• How to become a real hacker from scratch

    Before you begin to talk about the stages of training, you need to specifically answer the question: who is a hacker? It is impossible to become a hacker without knowing what he does and what lifestyle he follows. Almost every person watched films where hackers hacked not only the usual payment systems, but also government agencies with only one purpose: to obtain the most important information and use for their own purposes, for example, to sell for huge money and so on. But is it really that simple? Why are hackers elevated to such a high level?

    In fact, a hacker is an ordinary programmer who knows the program code and knows how to crack it. He does not pursue the goals that are demonstrated in the cinema, he does not want to steal information, and then threaten that she will get into free access and so on. First of all, a hacker is an experienced programmer, so in the past, when there was no opportunity to learn programming in the best institutes, they mastered everything themselves and hacked up websites and programs. The hackers wondered how the program worked, so they thoroughly studied the code and made similar programs on their own.

    Nowadays, hackers are considered criminals who do not know how to program, but they even crack state institutions. There are many "hackers" who are not such, but lead a similar way of life and are happy to list themselves as criminals. Even inexperienced "hackers" can harm your computer or site, so you need to have a good antivirus. Inexperienced programmers work simpler - create a malicious script, and then send it to a site or computer under the guise of a normal program, while they do not even guess how this or that program works.   

    It's unlikely that in your life you will meet a truly experienced and effective hacker who knows the principles of OC, programs, codes and so on. Experienced hackers do not talk about their activities, most often they work alone, as the responsibility for the actions performed is too high.

    5 stages, how to become a real hacker

    1) Have patience, you need to have an analytical mindset and realize that learning any skill will take time, perhaps - years.
    2) Unlearning at the Institute at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, of course, this will take time, but every famous hacker has this education.
    3) Buy books on the basics of operating systems and programs, security systems and networks, but the choice depends on what you are about to hack. You also need to learn cryptography and learn how to develop cryptographic systems.
    4) You must understand the encryption models, learn how to create encrypted systems and ciphers yourself. Without this skill, you will never become a hacker.
    5) Read themed magazines, there is even a magazine called "Hacker".It is read not only by hackers, but also by ordinary users who want to know the structure and functioning of programs. Also you have to visit forums of hackers, where people share their experiences and give advice to newcomers. Of course, do not ask dozens of questions, because no one will answer them - train gradually.

    Remember that you need to learn a lot and carefully, not missing the smallest details. The more you know, the more likely you are to become a successful hacker.