• Treatment of insomnia with folk and medicament means

    General recommendations how to get rid of insomnia
  • Folk remedies for insomnia

  • Insomnia in pregnancy

  • General recommendations how to get rid of insomnia:

    1. Do not take sleeping pills, they cause such unpleasant side effects as depression and dehydration. In addition, they knock down the sleep regime, you will sleep during the day, and stay awake at night if you overdo with taking a sleeping pill. It is better to stick to natural preparations, for example, herbal dues.

    2. Do not eat food that is digested long and contains complex proteins and carbohydrates. Especially you can not drink coffee and strong black tea because of the high content of caffeine. Do not forget to check the composition of the medicines you consume. They can be substances that excite the nervous system, which adversely affects the psyche and makes it difficult to fall asleep.

    3. Try to relax before going to bed, it's not difficult: do not listen to music, watch movies, chat with friends, and so on. Two or three hours before sleep, you need to reduce mental activity, just relax and think about your own, read an interesting book or watch a documentary.

    4. It is advisable to fall asleep on the back, as other poses load internal organs. For example, if you go to bed on your side, it will put pressure on your heart.

    5. Spend a few breaths-exhalations, necessarily deep. Breathing relaxes the nervous system, which contributes to a sound and healthy sleep.

    6. Very warm milk with the addition of honey. It greatly relaxes the psyche, and honey feeds the body with useful substances, but do not add too much honey. It contains simple carbohydrates that excite the psyche.

    7. Make yourself a tea of ​​healthy herbs for half an hour before bedtime. These herbs include lavender, fennel, valerian, chamomile, marjoram and many others. They will help you fall asleep and free your head of unnecessary thoughts.

    8. Take a cool bath with the addition of essential oil of sandalwood. So you lower the blood supply to the brain, and sleep will come very quickly.

    9. Pound the body with a damp cool towel, so you temporarily disperse the metabolism and tire your body.

    10. Buy a new mattress, for example, orthopedic. It supports the back and head in the right position, so that they lie flat, and the blood flow is not disturbed. Because of this you will want to sleep, besides the materials from which the mattresses are made are very soft and pleasant.

    11. Buy a new blanket and pillow. It is advisable to buy a blanket that adapts to your temperature - it heats in winter and cools in the summer. So you will improve comfort while staying in bed and be able to sleep much faster.

    Folk remedies for insomnia

    The most effective remedy without side effects is honey. It does not have a harmful effect on the central nervous system and is well absorbed. Also very useful are going to the bath, take an oak broom, it will help you relax and calm down before going to bed. Below we describe a few recipes.

    1. Mix 15 ml of apple cider vinegar in a cup of honey. Drink before a dream of 10 milliliters of a mix, its or his action, precisely same, as at a sleeping pill. With severe fatigue, it acts much more effectively, if you do not feel the effect of 10 milliliters, you can drink 20 milliliters.

    2. You can insist honey in the water, just add a tablespoon of any honey in a glass of water, and leave overnight. In the morning you will find that honey has dissolved. Drink infusion every day before going to bed.

    3. You can massage your temples with lavender oil, just spread your fingers with oil and make light circular motions. The aromatic properties of lavender will help your psyche to relax, and massage stimulates the most important vessels, which causes the desire to go to bed sooner.

    4. Very potent and effective tincture - a mixture of lemon juice with buckwheat honey and walnuts. A huge amount of useful substances of walnuts and honey dissolves in the juice, and has a positive effect on the psyche. Eat one tablespoon of the mixture before bed. Do not forget that the nuts need to be crushed to a small state, so that they quickly "gave" useful substances.

    5. Easier to get rid of insomnia if it is caused by increased blood circulation in the brain. You can put mustard greens or horseradish to the caviar, this will cause the excess blood to drain from the head. The same action has a cucumber pickle, to increase the efficiency, add a tablespoon of buckwheat honey.

    6. Very effective and herbal preparations, for example, from lavender, peppermint, rhizomes of valerian, chamomile and other plants. Take 20 grams of each ingredient and pour 200 milliliters of boiling water. Allow the mixture to steep for about 30 minutes, then strain it and carefully wring out. Decoction not only calms the psyche, but also improves appetite and digestion. Eat 200 milliliters of broth for the night, about one to two hours before bedtime.

    7. Combine the fruits of cumin, the root of valerian and chamomile flowers in equal proportions. Fill with hot water, and let it brew for 20-40 minutes. Eat a decoction, both in the morning and in the evening. It is especially effective for people suffering from neurological and psychological diseases, because it greatly relaxes the nervous system.

    8. Buy a herb of valerian and chamomile in the pharmacy. Peel the lemon and take the zest, crush it thoroughly, and mix it with chamomile and valerian. Brew a glass of boiling water and wait until the grass does not "give" all its useful properties. Eat twice a day for half an hour before a meal.

    Insomnia during pregnancy

    During pregnancy, you need to carefully plan your day. Each event must be predictable, so as not to excite the nervous system once again. Of course, it is impossible to completely avoid such events, so try to leave the most emotional events for the morning and day, and relax in the evening. Even such events as cleaning or meeting guests, have a strong impact on the emotional state of a pregnant woman. Try to get rid of the habit of lying in bed, if your body will think that the bed is created only for sleeping - you will quickly fall asleep. Do not lie in bed during the day, you can just sit in the armchair, but do not go to rest. Select at least a week to retrain the body, and you will notice that you will quickly fall asleep.

    Try to develop the habit of going to bed at the same time. Before sleep, you need to carefully prepare, relax the psyche and so on. How to do it? It's very simple: do not watch exciting films, do not listen to loud and heavy music, avoid too emotional and fun communication. It is better to spend the evening in the following way: brewing a delicious tea( white or black at your discretion), going to the shower, drying your hair, talking to your husband, communicating with the child( sing a song to him or tell how much you love him).

    Prepare a bed and a room in advance. Buy silk underwear, if you really like it, you need to make a place for sleep as comfortable as possible. Ventilate the room in advance, it is desirable that the air temperature is approximately 20 degrees. Also, airing will help to get rid of unpleasant odors, or pleasant, but very distracting from the process of falling asleep.

    Ask your doctor about aromatic oils and baths with sea salt. Of course, this is very useful, but during the development of the child in many ways have to limit themselves. Sea salt restores the tissues of the body, strengthens the nervous system, improves the condition of the hair and nails, and, of course, helps to fall asleep. Also, the doctor can tell you the herbal preparations that relax the psyche and provoke the outflow of blood from the brain.

    Buy a special mattress for pregnant women, you can sleep in a comfortable position with no strain on the neck and spine. Do not forget that it's better to sleep on your back - it reduces the pain in the ribs in the last weeks of pregnancy and has a positive effect on sleep, because the blood circulates normally and enters the brain without difficulty.