• How to be a healthy person? Main rules

    Each of us wants to be healthy and live a long life without spending it on various kinds of ailments. In general, if you consider all the secrets of how to become healthy, they can be grouped into four groups. These are the groups that we will consider in detail in our article.


    General health

    First of all, pay attention to the general rules.

    • Provide yourself a healthy sleep, as it is an integral part of a healthy life. The fact is that against a background of chronic lack of sleep, many diseases can actively develop, since first of all the lack of sleep affects the decrease of the body's immune function. Go to bed before midnight and sleep a full 8 hours a day and then you will not only be healthy, but still cheerful and with a positive attitude.

    • Be sure to strengthen immunity, as this is the guardian of our body, which is always on the protection of pathogens, infections and bacteria.

    • Maintain hygiene, most microbes and bacteria enter the body through dirty hands and poorly washed fruits and vegetables. Be sure to wash your hands as soon as you come home or are going to take or cook food.

    • Take a hot bath or visit the sauna at least twice a month. Slags and lactic acid are removed through the skin together with sweat, which promotes the rejuvenation of the body and improvement of the person's well-being, as well as removal from the skin of acne and acne.

    • Refuse self-treatment, it will not lead to anything good. In difficult cases, try to find a good specialist and follow his advice. Listen to your body, the earlier you identify and exclude health problems, the better it will be for your health. The doctor can help, only relying on your health and feelings.

    • Try to visit nature more often, it calms the nervous system and brings harmony into our life. As for the microclimate of the apartment, this is facilitated by fresh air, cleanliness, proper temperature, as well as planted flowers and other domestic plants.

    Physical Activity

    A few tips on physical activity.

    • Let the body exercise, do gymnastics, go to the pool or gym, go for a walk, they help increase your vital energy.

    • Try to move more, walk on the street, it will improve the general condition of the body. Physical exercises will increase the saturation of tissues with blood and oxygen. Long lying on the couch or sitting at the computer will lead to blood flow disorders and health problems.

    • Every morning do morning exercises, well, or at least a little workout.

    • Do "gymnastics of the vessels", taking a contrast shower.

    The right food

    Healthy food is an integral companion to human health, having its own rules.

    • Chew food carefully slowly. It should melt in the mouth, which greatly facilitates the work of the gastrointestinal tract and increase its efficiency.

    • Cook for a couple that maximally preserves the beneficial substances of foods, vitamins and minerals. Try to avoid fried in vegetable oil food. Arrange a fish day at least once a week, the fish contains fatty polyunsaturated acids, so necessary for our body - they will prolong your youth and improve your well-being. Give up fried, this food is dangerous to health. Fried potatoes or meat should be an exception and should not be consumed more than once or twice a month.

    • You should make half of your daily ration vegetables. Make a variety of salads from cabbage, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots. Fill them with vegetable or olive oil and eat them at the beginning of the meal. Eat breakfast with porridges( buckwheat, rice, oatmeal and semolina), boiled on water with minimal addition of salt and sugar and you will not have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Include in the diet of sea cabbage, it is a "storehouse" of nutrients and trace elements, eat it at least 400-500g per week, as it helps to purify the body of toxins.

    • Drink green tea without sugar, it will reduce the risk of cancer, it has a lot of useful microelements, vitamins and nutrients. Green tea is useful for obesity and cardiovascular diseases, it prevents inflammatory processes and aging of the skin. Use well-cleaned raw water, because the tap water is not very good quality, it is better to buy and drink bottled water. In the water are necessary for the body microelements.

    • Eliminate sugar and salt from your diet, as the body gets them in sufficient quantities with food, and the excess of them is guaranteed to lead to health problems. Limit the use of red meat, it's aging our body. It is better to eat poultry and fish, try to add them to the ready dish at a minimum. Give up white bread, give preference to black bread, which is added whole grains or bran.

    • Remember that fruits and vegetables grown in the area where you live are better absorbed by the body. Vitamins from apples, brought from afar, are assimilated only 30% of vitamins.

    Psychological Attitude

    Harmony with its own I am important, these rules also need to be taken into account to be absolutely healthy.

    • Have positive thinking, envy, anger and fear will lead you to nervous breakdowns, and they in turn generate a strong stress and depressive state, which also reduce immunity and cause a huge number of ailments. The best cure for stress is communication with friends, close people. This normalizes the pressure, improves mood, helps to overcome life's hardships.

    • Find a source of positive emotions and impressions, do your favorite thing that brings satisfaction. Negative thoughts will inevitably lead to illness.

    • Do not fuss, trying to grasp the immensity, trying to do many small things that you consider urgent. Vanity contributes to the stress of the body and as a result - premature aging.

    • Give your brain work to keep your mind clear. Read books, solve crossword puzzles, watch interesting programs and movies - "gymnastics of the mind" will help you keep vivacity and well-being for years to come.

    As you can see, the advice is fairly simple and simple, while you do not need any medication and expensive recovery procedures. Be healthy!