• How to Get Rid of Dandruff: Effective Tips

    What is dandruff - probably, both adults and children know, and most of them are familiar with this problem firsthand. If you have dandruff on your head, then today we will help you cope with it and devote an article to how to get rid of it. In this article we will consider such questions:

    • What is dandruff

    • What causes dandruff

    • How to cure dandruff

    • Treatment of dandruff folk remedies

    • Dandruff prevention

    What is dandruff

    First you need to define and say what dandruff is. Dandruff is a syndrome that is characterized by a large number of exfoliated scalp particles, for a long time. As a rule, dandruff occurs on the head, in places with a dense scalp. In addition to the upper part of the head, seborrhea can also appear on the face, for example on the forehead and in the nose.
    We have in our head sebaceous glands that are located near the hair bulbs. Sebaceous glands produce sebum, which covers the entire surface of the head. Due to this, the scalp is in a normal state. In the event that the sebaceous glands produce sebum in excess or inadequate quantity, as a result of certain processes this leads to the appearance of dandruff.

    Violation of the process of fat formation, that is, a decrease or increase in its production, as well as a change in its chemical composition, is a disease called seborrhea. It is with the appearance of seborrhea that we have dandruff. Therefore, in order to understand why dandruff appears, you just need to study the causes of seborrhea.

    What causes dandruff

    The causes of dandruff are very diverse, so let's consider what processes contribute to the appearance of dandruff, and then consider the factors that are the causative agents of these processes.

    The causes of dandruff

    Many, probably, do not know that dandruff is divided into two types: greasy and dry. Under what conditions does one or another of its forms appear?
    Fat dandruff
    When the sebaceous glands begin to release excess sebum in excess, the fungal infections multiply on the head and these fungi, covered with sebum and skin scales, form outgrowths. It is these growths that cause itching and begin to peel off, resulting in small scales, which is actually fatty dandruff.
    Dry dandruff
    The second reason for the formation of dandruff is the inadequate production of sebum by the sebaceous glands, which leads to dryness of the scalp, and it begins to flake off, and dry dandruff appears.

    Factors affecting the work of sebaceous glands

    As already mentioned above, the appearance of dandruff contributes to seborrhea, but what causes the appearance of seborrhea itself?
    Hormonal imbalance
    Most often, the appearance of seborrhoea contributes to hormonal failure, in particular, the increase in the level of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone affects the work of the sebaceous glands, and they begin to produce excess sebum, the consequences of which we have already considered.
    Incorrect nutrition
    Due to improper diet, the body can not receive the necessary vitamin complex, in particular the lack of vitamins A and B. Improper nutrition and improper metabolism can lead to imbalance of hormones, which is also the cause of dandruff.
    Frequent or incorrect washing of the head
    Many people think that the head needs to be washed every day, but it turns out that this is wrong. Because of frequent washing of the head with shampoo, the head loses sebum, which moisturizes the skin. As a result, the scalp becomes dry, which leads to dandruff. That's why many people who face dandruff have such an intensive increase in its volume, because when dandruff occurs, they begin to wash their hair several times a day, trying to wash off dandruff, not knowing that by the same token they on the contrary provoke its appearance.
    In addition, insufficient or improper washing of the head can lead to dandruff. If you wash your head too seldom, then its surface will simply not be cleaned, and this in turn will promote the development of fungi and other negative factors. Also, you can not wash your head with hot water, the water should be warm, because because of too hot water, the scalp may begin to peel off.
    To serve the appearance of dandruff can poor washing of shampoo from the head. For this reason, the accumulation of dead skin particles occurs, which clogs the pores, resulting in insufficient provision of the head with sebum, and this causes dandruff.

    Low-quality shampoo
    It is believed that shampoo is a salvation for the hair, but no one thought that it could be the cause of dandruff. A fairly simple example: if accidentally shampoo gets in your eyes, what does it lead to?- In the eyes there is a burning sensation, they begin to water and eyeballs instantly turn red, and such a substance we wash my head. ..
    The sodium lauryl sulfate present in almost all shampoos, getting on the head when washing it, forms a film, which actually not only leads to the appearancedandruff, and also negatively affects the hair itself, thinning it and irritating the hair follicles. There are a lot of such chemical elements in the shampoo bottle and all of them cause their fatal trail not only to the condition of the scalp, but also to the condition of the hair.
    Moreover, not always bought shampoo with the label of the famous brand is quality. Firstly, very often shampoos of famous brands are produced under license in our country, but, unfortunately, our production is not the same as in the west, and therefore other cheap components can be used for manufacturing, in order to reduce the cost of shampoo. Secondly, due to a large number of counterfeit products, you could buy a fake shampoo pack, which, as you know, can include anything in its composition.
    Drying out the scalp
    Frequent use of a hair dryer, drying your head with a hot air stream, and also prolonged exposure to the sun under direct rays - this has a very negative effect on the scalp, which can cause dry dandruff.
    Severe stress is another indirect cause of dandruff. For example, under severe stress, a hormonal malfunction may occur or an incorrect metabolism may occur, which in turn is the cause of seborrhea.

    How to cure dandruff

    After we have considered the reasons why dandruff can occur, now let's look at how to deal with dandruff. In fact, fighting dandruff is not so simple, so you need to be ready for it.
    Treatment of dandruff at home
    How to quickly get rid of dandruff? First of all, the treatment of dandruff should start with an analysis of its possible causes. To do this, review again the list of common causes of dandruff, and maybe among them you can find one that provoked the appearance of dandruff directly from you.
    At first try not to use any lotions, masks, foams, gels and other cosmetics for washing your hair and head. Try also not to use your hair shampoo, and at this time to wash your head with another shampoo - from dandruff, preferably from natural ingredients.
    Make adjustments to your diet. Refuse from fatty foods, as well as from sugar. Concentrate your diet on foods containing vitamin B6, and this: eggs, ham, shrimp, chicken, cheese, cottage cheese and dairy products.

    Anti-dandruff shampoo
    In any case, try to choose a dandruff shampoo that contains the minimum amount of chemical components, buy the shampoo best in the pharmacy.
    Shampoos for dandruff are divided into 4 groups:

    • Shampoos with antibacterial action;

    • Shampoos removing fat from the scalp;

    • Shampoos against fungi;

    • Shampoos that promote exfoliation.

    Wash your head once every 2-3 days, for this use warm boiled water. For hair drying, try not to use a hairdryer, or if you can not do without it, then do not dry it with an intense cool air flow.
    Contact your dermatologist
    Usually, the above set of measures helps to reduce the amount of dandruff on the head and then completely get rid of it. But it is worth considering that the causes of dandruff can be very different and therefore sometimes a more complex set of measures and more time for treatment are required. If after a week or two, the amount of dandruff did not decrease - contact a dermatologist. The dermatologist will examine the head and try to analyze the type of dandruff and the reasons for its appearance. After that, he will prescribe you a course of treatment.
    Anti-dandruff remedies
    In complex cases of seborrhea, antifungal drugs are given in tablets. Also prescribed antihistamines, which have anti-inflammatory effect, as well as relieve the irritation that a person experiences in the form of constant itching. In addition to this list of drugs, a special ointment can be prescribed, which is rubbed into the head. Of course, the doctor will recommend a shampoo for dandruff, which contains all the necessary components for your specific case of dandruff. Well, the last thing that helps in the fight against dandruff is a mask for dandruff hair, in the preparation of which people's recipes are used.
    Auxiliary treatment of
    The above methods relate to the treatment of dandruff itself, but you already know that dandruff can be a consequence of some ailment or external factor, which means that dandruff does not appear again, and treatment was effective, it is necessary to establish the probable source of dandruffappearance. Of course, this source must be neutralized.
    If the cause of dandruff is improper washing of the head, the doctor will tell you what you need to change. When the cause of dandruff is shampoo, the dermatologist will help him pick up. If you suspect other causes, the dermatologist will refer you to a specialized specialist. For example, if the cause of dandruff was stress, the dermatologist will send you to a neurologist, if you have an abnormal metabolism, then to a gastroenterologist, etc.

    Treatment of dandruff folk remedies

    Now a few words should be said about folk remedies for dandruff.
    The most famous folk remedy for dandruff since a long time: we squeeze out a tablespoon of juice of onion and mix it with two tablespoons of vodka. The resulting consistency is rubbed into the hair before washing the head.
    Another popular recipe is also known: 50 grams of peeled onion boil in a liter of boiling water. Then it is necessary to give the substance to infuse for 30 minutes and after washing to process the surface of the head.
    As for the popular "rinse" recipe, this requires a mixture of herbs: St. John's wort, mint, sage, millennia and chamomile flowers. A tablespoon of this collection is poured into a saucepan, poured 4 glasses of water and put on a slow fire. In an hour, when the broth is ready, it must be filtered, cooled and after washing the head rubbed into the skin.
    Mask for hair from dandruff
    From dry dandruff is very effective mask of eggs and honey. The way of preparation of such mask is as follows: we mix to an even consistency one egg yolk, a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of aloe, 2 teaspoons of sunflower oil, and a tablespoon of mayonnaise. The resulting substance rubbing in the head, put on a cellophane bag and wrap the head with a towel. After 30 minutes, the mask should be washed off.
    From fatty dandruff will help such a mask. For its preparation, we need one teaspoon: honey, sour cream, lemon juice, castor oil, aloe juice, 2 cloves of grated garlic - all this is carefully mixed to a homogeneous substance and rubbed into the head half an hour before you wash it.

    Prevention of dandruff

    In order to rule out the possible appearance of dandruff, it is recommended to wash your head not more often than once in three days. Try to alternate the use of shampoos to avoid getting used to them. Give preference to shampoos that consist of natural ingredients, as possible with the lowest content of chemical components. Try to reduce the use of additional hair care products: wax, foams, lotions, gels, rinses and other cosmetics, as it contains in 90% of the chemical components that do not "feed hair and prevent dandruff", but on the contraryhave a negative impact on them. Use only natural products for hair care. Therefore, proper hair care is the first.
    Of course, you need to maintain your immune system, and also fill the body with a full complex of vitamin, especially vitamins: C, B and A. The greatest amount of vitamin, of course, is in fruits, so eat them as often as possible.