• What can lead to attacks of headache and hallucinations

    Sergey Mikhailovich asks:

    What specialist is involved in such a disease? Twenty years ago I had a CCT( 7 hours without consciousness).A year ago, headaches began, which turned into permanent headaches. In September, illegible extraneous voices appeared, the neurologist sent to a therapist, 4 months of treatment had already passed. A month or so ago, the voices seemed to have disappeared, but after 10 days they appeared again. To the doctor, I said that everything is fine already, I was sent to a commission, I was given 3 groups for a common disease. But the head and hurts, and, moreover, strongly, and hallucinations do not pass. What should I do now and what kind of doctor should I contact? Especially me already close to 60 years.


    Sergey Mikhailovich, many patients who need traditional psychiatric care, because of some senseless fears and prejudices imposed by the society, are afraid to turn to psychiatrists, even if there are very weighty reasons for this. Here the psychotherapist is another matter, it is fashionable today, and it does not oblige especially to anything. And prefers people to suffer and fight alone with windmills: where you can get specialized medical care, qualitatively heal and get rid of the disturbing state, leads you to exhaustion.

    In serious cases, only psychotherapy can not really cope with a mental problem, especially if the somatic disorder is on the face. You have it, most likely, is present and the delay in time only removes the qualified help. It is pointless to hide hallucinations and so-called "voices" from a psychiatrist, because the sooner you receive specialized care, the medications are prescribed correctly, the faster you will get rid of obsessive voices and, most likely, the headache too.

    It is not ethical to write about the alleged diagnosis on the site, especially since there is no possibility to conduct a visual medical examination, to get acquainted with an anamnesis and your medical history.

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