• Storage and transportation of mother's milk

    Type of breast pump

    How the

    works How the

    is handy When pear-shaped

    is handled The pear compression provides the

    breast pump( known

    sucking milk from the chest

    as well as "bike-

    horn", or manual

    breast pump with pear)

    Cylindrical hand-

    One plasticcylinder

    When the mother has to proc

    the breast pump

    is inserted into the other. By pulling the

    away from the child only

    Medela Manualectric

    for the inner cylinder, you

    a few hours a day


    cause the

    Ameda / Egnell Lact-H

    milk to be sucked into the outer cylinder, which can be used as a milk storage container, likea feeding bottle if you put a nipple on it, or can be used to transfuse milk into an attached container

    Breast pump on

    Pulling into the breast pump of the

    When the mother needs a stamina-

    batteries, the

    lock providesI rabotayu-

    Vat milk for

    Gentle Expressions

    conductive battery-powered motor;

    for many hours, but nearby

    Ameda / Egnell Lact-B

    by pressing the valve or the button

    there is no electrical outlet

    Mag-Mag( with adapter)

    the battery is intermittently interrupted-

    Medela( with adapter)

    blows in milk drawing


    A small motor is provided

    When the mother needs a stent -

    breast pump

    Continuous retraction

    Breaking milk for

    Nurture III


    for extended periods

    Automatic electric

    This breast pump is automatic

    When the mother is required to express the

    , the triotic breast pump

    ski increases and lowers

    milk for a long time,

    Medela Ameda / Egnell

    suction intensity, imi-

    for example, if the baby is not sucking. When

    worn or he was hospital-

    help lever the mother can re-

    ziren;or when the mother pro-

    to walk the suction power of the

    drives away from the child all day long;prepares to breastfeed an adopted child, or if several weeks or months of her breast milk will not be suitable for the child


    Advantages of

    Disadvantages of

    Special notes


    Insufficiently effective op-

    We do not recommend this type of

    for chest;inconvenient;can damage the breast. Milk can get into the pear and become a breeding ground for bacteria

    breast pumps

    The most popular, sa-

    Requires two hands;mothers at

    Model Medela Manualectric

    is my simple device;

    has to expend its own

    can be used with electric

    easy to wash, transport

    energy to pump out

    with triadal breast pump

    and use;Effect-


    is not practical, easy, you do not need

    for a long time.

    signals nasty

    Sealing pads

    sensations. The price

    eventually shrink, so

    range $ 25- $ 30

    you have to look for new

    Small, portable-

    Retraction force is not adjustable

    Pumping time

    easy, easy, it can be weakened

    as the

    canbe reduced by half

    ;they can use the

    how the batteries sit down, replace the

    with the simultaneous use of

    with one hand.

    which significantly increased the number of two breast pumps.

    The price range

    The cost of the


    battery models $ 40- $ 60

    are available more affordable

    More constant power

    Mothers have to remember

    The Nurture III model can one-

    retraction than the young

    about the need to interrupt the

    at the time of decantingmilk of the

    co-pump on batteries;

    device operation. The price

    from both breasts

    intensity regulation-

    range $ 90-100

    ;small size

    The most efficient and

    Although very user-friendly -

    The second shortens the

    is comfortable from all the

    fans, some models do not have an

    pumping, double-

    sucker pumps;it is convenient for

    to have an attractive

    expression system for increasing the

    of the user( intensive

    and not stimulating the mater- al

    level of the prolactin

    ) The

    in the blood.gulirovatsya individual-

    neck parts of these breast pumps

    company Medela has prak-


    have too large gaba-

    all the advantages of baud-

    reduces the intensity;

    rity and too heavy and

    more overall

    empties the chest more

    designed to use

    breast pumps, and it port-

    efficiently, saving

    in stationary order

    is effective. Can turn


    ( in one place)

    into a manual breast pump, if there is no electricity

    The creation of a stock of the most valuable food in nature is a contribution to the future nutrition and health of your child, especially as a reserve, when you return to work, in case of a serious illness or any other incident that may temporarily separate the mother from the child. Here's how to take care of this valuable product.

    Storage of expressed milk

    Reusable items used for expressing and storing milk must be clean and sterilized. Rinse all milk containers, bottles and accessories with cold water, and then wash them thoroughly with hot soapy water. Dishwasher with a water temperature of at least 82 ° C

    will perform satisfactory sterilization of these items.

    To store milk without risk, follow these recommendations:

    • Wash your hands thoroughly before decanting milk.

    • Use solid plastic or glass containers.

    • If you find that it is more convenient to store and transport milk in disposable plastic bags for breast milk, be sure to insert the package into another one, in case the external package breaks.

    • Use a container with a capacity of 120 to 180 ml, filling some bottles with only 60 ml. So the milk thaws faster and less is thrown away.

    • Freeze packets distributed through the La Leche League catalog are specifically designed for freezing and storing breast milk( they are self-sealing and sterile).

    • Leave a place in the container above the milk, as the milk expands when frozen.

    • Indicate the date on each batch and put the oldest bottles ahead, and also mark anything unusual that you have recently taken - for example, any unusual food, medicine, even aspirin.

    • You can pour fresh milk to the one that has already frozen, but be sure to pre-cool a new portion in the refrigerator, because with the addition of warm milk, the top layer of the old

    . The breast pump overview for the

    user can be thawed, and then the pathogenic bacteria begin to multiply.

    • Breast milk can be safely stored at room temperature in with a clean tank for six to ten hours. However, we recommend that you clean the milk in the refrigerator as soon as it is expressed.

    • Breast milk can be stored before use in the refrigerator for up to five days, after which it should be frozen. Fresh breast milk is more beneficial for a child than a frozen one, so if you know that you are using it for several days, store it in the refrigerator.

    • Milk can be stored in: a freezer compartment of a refrigerator with one door for two weeks;a freezer compartment having two doors of a refrigerator / freezer for three to four months;with deep freezing at a constant temperature of 18 ° C for six months and longer.