A healthy diet for children. What kind of food for the child is right?

  • A healthy diet for children. What kind of food for the child is right?

    The child looks at his peers and thinks that if they buy chips and coca cola - he can also drink sweet soda and eat fried potatoes with spices and butter, but the parents are against it. There are disagreements, it is necessary to select a healthy diet for the child, so that he likes food and only benefits. Below we will list the most preferable and useful products.

    Baby formula - as a source of healthy nutrition for the baby
    The infant formula is most preferred for infants, as it contains everything you need. It can be of several types: liquid, dry, fresh, sour-milk and so on. Some tips for choosing a mixture:   

    • Look at the age of the child indicated on the package. You can not feed a two-month-old child with a mixture that is designed for six-month-old children;

    • Look at the composition, if the mixture contains fragrances, dyes and all sorts of preservatives - do not buy it;

    • Look at the expiration date, it is very important, as the goods in the store are stored.

    Healthy food for the child is porridges
    Most parents feed the children with porridges, but it is possible to start feeding the child with porridges only from five months, because the process of formation of the gastrointestinal tract is completed. Take a few tips on the choice of porridge:

    • Each porridge has its own composition, it is advisable to talk with the child's doctor in advance and clarify which vitamins are most preferable for the child;

    • Check the integrity of the package, if there are any scratches or dents - do not buy porridge, it may contain harmful microbes;

    • Focus on the reputation of the manufacturer, learn the assortment in advance and read reviews about this or that food. Do not buy food with preservatives, dyes and other substances. An artificial supplement in the form of vitamin C is not considered dangerous.

    Puree - an important nutrient for the newborn
    There are several types of baby purees: berry, meat, fruit, vegetable, dairy and so on. They are preferred for children who have reached the age of 3 months. The safest baby puree - apple, it is not an allergen and does not cause side effects. Then you can give the child a mashed potatoes with plums, pears and bananas. When the child grows up and he is 5 months old, you can enter into the diet of meat and cereal puree. But do not forget to take into account the most important rules when choosing:

    • Look at the age group of the child, this is very important. Very well-known manufacturers have many age groups, so choosing food is very easy;

    • Check for damage to the packaging;

    • Look at the expiration date;

    • Feed your child puree from those vegetables and fruits that grow in the climatic zone of your country, otherwise there is a risk of allergy;

    • Do not buy mashed potatoes with sugar, preservatives and dyes.

    juices must also be included in the diet of the child. Many believe that the best juice is one that does not contain flavorings and colorants. But there are other rules for choosing juice for children:

    • Juice is damaged, if the package is damaged, check its integrity;

    • Check the expiration date, this is also very important;

    • Make sure the juice matches the age group of the baby. The largest number of age groups in the best producers.

    We wish your children to be always healthy and happy!