Rash on the face of a newborn: how to treat a rash on the face and head of a child in 1 month, photo and video recommendations

  • Rash on the face of a newborn: how to treat a rash on the face and head of a child in 1 month, photo and video recommendations

    The birth of a child is a wonderful event for all parents. And it seems nothing can overshadow this joy.

    But the baby needs constant self-care. And, for example, when a rash appears on the face of a newborn, a young mother immediately embraces fear. Do not be scared, because to understand what's wrong is not so difficult.

    Symptoms and causes of rashes

    The rash in a child may look different. According to the presented photos, it is easy to determine whether the skin irritation is dangerous.

    Hormonal changes. At birth, the child's hormonal background is not yet adjusted. Therefore, when it forms, a rash appears on the face and head of the newborn in the form of small pimples that do not contain pus. It is called acne neonatal. The color can be red or white.

    Food allergy. Observed in children who are breastfeeding when the mother uses allergenic foods. Sometimes the allergy manifests itself when switching to a mixture. In this case, you can try to pick up a product of another brand. Appear pimples, mostly after feeding, on the cheeks. If you do not exclude the allergen, then there are sores and crusts on the skin.

    Contact allergy. It is formed immediately after contact, for example, with clothing, various objects. Appears mainly on the body.

    Sweat. Occurs when the skin is overheated, both on the body parts and on the face. It is a pink or red pimples, located unevenly. Appear, for example, with stuffy air in the room, too warm clothes, from diapers, with poor skin care.

    At birth, the work of the sebaceous glands is regulated gradually. Therefore, daily hygiene is important, as well as only natural breathing tissues.

    Roseola. The rash is the result of an infectious infection with herpes viruses. The high temperature lasts three days, after which the red spots appear on the skin.

    Pustules. With this disease, the skin relief changes, it can be noticed only by touch. Small pimples do not fester. This is a fairly rare skin disease.

    Simple skin care rules

    To avoid such a trouble as a rash, to prevent its development, it is necessary to take care of the baby daily, performing the following actions:

    1. Diet for the mother: when breastfeeding, do not eat allergenic foods, exotic fruits, chocolate, brightly-Fresh vegetables and fruits.
    2. Daily hygiene: includes washing in the morning and in the evening, as well as bathing before going to bed only in boiled water for at least 1 month after birth. At the initial stage of the rash can be added to the water infusions of antiseptic herbs: alternating, chamomile.
    3. Maintain the microclimate of the room with the optimal parameters: temperature 18-22 degrees, humidity 60-70%.It is necessary to ventilate the room more often, in the winter time use a humidifier, since during the heating season the air becomes dry.


    The well-known Dr. Komarovsky, who wrote many books on the care and education of children, advises to show the child to a specialist. Only he can determine the cause of the rash and choose the correct treatment.

    Do not self-medicate. When deciding to relieve the condition of the skin, it is important to know what is strictly forbidden to treat the child without the doctor's instructions. These are antihistamines, hormonal ointments and alcohol solutions.

    Acne neonates are usually not treated, that is, the pimples pass themselves in a few weeks.

    To exclude contact allergies, use a special powder for children to wash clothes without fragrances and additives. For hygiene, you need to choose a product without a pungent odor, as they can lead to inhalation allergies. Also at the first time it is recommended to get rid of house plants with a strong smell.

    When rushed, the rash does not require treatment. Proper skin care will help get rid of it. Do not forget about daily air baths, use a diaper only for the night and for walking.

    Pearls with a roseola pass by themselves in a week.

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