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    Features of the therapeutic diet 5 table
  • Diet for Pevzner table 5: menu for the week
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Diet table number 5 promotes recovery of the liver and bile ducts

Diet 5 table - therapeutic dietarya technique based on a sparing diet that facilitates a painful condition in patients with bile duct and liver problems.

Features of the therapeutic diet 5 table ^

Diet 5 table is included in one of fifteen health-improving treatment programs developed by a Soviet dietician, a specialist in the field of therapeutic diets and the founder of dietary tables MI Pevzner.

Each food system( diet table) is aimed at treating certain diseases, it has its own serial number.

Wellness procedure table number 5 is shown in the following diseases:

  • Cholecystitis and hepatitis in chronic( exacerbated) and acute( in the stage of recovery) forms;
  • Gallstone disease;
  • Cirrhosis of the liver.

The purpose of the diet 5 table is a full, healthy and mechanically - sparing diet, which improves bile secretion, restoration of the biliary tract and liver. The dietary intake system includes the intake of proteins and carbohydrates with several fat restrictions. A complete exception is the products containing nitrogen, cholesterol, essential oils, purines and oxalic acid.

Daily calorie content and chemical composition of dietary table number 5 is as follows:

  • Fats - up to 90 grams, 30% - vegetable;
  • Carbohydrates - up to 400 grams, 80 grams.of them sugar;
  • Proteins - up to 90 grams, 60% - animals;
  • Liquid - up to 2 liters;
  • Salt - up to 10 grams;
  • Total daily calorie diet 5 table - up to 2800 kcal.

Therapeutic diet table number 5 provides for strict adherence to certain rules:

  • A strict five-time meal consisting of small but equal in volume dishes;
  • It excludes the use of cold or very hot food;
  • The technology of cooking dishes provides steam, baked or boiled methods;
  • Wiry and coarse fiber products are to be wiped and crushed.

The following products are allowed and forbidden by the Fifth dietary table:

The allowed list of products is diet table number 5:

  • Vegetables - red cabbage, cucumbers, beets, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and peppers;
  • Cereals and pasta - oatmeal, buckwheat, semolina, rice;
  • Sweet berries, fruits - apples, bananas, dried fruits, pomegranate, strawberries and other;
  • Soups - vegetarian, vegetable, fruit, with pasta or cereal;
  • Meat, seafood, fish - dairy sausages, lean beef, chicken fillet, rabbit, cod, hake, pikeperch, shrimp, squid;
  • Protein omelets and one boiled yolk;
  • Dairy products - kefir, milk, curdled milk, low-fat cottage cheese and cheese. Low-fat sour cream should be used as a filling;
  • Wheat, rye bread of 2 sorts, biscuit dry, uneatable pastries;
  • Drinks - soft tea with lemon, berry fruit drinks, fruit or vegetable diluted juices, mashed compotes, decoctions;
  • Butter and vegetable oil;
  • Zephyr, jujube, honey, caramel - limited.

Prohibited list of diet products for treatment table No. 5:

  • Vegetables - white cabbage, radish, radish, green onion, sorrel, garlic, spinach, parsley, pickled vegetables, mushrooms;
  • Cereals - legumes, pearl barley, millet, corn and barley cereals;
  • Sour and conducive to flatulence varieties of fruit;
  • Fish, chicken, meat, mushroom soups and broths;
  • Fatty fish and meat varieties;
  • Fatty milk varieties - milk, cream, fermented baked milk and so on;
  • Horseradish, mustard, pepper;
  • Baking, puff pastry, fresh baking;
  • Coffee, strong tea, cocoa, alcohol, carbonated drinks;
  • Sweet and chocolate products.

The main advantage of the diet of the 5th table is the rapid reduction of painful symptoms and the promotion of a speedy recovery.

Diet Pevzner table 5: menu for the week ^

Sample diet menu table №5

Diet diet table number 5 should be adhered to one to five weeks, depending on the individual characteristics of the course of the disease.

The approximate weekly diet menu for the fifth table recommends the following:

1 day

  • Morning: oat soup, bread, cheese;
  • Lunch: sweet baked pear;
  • Lunch: boiled rice, fish meatballs, fruit compote;
  • Snack: homemade croutons, milk;
  • Evening: Vinaigrette with vegetable oil, boiled yolk, kefir with dried apricots.

Day 2

  • Morning: semolina porridge with strawberry jam, milky banana cocktail with muesli;
  • Lunch: cottage cheese with strawberries and sour cream;
  • Lunch: milk, meatloaf, rice soup with sour cream;
  • Snack: carrot warm salad;
  • Evening: salad of prunes and boiled beets, cabbage rolls with rice and chicken, tea.

Day 3

  • Morning: mannik with raisins, curd and berry pudding, milk tea;
  • Lunch: fruit puree;
  • Lunch: buckwheat soup, boiled chopped beef, salad of finely chopped cucumber with red cabbage;
  • Snack: honey baked apples;
  • Evening: baked pudding in sour cream, rice broth, potato puree.

Day 4

  • Morning: sour-cakes with dried apricots, buckwheat liquid porridge, cheese, broth of wild rose;
  • Lunch: carrot and apple juice, cottage cheese;
  • Lunch: baked fillet in sour cream, pumpkin porridge, green tea with honey;
  • Snack: omelet from a pair of proteins and milk;
  • Evening: salad of chicken yolk, squid and boiled cabbage under white sauce, rice, apple juice.

Day 5

  • Morning: protein - vegetable omelet, carrot and cheese salad, apple compote;
  • Lunch: salad from banana, apples, raisins steamed under yoghurt;
  • Lunch: vegetarian vegetable soup, steam, milk;
  • Snack: rice pudding;
  • Evening: casserole from vegetables and boiled chicken fillet, tea, marshmallow.

Day 6

  • Morning: oatmeal milk porridge, cottage cheese with pomegranate, berry jelly;
  • Lunch: boiled cabbage with rice, kefir;
  • Lunch: beetroot, beef patties with buckwheat, pear drink;
  • Snack: apple-carrot puree;
  • Evening: chopped beef, baked with apples in dairy sauce, braised cabbage with grated carrots, berry juice.

Day 7

  • Morning: protein omelet with tomatoes, cottage cheese with grated fruits, milky berry cocktail;
  • Lunch: Vinaigrette with boiled fish;
  • Lunch: fish cutlets, mashed potatoes, salad from grated fresh vegetables, compote;
  • Snack: casserole from boiled pasta, tomatoes and cheese, herbal honey broth;
  • Evening: cheese soup, salad from boiled pumpkin and apple, milk.

Recipes for diet table number five

For a variety of dietary intake of the diet diet table number 5 it is recommended to use the following dietary recipes:

Air protein-vegetable omelet

  • Beat a pair of proteins with a small amount of milk, add zucchini( finely grated) and a little salt.
  • Then pour the mixture into a special shape and place in the oven.
  • Bake for about 30 minutes.

Apple - carrot chops

  • Cut carrots cut into thin strips in boiling water, then add sugar, cut apples and cook for five minutes.
  • Then add the mango, mix, add whipped protein and chill.
  • Next, form the cutlets, sprinkle with croutons and bake in the oven.
  • You can serve with yoghurt or sour cream.
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Results, reviews of thin and doctors about the diet table 5 ^

The results of using diet table number 5 are as follows:

  • Significantly reduced symptoms of the disease and the load on the liver;
  • Accelerates the process of recovery and recovery of the body after the disease;
  • Reduces the risk of exacerbations.

Food diet diet table number 5 is very easy to carry, because it is made up of useful and tasty food that can easily be combined at personal discretion. Proceeding from this, it is recommended that the fifth table be used for a long time.

In addition, a pleasant plus to a quick recovery on a diet 5 table can get a normalization of weight, improving well-being and appearance. Numerous reviews on the diet of the fifth table among patients only confirm its high effectiveness in terms of rapid relief of the disease state and further recovery.

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