Ornaments from mastic with their own hands step by step with photos and videos: a rose and a tulip

  • Ornaments from mastic with their own hands step by step with photos and videos: a rose and a tulip

    Mastic is an edible substance from which it is possible to fashion various decorations. Mastic can be bought, and can be prepared independently, in consistency, it is an astringent, an adhesive, and for its production use food, such as powdered sugar or sugar, marshmallow, condensed milk and natural dyes. In this article, the master classes will be offered, in which it will be described how you can make decorations from the mastic by yourself, step by step.

    A selection of video recipes

    This article will offer several videos in which the hostesses will share recipes for preparing mastic, from which you can later make jewelry at home.

    And then the hostesses share ideas and show ways of making jewelry made of mastic for wedding and New Year's cakes, and also show ways to make flowers out of this material.


    In the first master class will be presented the process of making a bouquet of tulips from mastic. To work, you need mastic, it can be bought or prepared at home, yellow or pink mastic, mastic and corrugated paper green, white chocolate.

    1. First you need to roll out a thin layer of yellow or pink mastic, then from the resulting material, cut the petals of the tulip on the assumption that six petals will be required to form each flower. Then, the petals should be laid on a flat surface so that they dry out a little.
    2. In order to get the stems, you need to use plastic tubes, which are used in cooking for making high cakes. It is necessary to prepare the number of tubes of the desired length according to the number of tulips and each tube should be wrapped with pieces of green corrugated paper.
    3. For the production of leaflets, it is necessary to roll out a layer of mastic green and use a knife to cut leaves out of it, then the leaves should be laid out on the crumpled sheet of foil, so that they take the desired shape and dry.
    4. Then the prepared petals and leaves should be attached to the stem with melted white chocolate. Then arrange a bouquet on the surface of the cake.


    The second master class will offer a method for making roses from mastic. To work you will need a pink, red or yellow mastic.

    1. The first thing from mastic is to form several separate pieces, their number depends on how many flowers are planned to be made.
    2. Each piece should be rolled into an oblong and not a thin strip, each strip must be twisted, straightening the upper edge of the strip and pinching the bottom edge.

    Volumetric bow

    In the third master class, it will be described step by step how one can perform a large bow for decorating a holiday cake, for example, a wedding cake. For work you will need a mastic, a knife, kitchen napkins.

    1. First of all, the prepared mastic should be cut into four identical strips in the form of rectangles.
    2. In order to form a bow, one should place a roll of paper napkins in the center of one of the strips, which serves as a roller, and the edges of the strip should be blended with a mixture of protein and powdered sugar. Then the edges must be glued and bent the glued part in half to get a smooth fold. Then you should glue the side parts of the fold.
    3. The second part of the bow must also be done in a similar way. After this, cut the slices of both parts with a protein mixture and join the parts.
    4. The third strip should be bent and press the edges to the middle. Then it should be laid on the joint of two parts of the bow, grease the edges with a protein mixture and bend the edges to make the middle of the bow.
    5. The fourth strip should be cut into two parts, then press the top parts and attach them to the base of the bow. All stages of work are shown in the photo.