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    Diet table number 10 stabilizes blood circulation and restoresheart rate

    Diet 10 table - balanced and complete nutrition system, designed to stabilize blood circulation and provide all the necessary substances and energy to the body in diseases of the vessels, heart and kidneys.

    Features of the therapeutic diet 10 table ^

    Diet № 10 is included in fifteen medical wellness tables, developed in the Soviet past by a scientist, dietician and therapist M.I.Pevzner.

    Therapeutic diet No. 10 is applied in the following cases:

    • Kidney disease;
    • Cardiovascular diseases - heart disease, cardiosclerosis, ischemic disease, post-infarction condition, rheumatism and insufficient blood circulation;
    • Hypertensive disease of the first or second stage.

    The purpose of the therapeutic diet of the tenth table diet is as follows:

    • To alleviate the condition of patients with painful symptoms;
    • Create an enabling environment for normal circulation;
    • Unload the digestive system, sparing and not irritating the kidneys;
    • Increase diuresis;
    • Do not induce nervous, cardiovascular systems.

    Therapeutic diet 10 table limits the intake of liquid, salt, and foods rich in fiber, containing cholesterol and promoting flatulence.

    • Chemical composition and daily energy value of the diet table № 10.
    • One-day calorie content - up to 2600 kcal;
    • Fats - 70 grams, of which 30% - vegetable, 40% - animals;
    • Proteins - up to 100 grams, where 60% are animal proteins;
    • Carbohydrates - up to 420 grams;
    • Drinking regime( water, compotes, kissels and other) - no more than 1.3 liters( with a strong puffiness, the amount of fluid decreases);
    • Salt - up to 5 grams, but with edema is excluded.

    The following positive results are the advantages of the Pevsner Healthy Diet No. 10:

    • Puffiness decreases;
    • Discharges harmful and toxic substances from the body;
    • Strengthens the heart muscle;
    • Blood circulation and metabolism are normalized;
    • Reduces excessive heart strain;
    • The body receives all the minerals, vitamins and other useful substances necessary for its normal functioning.

    The diet of the tenth table provides the following mode and dietary rules:

    • Fractional eating, consisting of five meals daily;
    • The last meal should be held strictly three hours before bedtime;
    • Technological processing includes extinguishing, baking, boiling or steam, but without the addition of salt;
    • Mandatory introduction in the food diet of the greatest number of products that promote the active removal of excess fluid from the body.

    Diet No. 10 allows the following products to be introduced into the diet:

    • Fruits, berries - everything, except grapes;
    • Vegetables - cabbage colored, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, lettuce, tomatoes, greens, cucumbers, eggplant, celery;
    • Cereals - oatmeal, millet, pearl barley, rice and others;
    • Pasta;
    • Milk, lactic acid products with minimal fat content, but fatty and salty cheeses are excluded;
    • Eggs - no more than three per week;
    • Meat - beef, turkey, chicken, rabbit, veal;
    • Fish - hake, navaga, pike, cod, pike perch;
    • Bakery products - dried( yesterday's) wheat bread 2 varieties, dry biscuits, biscuit;
    • Sauces - dairy, sour, fruit, tomato;
    • Any drinks, except for grape juice, cocoa and natural coffee;
    • Sweet products - jam, honey, jujube, jam.

    The prohibitory list 10 of the table includes:

    • Mushroom, meat, fish soups and sauces;
    • Oily, salty, smoked, spicy food;
    • Chocolate and cakes;
    • White fresh bread;
    • Legumes;
    • Mushrooms, sorrel, spinach, onion, cabbage, garlic, radish.

    Diet for Pevzner table 10: menu for the week ^

    Sample diet menu table № 10

    Wellness method diet "10th table" offers an extensive selection of products that can be easily combined and made into very tasty, varied and healthy dishes.

    The approximate daily dietary menu for diet table 10 is recommended as follows:

    • Breakfast: tea with honey or jam( raspberry, strawberry), any cereal with butter, dried bread or toast, cheese;
    • Second breakfast: banana - milk smoothie with muesli, berry or fruit jelly;
    • Lunch: vegetarian( cheese, vegetable) soup with sour cream, baked tender beef with tomato sauce, carrot drink;
    • Snack: puree of apples with steamed dried apricots and natural yoghurt;
    • Dinner: vegetable salad, cottage cheese soufflé, milk.

    Diet table 10 for pregnant women

    • A special feature of the diet table 10 for pregnant women is a gentle diet that reduces the high stress on the heart.
    • It is recommended to eat vegetables, cereals, fruits, meat and dairy products daily.
    • Consumption of salt for pregnant women with vascular and heart disease should be limited to 5-7 grams, and liquids - 1 liter or 1.2.

    Hypocholesterol diet table 10

    The hypocholesteroleic diet table 10, together with medication procedures, will help to achieve early positive results in the treatment of heart and vascular diseases.

    Food hypocholesterolemic diet significantly restricts animal fats and prohibits the inclusion of egg yolks, offal, fatty meat, butter, meat broths and soups, fatty dairy products and confectionery.

    Approximate one-day version of the hypocholesterole diet menu tenth table:

    • Breakfast: egg white, rice porridge( can be on milk), orange juice;
    • Second breakfast: pieces of apples with carrots baked with honey;
    • Lunch: chicken fillet baked with cheese, fresh vegetables, a slice of bread, apple drink;
    • Snack: strawberry jelly, drinking yogurt;
    • Dinner: salad from boiled fillet of fish, rice and boiled vegetables, berry jelly.

    Popular recipes for diet table №10 ^

    The recipe for some dishes for a variety of diet 10 table is offered as follows:

    Beef with prunes

    • 300 gr. Beef boil, cut into long thin strips and lightly fry with onions in cream butter.
    • Then sprinkle with flour, mix well, add a little water and cook on low heat for about 3 minutes.
    • After the cooking, add the soaked prunes.

    Carrot and rice pudding with apples

    • Boil a couple of tea spoons of rice, add to the taped through a large grater and stewed carrots( 3 pcs.).
    • Then blend the mixture, add half of the egg, a spoonful of butter, crackers and grated apple.
    • After mixing, put the mixture in a mold and steam it.
    • Pudding served with sour cream or cream.

    Strawberry banana smoothies

    • Cut the banana and a glass of strawberries into a blender, add 100 ml of milk and whip.
    • Add a little muesli to the ready-made drink.
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    Results, reviews of weight loss and doctors about the diet table number 10 ^

    The results of the use of dietary table number 10 - reduces the strong swelling of the body, reducing shortness of breath and frequent heartbeats. In addition, the cardiac rhythm and circulation are restored, the general condition of the body improves and the working capacity increases.

    The duration of the tenth diet is determined personally by the attending physician based on the type and degree of the disease. Due to the rich composition of the recommended products, the healthy menu of dietary techniques is very easy to transfer.

    Reviews of the diet of the 10 table among patients show that its use really helps them to ease the painful condition, improve their well-being and further cope with the disease.

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