• How to get rid of lice at home

    Lice or pediculosis is considered a disease that accompanies places that have natural disasters or crisis situations. After all, as a rule, lice happens in people who can be attributed to a low-income population that does not follow the elementary rules of their own hygiene.

    But, despite this, no one, even the most educated and well-off person, can be insured against lice. They are incredibly prolific. In addition, they are very easy to get infected. Therefore, everyone should know how to get rid of lice.

    What is it?

    Lice are bloodsucking insects that "live" on humans and mammals. Specifically on a man can parasitize: a head louse, a wardrobe and a carpenter, the so-called pubic louse.

    Head in hair. The louse lice almost all the time are hiding in the clothes of a person, "moving" to people just for a couple of minutes a day. Usually such lice can be found in places like garments and wrinkles. They lay their eggs there.

    Ploschitsa mainly affects the skin of the perineum and pubic area. But sometimes it can be found in the armpits, eyebrows and eyelashes.

    Lice breed, laying eggs( nits), which are held at the very roots of the hair due to sticky secretions. About a week later, larvae appear from them, reaching their full development within 3 weeks.

    Large and small lice externally differ only in size, can have a gray, brown or light yellow color. Thanks to three pairs of legs, lice are attached to the human hair. The lifespan of the parasite is 1-2 months. But this is only on the human body. In the external environment, they live about a week.

    Lice are dangerous because they can be a source of diseases such as recurrent and typhus.

    Reasons for the emergence of

    Let stereotypes and say that pediculosis is a disease of Homeless and other disadvantaged people, it is also common among ordinary people. No matter how it seemed, out of all the heads of the lice "choose" the one that is regularly washed, where the clean skin. So, it will be easier for insects to release less substance and suck blood.

    Lice can not fly or jump, so infection can occur when you touch your hair with infected things( hats, bed sheets or combs, for example).That is, if you just spend the night on a pillow on which a person with pediculosis previously slept, you can be sure, you will also catch them. Children are the most vulnerable to this problem.

    Signs of pediculosis

    One of the main signs of pediculosis can be called persistent and severe itching. That is, with head lice, itch will be head. With the clothes - in the zone of greatest fit to the body of clothing. If the problem is a carpenter, it will itch in the pubic area.

    In addition, itching can lead to strong brushes that lead to boils, pustules and other. Patients often suffer from insomnia, lose their appetite. There may even be an alarm.

    How to quickly get rid of lice

    Unfortunately, in the case of pediculosis, it will not be possible to limit yourself to just washing your head and washing your laundry. So you will not get rid of lice, nor from nits.

    The easiest way is getting rid of pubic lice, because shaving all the hair is not so scary. After this, to avoid infection, the places of lice bites should be disinfected with a special ointment. With eyebrows and eyelashes, you can easily remove lice with your hands.

    If you are worried about lice, know that ordinary washing with the usual powder will not help to cope with the problem. You need to boil things or treat them with steam. After that, for a whole week, hang out in the sun in a well-ventilated room.

    Or this option: treat the clothes with a special poison, leave for a few hours to be absorbed, after washing all and again, hang in the sun. After a week, iron all the seams and folds with an iron.

    Here we are and how to get rid of head lice forever. This, unfortunately, is the most difficult. There is a huge number of recipes to do this: from folk to medical. For example, in the pharmacy you can find a lot of tools to deal with the problem. One of the most effective can be called crooked water.

    There are also ointments, aerosols and shampoos. Before using these tools, be sure to read the instructions. When you choose a drug, do not be shy and ask all that is needed from a specialist. Often, synthetic drugs are allergic. In addition, a huge amount of funds are simply contraindicated to children and women waiting to be added. Therefore, be sure to consult the pharmacist, only so you can be sure that you are not endangering yourself or your child.

    Cranberry juice is very effective against nits. He thanks to his acidic medium dissolves the upper shell of eggs. The tar and dust soap, because of the high availability of alkali, is also very effective against parasites.

    There is still such a pretty radical way as dyeing hair. Do not be surprised! Hydrogen peroxide is a terrible weapon against lice and nits, because it has a very high liquidity and concentration.

    There are also such, though ineffective, folk remedies: the juice of parsley and mint, the decoction of wormwood and the use of boiled beets.

    Remember that ineffectiveness, on the contrary, the effectiveness of this or that remedy is very individual. For example, one can not help the most expensive shampoo from lice, and another is enough and rinse with apple cider vinegar.

    Folk remedies against lice have always existed and will exist. After all, their efficiency is neither much nor 90%.Of course, you can apply them, but you must always remember about caution:

    1. If you decide to use kerosene to get rid of kidosis, be prepared for the fact that the hair after it will not immediately come to order. It is hard to rinse, spoil the look of the hair, making them dirty in appearance and sticky to the touch, making it difficult to comb.
    2. Vinegar also spoils the hair. He dries them heavily, and a concentrated solution can generally burn the scalp. Vinegar eliminates lice and has a disinfecting effect, but does not produce nits.
    3. Such agents as "Dichlorvos" are incredibly toxic. Thanks to carbonates and organophosphorous substances, which are contained in them, you can get the strongest poisoning.

    In addition to all of the above, all these tools are quite inconvenient to use.

    After using any of the proposed tools, be sure to comb the hair with a comb with frequent denticles. Even better( but much more time-consuming) will be if you remove each nit by hand. It can take more than one day, because it is very difficult to remove parasites.

    If you have long hair, you will most likely have to cut them. So the process of removing nits and dead lice will go much faster. You can try to ease this unpleasant procedure by applying balm to your hair. This will give such a slip effect.

    Earlier it was said that most often pediculosis occurs in children. Therefore, if one child has lice, it would be great to announce quarantine in the whole group. Or another way out: treat all children with special means without exception.