• How to make soap with your own hands at home

    People do not often think about the quality of soap, although it is an essential means for personal hygiene. Every day people wash their hands, but pay attention only to color, amount of foam, smell and so on. The soap appeared a long time ago, the legend says that very long time since the mountain of Sapo, located on the territory of Italy, regularly performed sacrifices, after which animal fat and ash flowed into the river. After a while, residents noticed that it was in this place in the river that the water foams heavily, while it is possible to wash clothes there. Everyone paid attention to this and linked the fact that the ashes with fat constantly flow in this place, after which people began to try to cook soap. Mount Sapo was named after soap, since in Italian the word "sapone" is translated "soap".
    Next article we will divide by such items:

    • How to make soap at home

    • How to make soap from remnants

    • How to make soap with divorces

    • How to make a basket of soap

    • How to make liquid soap

    How to make soap at home

    If to spend somethe amount of time and try, then you will cook the soap without problems. It is not necessary to try to make soap from scratch, because factories are engaged in this, because during production, caustic soda is produced, which has a very harmful effect on the body. You can try to make soap from the base, however, there is a simpler and more effective way. To prepare soap is better from a toilet or children's soap, but for the beginning nevertheless the children's soap which contains in some times less harmful substances will approach. If you want to embellish the soap, then you can additionally take a piece of glycerin.

    The process of making home soap looks like this: you take a grater and rub a baby soap or use a combine to grind several pieces of soap at once. Then you need to take a milled soap and put it in a warm or hot liquid, and the liquid depends on what kind of soap you are cooking. You can prepare milk, coffee, fruit soap or mix soap with decoction of herbs or cocoa, it all depends on your preferences. Then put the mixture on a slow fire, but in no case bring to a boil. Gradually, everything will start to dissolve, do not forget to slightly mix the soap. When the soap dissolves, it will be ready, but you need to do one more action: add vegetable oil, preferably almond or olive, but you can spend and buy grape seed oil. Then carefully stir everything, add what you would like to see in the soap, for example, ground coffee, coconut shavings, fruit puree and so on, after which remove the mixture from the fire. Then check the consistency of the soap, if there are hard lumps and the consistency is uneven - mix again. At the end, you can improve the aromatic qualities of soap by adding 10 drops of any 100% essential oil.

    After that, take a few molds that you like best, and grease them with vegetable oil, and then pour in the resulting mixture of soap. Next, you can sprinkle soap with alcohol or vodka, since it can appear as air bubbles. After a few hours, the soap will become hard, but this does not mean that it can already be used. You can wash yourself with this soap after two or three days.

    When the soap is ready, you will have to decide for yourself whether you will use it yourself or use it only as a gift to your friends. Unfortunately, natural soap quickly spoils, for example, if you added a fruit puree, milk or fresh juice. Do not cook too much soap, check its expiration date, and then cook another batch.

    Most likely, you still have questions about the proportions of the ingredients. The basic proportions we will point out below, but it is impossible to say exactly how much to add juice or coffee, because it already depends on your preferences. You will need the following ingredients:

    • Any soap, but preferably a baby - 5 pieces.

    • Water or other liquid: green tea, juice, broth, milk - 200 milliliters.

    • Olive or coconut oil - 200 milliliters.

    For cooking, you need two pans to heat the soap, and molds. You can buy in any store resistant to high temperature molds, for example, silicone for the preparation of confectionery products and others. You can also make soap really good and useful if you add vitamins, essential oils, abrasive particles and so on. Buy in the pharmacy vitamin A or a drug in which vitamins A and E are mixed. Essential oil can be bought any, but preferably lavender or rosemary oil. Abrasive particles should be natural, for example, ground nuts, coffee or coconut shavings can be added.

    How to make soap from the remnants of

    When you come to visit, you can see that friends have almost no soap left, and there are only some remnants. More often people throw them, but in fact you can make a completely qualitative soap, if properly used. You can give it to friends, use it yourself or just collect it. You can make a liquid soap, you will also need essential oil. Take a large grater and chop the pieces of soap, you can use a knife to grind. Then add the water to the pan and add to it pieces of soap. Let the soap stay in the water for about 30 minutes, then it can be put on a slow fire. You will notice that the soap will quickly dissolve in the water, as soon as it dissolves - remove from heat and wait until it cools. In the mixture, add 5 milliliters of vodka or glycerin. Then add the essential oil that you like best, for example, you can give the soap antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, if you add tea tree oil in large quantities.

    Then you need to mix the mixture and pour it into the vial with the dispenser so that the soap does not dry up and evaporates. Make sure that the consistency is uniform, and there are no lumps in the soap, if there are still lumps, re-warm the soap and mix thoroughly.

    If you want to prepare a firm soap, then after shredding, you need to pour them into a bowl of plastic and add hot water there. Then top cover it with any dishes or lid, and put into the microwave for 10 seconds. Then remove it and mix it, then put it back in the oven for 10 seconds. You need to wait for the moment when the soap completely melts, but note that the soap should not boil in any case. Next, take a few molds and add the oil in them, and then pour in the soap. You can take children's forms for playing in the sandbox, silicone molds for making cupcakes and so on. Remove the soap in a place inaccessible to children for several days, so that it stiffens and dries. The next two or three days do not try to wash their hands, it must first form and solidify, then you can already try it and decide for yourself whether you will use them at home or give to friends.

    How to make soap with divorces

    Colorful soap with divorces looks very attractive, but how to cook it? In this there is nothing difficult - take a transparent and white soap for the base, as well as food colors that dissolve in the water. Although you can use only a transparent base, but the soap will not look so effective. Prepare such a soap in several layers, for example, pick up three different layers. To layers are attached to each other, you need to sprinkle alcohol on each layer. First, start with a transparent base and melt it, and then add it to the mold, and fill the form up to 30%.Wait for the soap to cool, and then pour one more layer, but it needs to drip a small amount of dyes of different colors. To control the shape and lines of the divorce - distribute them with a thin stick, but do not mix too much. When a film appears on the second layer, you can start to melt the white base.

    Next, wait until the white base melts, and then pour it inside. As a rule, the next layer will mix with the second and the stains will appear. When the second layer solidifies - fill the third layer, it can be white or transparent, it all depends on your preferences.

    How to make a basket of soap

    To make one basket of soap, you need to take:

    1. Oval soap with a preferred odor in the amount of one piece.

    2. 10 meter satin ribbon with a width of at least a centimeter. The tape during the production will be divided into two parts, the first for finishing the handle, and the second for the basket.

    3. Take one package of sewing colored pins, as a rule, the package contains at least 40 pieces.

    4. Have a wire length of 50 centimeters, it will be needed to create a handle.

    5. Sequins, colorful ribbon and pins will be needed to decorate the basket.

    Take the soap and make sure that the surface is perfectly flat. To do this, outline the oval circle on both sides in the place where the inscription is located. When there are holes left - stick needles at the same distance relative to each other, however, stick them to the end unnecessary. The distance from the needle to the needle is 5 millimeters, the depth of entry into the soap is 1 centimeter. Next, prepare 15-20 pins on both sides of the soap. Secure the beginning of the tape with the needle, and then gradually begin to weave the basket. The tape should be lowered, and then thrown on the needle, located on the lower side. Then lift the needle up and connect with the top needle, so you have to wrap all the soap.

    Often the ribbon starts to unfold on the sides, therefore it is necessary to throw it on the needle several times, for example, twice for better fixing. If this does not help, wet the tape with water, and then leave it in open spaces. This is done so that the tape sticks to the soap when it dries. Once in a circle you wrap all the soap with tape, you will need to make the bottom and top base. Take the braid and move from left to right to grab both needles, and then draw it along the inside and secure it to the outer one right in the center. Once again, tape the needle and tighten it tight. After that you will get the first row, then when you finish the series, you need to roll the needle twice and move in the other direction, namely from right to left. The next series should be done in the same way as the first one. You can wrap the front part of the ribbon so that the picture is completely different. As soon as the third row is finished, you need to cut the braid, and attach the end with a needle.

    Next, put the soap on a flat surface and press it over the entire width, this is done to press the needles. Then the bottom of the soap will be very stable, and the upper part is perfectly flat.

    How to make liquid soap

    Recently, you can often see liquid soap instead of solid, because it is much more convenient to use and better foams. In addition, this soap is very economical dispenser, you need to press once and one portion of soap will be on your hands. Also liquid soap has a more intense flavor and contains as many antibacterial substances, so it is not inferior to the usual. Practically all liquid soap is made from the main component - sodium hydroxide, despite the fact that it is very toxic, liquid soap is made even at home. Of course, it is easier to make soap from already prepared remnants, than to start the process from scratch. First, so you will save more time, and secondly, you will not be exposed to any risk, worsen your health. But since we already talked about how to make soap from the base, you need to tell about the potash soap, that is, prepared from scratch.

    Potash soap is easy to prepare, in addition, in some ways even easier, because you know the exact number of necessary ingredients. First of all, you need to equip the workplace, buy components and necessary equipment. Next, you need to choose the optimal proportions of ice water and potash - potassium carbonate, which appears due to the ash of plants. It's amazing that he sells in photo shops and is quite inexpensive. Take potash and carefully add it to the ice water in a small amount, but note that the release of the poisonous vapor will begin. In advance, wear a protective dressing and open the window.

    Stir everything until the water becomes clear. When the solution is ready, you need to add to it a mixture of several essential oils, and then mix in a mixer until the mixture becomes thick. Next, merge the mixture in a bowl and keep it on low heat for 3 hours, periodically check to see if the solution is ready. To check it is very easy - add in half a cup of water 20 milliliters of solution, if the water remains clear, then you can remove the solution from the fire. Then take the resulting solution, its consistency will be the same as that of any pasta. Add it to hot water, pre-dissolve in it citric acid. To make the soap more beautiful and fragrant - add some natural dyes and essential oils.