• Which foreign series to watch on the weekend?

    Today I want to share with you a small selection of the best foreign serials. I think that many Internet users like to watch serials online or on a player, but it's rather difficult to find a good and interesting series. And we will help you in this.

    My list of watched TV shows is big enough, here's a short list of what I've already seen( all seasons, all released series):

    • In all the serious

    • Speaking with ghosts

    • Dexter

    • Doctor House

    • Bones

    • Sherlock

    • Crime scene: Las Vegas

    • Crime Scene: Miami

    • Crime Scene: New York

    • Supernatural

    • 90210: The New Generation

    • 4400

    • Escape

    • Las Vegas

    Numbers Each of these series turned out to be in its own way good and interesting, someone liked less whoit is more, but in general this small list is definitely worth a look to you! But today I want to tell you about the best TV series, which to this day arouse my interest and a lot of positive emotions.

    Think like a criminal( Criminal Minds) - disclose the crime will be more interesting
    Think like a criminal - a detective series, about the work of a special department of the FBI, which studies the psychological side of every maniac, and on the basis of a psychological portrait carries out his search.

    The series is incredibly interesting, despite the apparent banality and monotony. New series have been published since 2005.

    Downton Abbey - Historical TV series
    To be honest, I do not like historical films or historical series - but Downton Abbey has been a real discovery for me. I looked at all available series and was ready to look at it with the same ecstasy.   

    A magnificent series that conveys all the subtleties of life in old England. Shows the character of people of past years, reveals their advantages and disadvantages. After viewing each series, you seem to be transported a hundred years ago!

    American family - the best family overseas series
    Mega is a positive series for the whole family. And the humor is clear even to us, the inhabitants of Russia and Ukraine. The series shows the modern life of one large family. The feature of the series is that the series is going on for 20 minutes, so it does not have time to get bored!

    After watching this series, you understand that your family is still quite normal, and it should not be ashamed of.

    The Big Bang Theory - a series for young and modern people
    If you have not seen The Big Bang Theory - you really lost half your life. This is a very funny series for those who are on the crest of the wave - understands computer and information technology, uses the Internet, gadgets and can distinguish Twitter from Instagram.

    Castle - an interesting series about the investigation of
    Those who watched the series "Bones", most likely, will draw some parallel in similarity and, moreover, they will not be mistaken. The story is somewhat similar, with only one difference - Castle in dozens of times is more interesting than Kostya. Since there are not so many dead bodies and bones here, but there are more romantic funny moments.

    The series is full of sparkling humor, although sometimes it's a little vulgar, but it only adds to it the raisins and gives the chance to understand the character of this or that hero more clearly. The essence of the series is simple - Kate Beckett investigates the murders, and the assistant is the famous writer Castle.

    And what kind of foreign series are you?