    The second chin is an abundant accumulation of fat in the chin area. Quite often the problem is noticeable in obese people, in those who often lose weight and again gain it.

    However, it can appear in well-proportioned patients. The fat sags, thus deforming the face oval.

    Causes of second chin

    1) Hereditary factors. We were all born with a certain figure and complexion. In some people, the features of the structure of their body are such that there is a tendency to the appearance of a second chin. For example, the angle formed by the jaw and lower neck is affected by the location of the hyoid bone, to which the facial muscles are attached.
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    2) Also a popular cause is obesity or weight fluctuations. The chin area is such that it often accumulates fat. This is the so-called "fat trap", which grows thin very slowly. Certainly, weight fluctuations and extra pounds are factors in the appearance of the second chin, but the problem may appear for other reasons( see how to treat obesity).

    3) Disturbances in the hormonal background. During pregnancy, as well as with menopause in women, there is an increased formation of fat deposits in the chin area due to natural causes.

    4) Age changes. Due to the passage of time, collagen and elastin are gradually destroyed. The skin loses its original elasticity and the sagging of soft tissues begins under the influence of gravity. There are unfavorable changes in muscle tissue, gradually there is a weakness of subcutaneous fat. However, with age, not often a double chin is formed, but the so-called "turkey neck".

    5) Poor posture. Omission of the head and stoop also contribute to the appearance of a second chin. It is important to sit flat while working at the table, as well as when reading. With an incorrect posture, blood circulation in the neck region worsens, fat accumulation increases. In addition, poor posture makes the double chin noticeable. Sleep on a high pillow also affects the appearance of the disease.

    6) Incorrect food. As well as the deposition of extra pounds, excessive consumption of spicy, fried, fatty foods, the abuse of fast food gradually leads to the accumulation of fat in the chin area.

    7) Diseases of the thyroid gland. With hypothyroidism, due to a lower level of thyroid hormone concentration, fat appears in the chin area. With such a disease as "goiter" visually increases the neck, especially its front surface.

    How to get rid of the second chin

    In order not to have a second chin, try to keep an eye on your own posture, keep your head and back straight.

    The chin should be slightly extended forward, it is impossible to approach it to the chest. Sleeping on high cushions is not recommended.

    As for nutrition, it should not be high-calorie and fatty. Even these simple rules can save you from the appearance of such an aesthetic defect.

    Today there are many methods that can get rid of the second chin. First, let's look at the simplest, free and non-operational ones.

    Exercises from the second chin at home

    A set of simple exercises that can be easily performed at home will help you solve the problem of the second chin.

    1. 1) Keep your head straight, place your right hand in front of you in your goal. Do not change the position of the neck, stick out 10 times your tongue.
    2. 2) Keep your head straight. Pull the tongue high up, then pull it down. Repeat 10 times.
    3. 3) Keep a smooth posture. Throw the head slowly back, stretching the front muscles of the neck. It is enough 10 repetitions.
    Even such a minimum set of exercises is effective if you repeat it daily. Additional exercises:

    1. 1) Lie down on the bed, the head hangs behind the bed. Stretch your neck forward and look forward. The chin is pressed to the chest. Repeat 10-15 times. At the top, start turning your head from side to side.
    2. 2) The following exercise can be done sitting or lying down. Place your fist under your chin and open your mouth. Head slightly reclining. Feel resistance. Exercise is like a fish that wants to eat.
    3. 3) For problems with the neck, this is an effective exercise. Put your head straight, raise your hand, covering your head with your hand over your ear. Put pressure on your head with your hand, and resist your head with your head. Strongly do not need to strain. You should have an even neck and lowered shoulders. Hold 20 seconds on one side and 20 seconds on the other side.
    4. 4) Put the palm on the palm, then squeeze them on the forehead, and then resist the forehead in turn. Hold in this position for 10 seconds
    5. 5) Exercise "giraffe".Lower your shoulders down, and the vertex in turn is actively pulled up. Pull your shoulders down with your hands. Hold for 25 seconds in this position.


    Massage with cream is effective against the second chin. Every morning, applying a cream, start from the center of the chin to move your thumbs in different directions on the chin, and then go down to the neck down.

    Well pressing, draw a beautiful face oval. At least 10-12 times a day is enough to get rid of the double chin.

    If you want to get rid of the double chin by more active methods, then the following information will be useful.

    How to remove the second chin: cosmetic procedures

    If home recipes do not help you, you can always use professional procedures:

    1. 1) Mesotherapy. Vitamins, biostimulants, drugs that activate fat burning, can eliminate fat deposits, and for a short period of time.
    2. 2) LPG massage. Improves metabolism in the subcutaneous fat, improves the creation of collagen, thereby increasing the tone of the skin and the harmony of the chin appears.
    3. 3) RF-lifting. Removes excess skin that is present at the moment.
    4. 4) RF lipolysis effectively and quickly removes fat deposits that contributed to the formation of the second chin.
    5. 5) Bio-cybernetic therapy. Normalizes the tone of the skin and neck muscles, improves the metabolism in the skin.
    Before performing any serious cosmetic procedures, it is recommended to talk with a specialist. Otherwise, the appearance of a "turkey neck" is possible, which further worsens the appearance. Using the innocuous methods presented in the article in your practice, after a while you will get rid of such a problem as a second chin!

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