• How to grow grapes at home from cuttings or from pits

    Due to the fact that climatic conditions in the suburban area are not always favorable for growing grapes, many people grow it at home. This has its advantages, for example, you can harvest twice a year, which is very convenient.

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    How to grow grapes from cuttings

    To begin with, it is necessary to understand how to grow grapes solely from cuttings, as the question is relevant for gardeners. Most likely, this is the most economically profitable way of growing grapes. You can grow it with the help of vaccines, seeds, cuttings and broods. To bring out new varieties of grapes, you need to sow seeds. Unfortunately, from the huge number of seedlings only 1-2 attract attention, the rest are even worse than the original. It is for this reason that cuttings are best suited for reproduction, for example, stiff winter or green summer.

    But how to prepare and store them before planting? This is a huge problem for many people, but it's very simple. For the beginning in the autumn, cuttings are selected from ideal grapes, which are of excellent quality. You can prepare them at a time when you will cut the bushes, it happens in the beginning of autumn. As the cuttings take the middle part of the summer shoots, or shoots, which you cut off on the branch of substitution. At best, their diameter and internode length is 10 millimeters, but sometimes you can see varieties with a very thin vine. After you cut it, you need to get rid of the antennae, leaves, stepchildren, as well as the tops that have not ripened. Then cut the cuttings, which have 4 kidneys. Prepared cuttings should be left for 24 hours in clean water, then added to the solution of ferrous sulfate, completely dried and labeled.

    Then cuttings must be stored in a basement, refrigerator or cellar, where the temperature is maintained at +2 degrees, pre-cover them with a plastic film. Then successively make cuts on the cuttings, the cut from below should be straight with a length of 5 millimeters above the kidney, and at the top the slope is inclined, which are 2 centimeters above the kidney. Note that the slope is relative to the kidney. Next, you need to take a knife or a needle and make three or four furrows three centimeters on the underside of the cut, but the bark is cut only to the bast. Further, additional roots will grow from the furrows in the soil.

    You need to get the cuttings in early February or late January, after which they are soaked in water for 48 hours. Water should be thawed or stagnant, it needs to be changed every day. Then the cuttings are put in water with a solution that stimulates the growth of the roots. After this, the preparation of the cuttings is completed, and finally you can start planting the grapes with cuttings. But for this it is necessary to provide a good root system, since when transplanting into the ground, problems may arise. There are several methods of planting cuttings, we will discuss each of them in detail below.

    To prepare the sprouting, prepare a plastic beaker, always transparent and with a capacity of at least 0.5 liters. Then make three holes in the bottom of the glass, then add the mixture from the humus of leaves to the ground in an equal proportion, the thickness of the layer - 2 centimeters. Then in the middle of the glass put a hollow plastic cup with a capacity of 0.2 liters. The distance between the glasses is filled with earth, then it is condensed and watered. In the inner glass, clean and calcined river sand is added. Then it is watered and the inner glass is taken out. Then it is necessary to make a hole with a stick with a depth of about 3.5 centimeters, a stick with a thickness of 1 centimeter is suitable for this. The resulting hole is filled with a handle.

    Next, you need to water abundantly with water, and cover the glass with sand and cover it with a bottle of plastic, but beforehand cut off its bottom, leave the roof open. Pour the cuttings with warm water( 30 milliliters daily), if the room is too dry air - water more often. Once the roots reach the walls of the glass, you will see five sheets, you need to immediately remove the bottle.

    Another way reminds one of the first. You need to take a plastic bottle without a throat and make a hole from the bottom, then add drainage. Next add seven spoons of soil mixture. Install the cutting with the slope in such a way that the upper eye is on the same plane as the bottle. Then add the steamed sawdust and remove everything on the windowsill, but with a small eye from the window, and cover with a plastic transparent cup. You can clean the glass when the shoot does not fit into it. Of course, it is desirable to water the seedlings from below through pallets. Do not pour too high water level, you need only 5 millimeters. A bottle of seedlings should be kept in the pan for about 10-15 minutes.

    The next way is to grow in a package. All the cuttings are put in a bag of polyethylene, there is also removed a piece of wet foam. It is necessary for the cuttings to rest on their heels in foam rubber, then they are reeled and cleaned in a closet. Ten days later, you need to look at the presence of root buds. Next, the petioles are planted in a plastic beaker, just as in the first method. Thanks to this growing pattern, it is possible to select sprouted cuttings, and this saves free space on the windowsill. If the room temperature is about 20-25 degrees - the roots will grow very actively. It is advisable to place glasses with cuttings of grapes under the battery directly at the window, where the sunlight is best suited. The temperature in the bottle should not exceed the mark of +18 degrees. Thus, you can accelerate the growth of the roots of grapes, while the shoot will grow slower, so the seedling will develop much faster.

    You can propagate grapes with green cuttings, this is very easy. It is necessary to cut the cuttings in advance, approximately two weeks before flowering. It is necessary to pick up the shoots that are obtained with the wreckage. The broken or cut green shoots are immediately removed into a bucket filled with water, and then they are cut to cuttings with two kidneys, then again they are put into water. Curve the lower cut is made at the bottom near the node, and the upper cut is performed above the knot with a hemp 2 centimeters in size. The upper leaves are not cut to the end, while the lower leaves are cut completely. Next cuttings cut and put in a box or glass, then cleaned in a greenhouse and deprived of light. Then you need to gradually add light, when cuttings begin to grow actively.

    How to grow grapes from seeds

    It's easier to grow grapes from a stone, but you need to know how to do it. Picking seeds should be very carefully, solely from ripe berries. Of course, you need to take the grapes of your favorite variety, because in the end you will not rejoice at the result. Beforehand, you need to cleanse the bones, then they need to be removed into a nylon sac. Next, soak the bones and put them in a bag of cellophane, after which the package should be put in the refrigerator for a couple of months. Periodically remove the stone, clean it in water, moisten the bag from the nylon, and then remove it again into the refrigerator.

    Two months later, you will notice cracks on the bones, this indicates that it's time to plant them. Remove all the bones on a damp rag, place another rag on top and remove the bones to the battery. After two or three days you will notice white roots, this indicates their readiness to grow, plant the seeds in a pot. The soil should be sufficiently fertile, deepen the seeds a half centimeter, add a little water and put it on the windowsill.

    How to plant girlish grapes
    During the season, you can plant seedlings, but pre-water them, and dig a hole of a certain depth. The earth needs to be mixed with fertilizers and compost, add land with fertilizers from above. Get the seedling from the container, remember, at what depth it was, and at the same depth plant in a new container. Add more land and carefully pour the plant, then you can fix the wire, which will guide the growth of grapes. You can cut off shoots that grow very slowly, but do not do it in winter.

    Good luck!