• Treatment of folicular foot fungus in children and adults

    Summer is a season of holidays. Every person, especially the beautiful half of humanity, wants to put his body in order, especially with regard to pedicure and manicure. If there are no big problems with manicure, then this can not be said about beautiful female legs. There are for women's legs and nails a very insidious enemy - mycosis or the foot fungus. Agree that this is a very unpleasant disease, which I would not like to encounter at all.

    What is mycosis or foot fungus?

    Mycosis or foot fungus is the most common disease that can be caused by various pathogens and fungal species. Treating a foot fungus can take you a little more time than you expect, is not a wonderful friend with which you would be able to safely spend the summer. Infection with fungus can occur just when you do not expect it at all. For example, you can get infected in a beauty salon, doing a pedicure.

    After finding the main symptoms, you do not dare to think that you could pick up any disease by doing yourself. Fungus begins to develop in those people who wear poor-quality shoes. As a rule, blood supply is disturbed in them, nutrients to the legs and nails do not flow, and therefore infectious foci begin to form there. This disease is also typical for those people who do not look after the skin of the legs, so there begin to form, calluses, corns and other unpleasant formations. If they are started and not treated, then you can also catch a stop fungus.

    Symptoms of the disease

    As a rule, the main symptoms of the fungus are not always clearly visible. You can at the initial stage confuse them with calluses, allergic reactions in the form of burning on separate sites of feet. Anyway, if you add redness to the above, blistering with fluid, crackling of the skin of the legs between the fingers and the formation of coarse skin, then you will get all the symptoms of the fungus present.

    In any case, the disease is very long, as the legs can not permanently be stationary. In order to finally cure, you need to carefully monitor the skin of the legs, with your fingernails, make a pedicure in time and just turn to already proven beauty salons.

    Depending on how and where you can catch a foot fungus, distinguish three of its varieties:

    1. Membrane. This kind of fungus is accompanied by the appearance of scales and peeling between the fourth and fifth fingers. After that the skin on these sites begins to harden.
    2. Moccasin-like. With this kind of fungus, there is a thickening and crackling of the skin of the sole and heels. It is also known that this infection affects nails, too, because they become very fragile and crumble.
    3. Vesicular. This form is considered to be the heaviest, since bubbles filled with liquid start to form under the skin.

    The main causes of the disease

    The most common, to date, cause of the appearance of the fungus is the wrong care for the skin of the legs and nails. As a result, the skin begins to coarsen, a variety of skin formations appear.

    Also the reason for the appearance of the fungus can be called a constant stay in a humid environment, walking in baths, baths, saunas and swimming pools without special shoes that would protect you from bacteria.

    This also includes leg injuries, the presence of some chronic diseases, wearing tight uncomfortable shoes, which constantly squeezes limbs, this reason does not receive oxygen.

    Treatment of Foot Fungus

    Once you have found the first signs of a fungus, you need to urgently run to a doctor for a consultation. With the help of modern methods of treatment and timely diagnostics, the doctor will be able to quickly and qualitatively choose all possible ways of treatment. In this case, you yourself can choose the path that you will arrange for money and time. There are a lot of ways of treatment, from classical tablets, ointments and gels to non-traditional folk medicine. Folk foot fungus treatment here also has a place to be, especially in combination with traditional forms.

    It should be noted that more recently, treatment of the severe form of the fungus consisted simply in eliminating the nail plate or removing it. Doctors explained this by the fact that the funds for the treatment of foot fungus are not always effective, so every new nail grew already infected with a fungus. This is the technique that was used several years ago. Now everything has changed. Scientists have created a very large amount of antifungal agents, which not only can save you from fungus for life, but also improve the quality of the nail itself.

    But here it is worth paying special attention to that phase and the time of going to the doctor, when everything is still running, and you have the opportunity to cure the fungus at its initial stage. Folk methods for the treatment of foot fungus are also taken as ways to extract fungus infection.

    If we talk about modern methods of treatment of fungus, I want to note that this treatment will take you at least 2-6 months. It is this long course of special tablets and ointments that should be used for this disease.

    You can also use nail polish and special plasters, after overlapping the effect will be noticeable the next day. Here it should be remembered that varnishes can not be applied more than twice a week. Treatment of foot fungus with drugs that have long been in demand, and have proven to be excellent antifungal agents, will bring you much more benefits than cheap analogs.

    Only a professional dermatologist will be able to specify and select an individual treatment regimen for the fungus.

    Treatment in children

    Foot fungus in children, the treatment of which must immediately be done correctly is not much different from the treatment in adults, proceeds in less painful and pronounced forms. Due to properly selected treatment, children can only drink a pill a few days. Most often they are not prescribed very strong drugs to not harm the small body

    Treatment with folk methods

    One of the options for treating foot fungus in people's ways is the use of various herbal baths. As a decoction, you can use those grasses that you collected in the summer. Also as compresses, you can use burdock leaves, cook gruel from chopped garlic clotted with butter. The foot fungus, whose treatment with vinegar has long been practiced by folk medicine, can also be cured, in this case it is necessary to make solutions with vinegar only in the right proportions. Folk treatment of foot fungus also gives significant results. For example, compresses from rowan and juicy burdock juice have not harmed anyone, so people can use them so often that they negatively treat tablets and other means of treatment.

    Thus, I want to wish beautiful women with great respect for their legs, take care and love them, so that you do not take different pills and not be treated for foot fungus.

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