• How to get rid of bad habits and start a new life?

    1. Instead of smoking - start to gnaw seeds. Strange way, however, is quite effective. It's not so much in the seeds, as in the process itself, as you carry out a lot of actions with your hands, lips, teeth, etc. The process is quite addictive, the poet quite well interrupts the "breaking" of the smoker. It is advisable to buy sunflower seeds black and naturally in a shkarlup.

    2. Reduce alcohol consumption. If a person is addicted to alcohol, it is very difficult to take and tie him with it. However, you need to start here with a gradual decrease in the number of times you use it. If you used to drink 4-5 times a week, then try to reduce this frequency to 3, let it be a day and once a week 2 days off alcohol. When you cope with this figure, try to reduce it by one day, and so sovetenno disaccustom yourself from such a bad habit.

    3. Find a new hobby. Sometimes bad habits arise from the absence of any hobby. So why do not you find a new hobby for yourself. Today there are quite a lot of communities for hobby for something( knitting, diets, sports, cars, business, etc.).Why should you waste your time and health on nonsense, if you can make a profit not only for yourself, but for others.

    4. Ask the tutor to intervene. It's quite difficult to get out of the situation, so sometimes you need the help of a person whom you trust and obey. It can be your father / mother, husband or wife. You need to ask them to follow you, not to take up the old. Yes, most likely, you will be angry with them, but this feeling will eventually change to words of gratitude.

    5. Find the motivation to give up bad habits. Motivation is nothing more than a reason that motivates you to act and change, something in your life. It is she who is able to change even the most outdated rules and traditions. Think about why you can change and start with a bad past. Often the maximum motivation is given to native children, wives or husbands, and also close people. If you are still a young man, then most likely, the motivation will be a girl who will leave you, unless you get rid of bad habits.

    6. Find out the maximum consequences from your habit. As a rule, we rarely know about all the consequences that these or other habits can bring. Here, for example, smoking - yes, everyone understands that it can cause lung cancer. But what is this? !How does it go? !Very few people guess. You are strongly advised to learn about all the diseases that develop during your harmful activities, and further study the development of each of the diseases. To, roughly speaking, feel all the pain that you will experience, if not stop. Scary pictures and text, will make your brain work and think again about what you can come to.

    7. Count how much you have left to live! As if the continuation of the last paragraph: well aware of the fact that you will soon die. After all, any illness has its time, after which a person dies, unless it is cured. Even poisoning can kill you if you do not provide the right help in time. Accordingly, estimate how much you have left to live if you become ill with one of the possible diseases. A week, a month, six months? !Are not you ready to die for the sake of your bad habit? !I do not think so!

    8. You bet on a large sum of money. Also a good incentive for people who are in a not very good financial position or are quite strong gambling. Create a receipt, sign it, complete it with a notary and give it to your relative or good friend. It should say that you are obligated to give this person such a sum at such a time. And already in the oral form continue - unless I quit smoking( for example).

    9. Make a plan to get rid of bad habits. In this situation, you can not rush and act recklessly. Alcoholism, smoking and other bad habits are serious enough problems that require long and serious treatment, not so much in physical terms as in moral ones.

    10. Find an alternative to your habit. Some habits - there are alternatives, for example, instead of tobacco you can use electronic cigarettes, and instead of strong alcohol - beer or similar drinks. The alternative is another of the first steps from which you should begin to fight your bad habits.

    Many people think that bad habits are only alcohol, tobacco and drugs. However, in fact, the concept of bad habits includes many more items. For example:

    • Gnaw nails;

    • Licking your fingers;

    • Do not wash hands before eating or cooking;

    • Long and often play video games;

    • Walking in cold winters without hats, etc.

    All this is also considered harmful habits, which should be disposed of as quickly as possible, otherwise they can ruin you. After all, the microbes that are on our hands and the radiation from the computer monitor and the cold wind that can cause meningitis cause harm, for example.

    So how do you get rid of all these unnecessary activities? !Let's understand!

    10 methods, how to quickly get rid of the habits of

    First, let's define the word "fast", it is written here more for an accent, which indicates that the methods described below are most effective in a relatively short time. However, if we talk in general, then we can not get rid of habits quickly, unless there are emergency situations, which we will also talk about.

    We sincerely wish you to get rid of your negative habits as soon as possible and hope that our advice from the online magazine Vse-Sekrety.ru To you very much will help! Also, if you have your own ways of dealing with unhealthy habits - we ask to share them in the comments, because only by common efforts can we overcome the problem of the universal scale!