Laser moles removal: how much does the procedure cost and is it painful to do it

  • Laser moles removal: how much does the procedure cost and is it painful to do it

    If you set a goal, on the body of each of us, you can count a lot of moles, which, in general, do not deliver in themselves any trouble. Someone even with a smile will recall those times when the "fly" on the face was in honor, and those girls, to whom fate was not so merciful and not endowed by nature with such a spectacular decoration on the face, had to put it yourself in the desired place.

    Now the girls easily replaced moles on their faces with other additions to their image. And for those who want to get rid of moles on the body to help, as in many other cases, a laser comes!

    Not only can a laser remove birthmarks on the body, it is still able to remove several unwanted formations in a couple of minutes, almost painlessly, and most importantly - without complications.

    However, it should be noted that this method of removing moles is possible only for formations that do not carry a danger. That is, before the procedure takes place, it is necessary to check the birthmark for malignancy.

    The procedure is that the laser evaporates the tissue from which the formation itself consists, and the healthy tissues surrounding the mole remain intact.

    This significantly distinguishes laser removal of moles from the surgical method. Due to the fact that the process of laser removal is not traumatic, this procedure has a minimum period of cell regeneration and recovery.

    For seven days on the place where the birthmark was removed, healthy, smooth skin is formed. And after the procedure, there are no special recommendations restricting the habitual way of life. It is only necessary to reduce the time spent in the sun, not to sunbathe under direct sunlight. And the first seven days not to visit the sauna and sauna.

    On the topic of interest to patients: "Is it painful to remove birthmarks with a laser?" It is worth saying once again that the laser method is considered completely painless. This effect is achieved by local anesthetics, which make it possible for the patient to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. During the evaporation of a mole, the only thing that a patient can feel is the smell.

    Speaking about the disadvantages of this procedure, it is worth noting the following points:

    - if the patient has intolerance to ultraviolet radiation, which was not timely established, it can lead to tissue swelling;

    - the patient's chronic skin diseases of a viral nature( herpes, dermatitis) can make themselves felt after the procedure;

    - in case the education is large enough, then its complete removal occurs in several sessions.

    The cost of the procedure

    One of the important questions that patients ask: how much does it cost to remove birthmarks with a laser?

    The price in this case is formed from the following:

    - the popularity and reputation of the clinic;

    - skill level of the specialist;

    - used anesthesia during removal;

    - quality of equipment;

    - the size of the removed education( the higher it is, the higher the price).

    On average, the removal of a single birthmark of a small size will cost the patient a thousand rubles. Large, very noticeable moles, remove will be more expensive several times.

    Consultation of a specialist will result in additional costs for the patient, since it is impossible to conduct a procedure without a preliminary study of education. This service will cost between 1500-3000 rubles.

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