The duties of witnesses at the wedding - how witnesses help to lead a wedding

  • The duties of witnesses at the wedding - how witnesses help to lead a wedding

    The wedding is a memorable event, as well as an important and very responsible event, not only for the newlyweds, but also for the witnesses. The role of the witness is traditionally chosen by the unmarried girl, who is the bride's close friend or relative. The witness is a relative or an unmarried friend of the groom. Witnesses must be sociable, charismatic, sense of humor, savvy.

    Witness duties

    Witness at the wedding

    The witness performs a number of duties, which she starts before the wedding. One of the duties of the witness is the preparation and carrying out of the hen party. The witness participates in the choice of wedding dress, buttonhole, accessories. To the important types of duties of the witness include the design of invitations to a wedding for guests and preparation of a script for the bride's redemption.

    Please note! On the appointed day of the wedding, the witness arrives first to the bride and helps her to dress up for the wedding ceremony.

    The witness supports the bride morally, calms the necessary words, if she experiences and is nervous. During the whole day, the witness needs to be near the bride, to follow her general appearance in order to correct the bride's makeup or veil at the right time, help to receive flower bouquets from guests, and also provide any other help to the bride.

    Meeting the bridegroom at the bride's house

    At the bride's house the witness meets the groom with a witness and friends, holds a ransom of the bride. After the successful rite of ransom and the solemn ceremony of marriage, the young are sent to a banquet.

    Please note! If there is no toastmaster at the wedding, then the duties of the celebration are laid on the shoulders of the witness.

    Even if the toastmaster is present, the witness can help the leader of the celebration organize and hold competitions, games, dance.

    Obligations of the witness

    Witness at the wedding

    No less important role in the wedding ceremony is given to a witness who does a lot of work in preparation for the wedding. It all starts with choosing a suit for the groom. It is also the duty of the witness to prepare a stag party, on which he must check the amount of alcohol consumed by the groom. The witness helps the groom in the organizational and commercial matters related to the wedding, and also cares about the transport for the engagement and guests who will be without personal cars.

    On the day of the celebration, the witness arrives in the morning to the groom, whom he helps with the wedding arrangements, makes sure that the bridegroom does not forget to take all the wedding attributes( passport, flowers, champagne, wedding rings, etc.).In this case, the rings are kept by the witness before the wedding.

    Please note! The witness helps the groom in preparation for the bride's ransom: he prepares bills, small coins, sweets, alcoholic beverages such as wine, champagne.

    A witness should know a few toasts, jokes and songs that will help the groom during the ransom. Throughout the day, he supports the groom emotionally. After the wedding, he helps the groom to receive congratulations and gifts.

    Please note! During the banquet, the witness must be active, cheerful, take part in competitions, say toasts.

    Also, he should not forget to monitor the amount of alcohol consumed by guests and, if necessary, fill the glasses.

    Bride's redemption

    Bride's rite of ransom

    Perhaps the most important duty of witnesses at a wedding is to prepare and conduct a bride price. Redemption of the bride implies a series of tests and competitions for the groom, passing that the groom shows and proves love for his chosen one. By the time the rite of ransom should not last long, so as not to bore those present.

    Please note! The Witness arranges contests, assignments, various tests for the groom. The witness helps the groom successfully overcome these tests and as soon as possible to redeem the bride.

    All competitions should be interesting, creative, using balls, colors, posters.

    Competitions at the wedding

    The position of witnesses among the guests is special, because they are the main assistants to the newlyweds. Will the wedding fun, interesting and memorable depends largely on the witnesses.