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    How to replace morning coffee: invigorating drinks and spices

    Every year the numbers of coffeemakers are noticeably replenished,, that coffee in large quantities represents a health hazard. There is also an alternative - to use products that can replace it: they have similar properties, and some of them have almost the same taste.

    Why you can not drink too much coffee ^

    According to doctors, the normal amount of coffee for a healthy person is 2 cups of a weak drink a day. If you get to use much more - this is called coffee, the symptoms of which are as follows:

    • The person becomes irritable, there are mood swings;
    • Violated concentration of attention;
    • Excruciates constant drowsiness, t.every time more and more drink is required;
    • In some cases, constipation occurs.

    Almost every fan of a fragrant drink prefers to drink it in the morning to gain vigor and get rid of drowsiness, but ultimately it can lead to co-eating and health problems.

    It is for these reasons that it is best to replace morning coffee with another invigorating drink that does not harm the body: for example, chicory or tea - you can drink without restrictions, besides, in the first case you can still enjoy the taste, like coffee beans.

    Before you give up coffee forever, it's worth familiarizing yourself with its useful properties, because there are a lot of them, and only then should you decide whether such restrictions are necessary. How it affects the body:

    • Stimulates the activity of the nervous system, relieves depression;
    • Increases blood and blood pressure, which is why they like to drink hypotension;
    • Improves motor and mental activity;
    • Reduces fatigue and drowsiness.

    Safe dosage of coffee is up to 1000 mg per day, and its excess leads to the depletion of nerve cells. Large doses( 10 g or more) can cause death.

    Products that can replace coffee: list ^

    How to replace coffee: is there an alternative for coffee makers

    What to replace coffee in the morning

    For those who do not know what can replace coffee, if you want to cheer, you should know that getting rid of fatigue andDrowsiness after drinking coffee is due to the effects of caffeine.

    There is also its analogue - theine, which is contained in tea, so it is enough to drink a cup of strong drink to bring yourself to the senses and start important business. In addition, theine acts on the body is much softer and can not cause insomnia.

    How to replace coffee during pregnancy and HS

    Drinking coffee during pregnancy often leads to the fact that the fetus is born with insufficient weight. If a woman prefers to drink this drink while breastfeeding - there is a high probability that the baby will be hypersensitive and nervous, becauseit acts primarily on the nervous system.

    Many people prefer to replace it with black or green tea, however, and it can be drunk only in small quantities. The most optimal option - chicory instead of coffee: it tones well, besides it has a similar taste.

    How to replace coffee in the diet

    Many dietary nutrition methods assume a complete rejection of coffee, so those who love this drink, but want to lose weight, can replace it with:

    • Chicory: normalizes digestion, lowers blood sugar, eliminates the constantfeelings of hunger;
    • Puer: well invigorates, stimulates the activity of the nervous system. Has a very peculiar smell and taste;
    • Green coffee: accelerates the burning of fat cells, tones up;
    • Special herbal preparations( ginseng, St. John's wort, Ivan the tea): purify the intestines, increase the tone, give strength and energy.

    How to replace coffee with gastritis

    In case of chronic gastritis, small portions of coffee with the addition of milk are allowed, but if this drink is generally not desired, cocoa, chicory, and barley may be used instead.

    How to replace coffee at low pressure

    To increase blood pressure in hypotension, it is recommended to eat the following foods in small amounts and in the absence of contraindications to them:

    • Spicy and smoked dishes;
    • Fatty types of fish and meat;
    • Cocoa and tea;
    • By-products;
    • Semolina;
    • Potatoes;
    • Spices.

    Vegetables replacing coffee

    Of course, vegetables taste much different from coffee, but they can also give vivacity and energy, so they are recommended for those who suffer from chronic fatigue and lack of sleep:

    • Spinach;
    • Sweet potatoes;
    • Legumes;
    • Any kinds of cabbage;
    • Cucumbers;
    • Bulgarian pepper.

    Alternative drinks for vivacity instead of coffee

    If you want to get rid of drowsiness as soon as possible, you should drink drinks that give vivacity:

    • Ginger or green tea;
    • Infusions and teas from Schisandra;
    • Pomegranate or orange juice;Cocoa and chicory.
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    How to replace coffee: doctor's recommendations ^

    If a person is not too addicted to an invigorating drink, he absolutely does not harm the body. Another issue is how to replace coffee with nursing mother, because in this case, it affects not only her health, but also the child, so doctors advise for the period of breastfeeding to abandon the fragrant food.

    If there are no contraindications to coffee, it is allowed to drink no more than two cups a day, but only until 15 o'clock in the afternoon, otherwise insomnia may arise, and as a consequence - chronic lack of sleep, detrimental to productive activity and health in general.