Wedding dance of the bride and groom. How to choose and deliver?

  • Wedding dance of the bride and groom. How to choose and deliver?

    Even if you have never danced, and your dancing skills are limited to a couple of three disco movements, your first dance at the wedding you still have to perform. Yes, not just quietly, somewhere in the corner, but in the very center of the hall, perhaps even in a heart lined with burning candles. All eyes are on you, and here it is - your way out. How can one not blunder, shifting embarrassed from foot to foot or constantly stumbling about his partner's shoes, and show everyone present a real "class"?

    Today, the wedding dance is another integral part of the marriage ceremony. The origins of the beautiful tradition of granting the right to enter the dance for the youngest are the first to come from Russia, when in all sorts of celebrations all the invited were united in dances. But to explain each other in strong feelings with the help of the dance was accepted by the Spaniards. We will unite these two traditions, and we will get a modern first dance of the newlyweds. It is he who is opening a wedding party today.

    What should be the wedding dance?

    Many professional dancers claim that the wedding dance has nothing to do with all the other dance directions( whether ballroom, Latin American or sports dances).It is clear that in a few sessions you are unlikely to learn how to master your body and dance technique in a virtuoso manner, as it turns out with real stars on the dance floor. Even if you are familiar with dance skills, you have much to learn. Here the newlyweds have two tasks: to learn to move elegantly and gracefully, and to put the dance so that from the side it looked very beautiful and touching.

    It is clear that for such productions only high-quality coaches are taken - real coryphaeans of dance art, re-qualified for teachers for happy newlyweds. Remember that dancing allows you to express a whole range of feelings: passion and hatred, love and jealousy. The language of dance is something similar to the language of flowers, but it's only necessary to play here with your bodies and your emotions. I think you should not explain what your dance should tell.

    And who said that the first wedding dance is necessarily a waltz?- Dance what your heart desires, at least cha-cha-cha( if, of course, your dress allows you to perform a Latin American program).Such a luxury can only afford brides in short wedding dresses. And so for a wedding ceremony usually put a rumba or a traditional waltz, which, by the way, can also be done is not so traditional. In dance schools, there are usually several productions to choose from. It's no secret that any dance has a lot of movements: from simple - for beginners, to the hardest ones - for aces. Thus, in your wedding dance you can mix those and others, adding simple simple couple - and after a few classes you will look very worthy. And you can complicate your task by choosing the most interesting and difficult setting. Just imagine in what admiration and amazement your guests will be locked!

    What dance to choose for a wedding?

    For the stylized weddings the teacher will help you to choose a special dance that meets all the plans. Perform at least the dance of love of African peoples to the sound of a drum - who will forbid you? Dance-flirtation of salsa, frank rumba or. .. classical waltz of the XIX century? The main thing is how it will look. ..

    In the process of work your teacher will change the movements, taking into account your preferences and abilities. You can not get out of the wheel at once to the bridge( exaggerating, of course) - you will not be forced to do this. You just want to slightly complicate the simplest setting - please, and if you like the most complex movements and long-unstable elements - why not! Just remember that for each setting, a certain amount of time must be set aside. People involved in the preparation of such dances, determine the optimal period of 4-5 weeks before the wedding ceremony. Usually for simple productions, 4-6 lessons are enough, and for a virtuoso dance it is necessary to be like training, on average, 8 to 14 times.

    The melody for the first dance should be special. The thing is that the songs usually used for a waltz, for example, should in no way sound at your ceremony. Wedding dance - this is a very personal part of the holiday, because this is a true story of your pure and eternal mutual love. If you allow music to be chosen by your teacher, the dance will lose its deep essence. Choose a melody for yourself! Find something that affects the strings of your and his soul, which reminds you and your man of the day of dating or of a happy date after a long separation. Put a "your" song, with which both have special memories, overwhelming you with emotions. Then the wedding dance will turn out sweet and touching, that is, as it should be!

    Busy newlyweds can order a teacher to their home. However, then you will need to release a certain space, so that it is, where to swirl in the rhythm of the dance. Many schools provide the opportunity to "call" teachers even in the office( unless, of course, your colleagues will not very much object).Here everything is thought out for your convenience, and you already decide where, how and at what time to conduct training the first dance.

    By the way, the "interesting" position is not at all an excuse to refuse a wedding dance. Many schools today are taking it out with a pregnant partner. Of course, the movements will be easier, so as not to overload the future mother, but the grace and majesty of the solemn dance will remain with you. In addition, thanks to a professional production, you will not be tired and will feel fine throughout the entire composition.

    And remember, even professionals of dance art will have to begin with the basics of learning the skills of the first wedding dance. The fact is that its dissimilarity to all other dance directions, its peculiarity and the important place that it occupies in your life together, make the first dance one of the most stunning moments throughout the wedding celebration.

    In the end, we want to supplement our article with several videos of wedding dances of the bride and groom: