How to properly sunbathe in a vertical solarium

  • How to properly sunbathe in a vertical solarium

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    • Sunburn in a vertical solarium: benefit or harm
    • How to properly sunbathe in a vertical sunbed: secrets and rules for a tan
    • How to keep a tan after a tanning for a long time: reviews, folk remedies, advice from doctors

    How beautiful it is to tan in a vertical solarium:reviews, tips

    Sunburn in a vertical solarium is very popular with many girls, and beauty salons willingly and for little money provide this service.

    If you want to sunbathe under the artificial sun, you must first know the pros and cons of the procedure, as well as learn how to get the perfect tan and keep it for the maximum period of time.

    Sunburn in a vertical solarium: benefit or harm ^

    The characteristics of tanning in a vertical solarium should be taken into account by everyone who wants to get bronze skin. In order for the procedure not to cause harm, it is necessary to adequately assess its positive and negative sides.

    • The incomparable plus of a vertical solarium is its availability and the ability to get bronze skin color in a short time.
    • It is ideal for preparing the body for the scorching summer sun. The device is able to strictly regulate the ratio of types of ultraviolet radiation, which does not occur when taking sunbathing.
    • When sunbathing in a solarium, the body produces vitamin D, which is of great importance for the proper functioning of internal organs.
    • Initially, the solarium was created to treat bronchial asthma, fungal and skin diseases.
    • When used properly, it can strengthen immunity and rid the skin of problems.

    Is it harmful to sunbathe in a vertical solarium

    "Is sunburn harmful in a vertical solarium" - a question that interests everyone who dreams of sunburnt skin. There are a lot of disputes and disagreements on this issue, but there are scientifically proven facts that confirm the harmful effects of ultraviolet lamps.

    The harm to the solarium is as follows:

    • Lamps damage the collagen fibers of the skin, which subsequently accelerates the natural aging processes of the skin;
    • After a tanning salon, the skin and hair lose moisture, so restoration procedures are necessary;
    • The risk of oncological diseases is significantly increased;
    • Abuse of the procedure may cause genetic mutations.

    How to properly sunbathe in a vertical solarium: secrets and rules for uniform tanning ^

    Vertical solarium: how to properly sunbathe

    The sunburning rules in a vertical solarium are quite simple and easy to perform:

    • You should visit the solarium 2-3 times a week. The interval after each session should be at least 24 hours.
    • For high-quality and uniform tanning, it is necessary to carefully prepare the skin - to carry out the peeling procedure, to get rid of ingrown hair and to moisturize the skin.
    • Each visit should use special cosmetics that protect the skin from burns and help prepare it for intense sunbathing.
    • Contraindicated use of perfume, antipersperant, decorative cosmetics before the session, as this can trigger an allergic reaction or the appearance of pigment spots.
    • If the vertical sunroom is badly sunbathing feet, you should pay attention to its horizontal counterpart. For an even tan you should alternate the sessions in a vertical solarium with a visit to the solarium horizontal.

    How many minutes to sunbathe in the vertical solarium

    There is no unambiguous answer to this question, since several factors influence the duration of the procedure, in particular:

    • Type and condition of the skin;
    • Power of ultraviolet lamps and equipment status.

    The number of sessions, the duration of the visit, the final result, the firmness of the sun - the indicators are strictly individual.

    Sunburn and Pregnancy

    It is known that during pregnancy in the body of a woman there is a serious hormonal reorganization, as a result of which the activity of a specific hormone that affects the appearance of melanin sharply increases.

    • As a result, pigmentation spots( chloasma) may appear, which are difficult to treat.
    • Ultraviolet rays are capable of activating the excessive production of adrenal, thyroid, and male hormone hormones, which can subsequently lead to abortion.

    Therefore, pregnant women should refuse to visit the solarium and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

    Do I have to wear tanning glasses in a vertical solarium

    When taking sun baths in glasses, you can easily get white circles under the eyes. If desired, you can do without a glasses in a solarium, but you must always close your eyes.

    Is it possible to sunbathe in a tanning bed without underwear

    The breast area is very sensitive and tender, so protecting the nipples is mandatory. For this purpose, special round stickers are suitable.

    A tan without stripes from cowards is the dream of every girl. But owners of solariums strongly recommend to wear cotton panties. The skin around the genitals is quite sensitive and, as a result, is damaged more than in other parts of the body.

    Is it possible to sunbathe with monthly

    With monthly production of melanin significantly reduced, so visiting the solarium will not bring the result - the procedure will be a useless waste of finances and time. Also, with menstruation there is a danger of overheating, which can provoke bleeding of internal organs.

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    How to keep a tan after a tanning for a long time: reviews, folk remedies, doctors' advice ^

    "How long to keep a tan after a tanning salon" - this question disturbs many girls, after all to visit a sun deck is often not recommended, and a healthy skin tone is very desirable. Experts recommend that before a tanning procedure, drink a glass of carrot juice with cream.

    For long-term sunburn, care should be taken to carefully skin. Her regular moisturizing is the right way to preserve the beautiful bronze hue of the body. Cream, enriched with vitamins, is perfect for this purpose.

    Comments on sunburn in the vertical solarium of our regular readers, sent to the editorial office, are mostly positive:

    Marina.25 years old:

    "I love sunbathing in a vertical solarium, but I try to do it rarely. For the preservation of tanning, coconut oil is excellent. It perfectly moisturizes the skin and makes it velvety. "

    Olga.31 year:

    "My friend actively sunbathed in the solarium during pregnancy. I just wondered why she did it. It turned out that she had been prescribed such treatment by a doctor to fill the vitamin D deficiency. She gave birth successfully, the child and she feel wonderful. ยป

    Daria.24 years:

    "I like to visit the solarium before important events. Several sessions - and a bronze tanning is provided. But to abuse this case, indeed, is not safe, as it is not known how this can affect health in the distant future "