Scabies: symptoms and treatment in children and adults( photos and tips)

  • Scabies: symptoms and treatment in children and adults( photos and tips)

    Scabies mite is able to withstand any disinfectant, so it is very difficult to fight with it. If you for some reason become infected with scabies, after 14 days the eggs of the parasite will finish their development, and the area of ​​the lesion will increase significantly. The skin is destroyed gradually, and further the mite leaves new eggs, after which the symptoms of the disease become even more pronounced. The incubation period of the disease is about ten days, during which time you can infect your loved ones without even realizing that you have scabies. If you touch your friends - the disease will be transmitted, and then you will have to spend a lot of energy to get rid of it.

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    Symptoms and signs of scabies

    As a rule, the disease is transmitted only after direct contact with the skin of a sick person. Very often scabies are transmitted sexually, and condoms do not protect against this disease. If the parents get sick with scabies - the child will get sick when he sleeps with them. If you are involved in a sport in which much depends on the team play, for example, contact sports such as wrestling or boxing, then there is a chance to get infected. Many still believe that you can get scabies even through contact with an object that the infected person uses, including bed linen or a hairbrush, but dermatologists openly claim that the chances of infection are extremely low. But this is also possible if a person suffers from Norwegian scabies, when a person's body is covered with millions of different mites, about 20 different types of mites cover the skin of an infected person.

    It has been proven that the disease is transmitted exclusively through the skin of a sick person after having had a serious experiment in 1940.This was carried out in the UK, the bed of the infected person was alternately stacked for one person, the total number of volunteers was 300 people. In the end it turned out that 300 out of 300 people had scabies only 3, which indicates low chances of the disease. The parasite is transmitted only through direct contact for several reasons:

    • Female parasites appear on the surface only at night, and during the day they show no activity.

    • It takes a minimum of 30 minutes for the mite to get into the skin of the host.

    • The tick can not live in an external environment, if the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is 50-80%, then it will die after a day. If air dryness and high temperature prevail, the mite will die faster.

    Today almost all medical manuals refer the disease to the list of those transmitted through sexual contact. But it's not even that you need sexual contact, it's all about hugging partners and touching bodies, the longer they are, the higher the chance of getting infected.

    Do not forget that scabies often live in animals such as horses, dogs, cats and so on. They, too, can get on the skin of a person, if you iron the animals, but the chances that the tick will take root in the human body are very low. Although you can observe itching and rashes after contact with animals, they die quickly because of an unusual habitat. The incubation period after infection is 10 days.

    Scabies can be identified by continuous itching, which worsens at night, outwardly the inflammation resembles twin knots with bubbles and pimples that appear in those places where the primary infection occurred. You can see the channels through which the itch mite moves, they look like thin lines in the form of a thread. These moves can be zigzag or straight, they also rise slightly and create a relief on the skin. Often at the end of the line a transparent inflamed vesicle forms, it can be observed through a white point - the tick's body. But mites do not always show their moves, so there is such a term as scabies without open moves. In places of bites small as small grains of nodules appear in the number of two or three pieces, when a person combs them, small crusts appear. The initial rash looks like small papules, they are drained, scattered and multiple. After a while they transform into vesicles or bullous rash.

    There is no correlation between the amount of parasites and the rash, it all depends on the human allergy on their actions and the amount of touches to the affected area at night. If a person scratches the affected area every day - pustules appear and local infection worsens, and then an unpleasant reaction starts, like eczema. The rash most often appears in the same places, namely - interdigital folds, brushes, upper and lateral part of the finger, the place of elbow bend, the area of ​​the nipples, buttocks, the skin of the male penis and thigh. In children, symptoms can appear on the soles of the feet and even on the face. If a person feels severe itching, observes a strange rash on the body and incomprehensible lines in the form of relief, then one should go to the doctor and reveal the appearance of scabies. In Russia, the most common symptoms that speak about this or that kind of scabies are most often seen:

    • Purulent crusts and pustules in the elbow area indicate the symptom of Ardi.

    • Blood crusts in any places speak about Gorchakov's symptom.

    • Impetigious acne and bloody crusts in the buttocks and thighs indicate a symptom of Michaelis.

    • Scabies in the form of zigzags and straight lines indicate the presence of Cesary's symptom.

    If a person scratches the affected area every day, then bacterial infection of all the irritations on the skin occurs and pyoderma develops. Sometimes this disease leads to poststreptococcus glomerulonephritis, which threatens serious heart disease. Very often, this skin disease contributes to the development of abscesses, boils, eczema and appears against the background of lymphangitis and lymphadenitis. Many people get a complication in the form of bacterial eczema and dermatitis of an allergic form, they together with pyoderma form a very serious form of the disease, which is very difficult to cure. If you do not treat scabies, then with a chance of 60% in the future there will be a complication in the form of pyoderma.

    Babies have a vesiculurcataric rash along with itchy strokes, then everything is complicated by the onyxia and paronychia, the mocculation develops. But ascertaining scabies is extremely difficult, because in children with age 6 months the disease has the same symptoms as the usual urticaria. On the body appears a lot of combed acne and blisters, which are covered with a blood crust and strongly hurt. They appear most often on the back, face and buttocks. Further more pronounced is a small vesicle rash, in rare cases, blisters, if the disease has a pemphigoid form. Very rarely scabies looks like a severe form of eczema, the child has intense itching in those places where the skin mite can not be active. Against the background of the disease there are others, for example, sleep disorder, allergic dermatitis, impetigo and pyoderma. Sometimes everything comes to lymphangitis, lymphadenitis, lymphocytosis, leukocytosis, albuminuria, acceleration of ESR, eosinophilia and other terrible diseases. All can be reduced to a serious infection of the blood called sepsis. If you ignore the disease and not be examined by a pediatrician, the chances of the disease becoming sepsis are very high.

    About 5-7% of people have nodules on the skin. They appear as brown or blue seals on the epidermis and have a size of 2 to 20 millimeters in diameter. The point is that the painful nodes do not pass for two or three weeks, even when the scabies mites leave the affected area. Outwardly they resemble an itch moves that look like a papule in the form of a tape. The main cause of the formation of seals is the response of the body to the stimulus, as the lymphoid tissue hyperplasia accumulates in the affected areas. It is abundant in the scrotum, elbows, penis and buttocks, in rare cases they appear in the perianal region. This scabies is called scabious lymphoplasia, because parasites are not localized in this area, but inflamed skin fragments appear due to the fact that the immunity gives a reaction to the stimulus and an allergic reaction to toxic secretions of the mites. If re-invasion occurs, one can see a recurrence of scabious lymphoplasia in the same places, but the tick path is invisible. In places of nodules there is a terrible itch, which can not be cured by anything other than corticosteroid injections.

    To very non-standard types of scabies include scabies of the Norwegian form, incognito scabies, pseudoraportosis and so on. Norwegian scabies are characterized by the presence of crusts on the skin, it was discovered by doctors from Norway. It occurs mainly in people who have weakened immunity or too weak and thin skin, but in 50% of cases it occurs even in those who do not have any disorders in the body. It is possible that the disease appears due to a genetic predisposition. Many people after the appearance of Norwegian scabies notice the symptoms of eosinophilia, an increase in IgE of at least 15 times, but such a sharp increase is found almost in all. Externally, Norwegian scabies resembles psoriasis dermatitis and variable whitish scales, which are distributed acral to the skin. Most often the area under the fingernails also suffers from defeat by parasites, hyperkeratosis appears, which significantly increases the nail plate, but at the same time causes its dystrophy. In many situations, the infection spreads to the scalp, buttocks, face and neck areas.

    Almost all people suffering from Norwegian scabies see only external symptoms, but do not even feel burning and itching. The fact is that on the human body about a million of all kinds of active parasites accumulate, with about 15-20 different individuals. The disease is easily transmitted even when in contact with the bed linen of an infected person, because the number of ticks is too high.

    There is scabies even in very clean people who have to wash themselves several times in the shower with tar or household soap due to work in the workplace. But in this case, you can mechanically remove the tick after examination with a dermatologist. Externally, the disease is exactly the same as simple scabies, but the symptoms are not so obvious and almost invisible. But because of this people postpone the trip to the dermatologist for a very long time, so after a while the symptoms become very pronounced and disturb the patient. After a while you can see the symptoms of hives, bacterial eczema, dermatitis, pyoderma and other diseases.

    Pseudosarcotectomy refers to a disease that appears in a person after a primary lesion of an itch mite, but it occurs more often from domestic animals. The disease quickly manifests itself, because the incubation period is very short. It is impossible to see any moves of parasites, because it is difficult for them to multiply after the animal's organism, it takes a lot of time to develop the human body. Observed only urticaria papules on the epidermis. The disease can not be transmitted by contact with another person.

    Treatment of scabies( medicines)

    Absolutely all drugs are prescribed topically, so they are sold in the form of solutions, creams and ointments. There are a lot of remedies against scabies that quickly cure the lungs and the average degree of the disease.

    • Bensocryl - is sold in pharmacies in the form of ointments 20% and 10%, 20% ointment for adults is prescribed, and 10% for children. It is necessary to take a shower before going to sleep and massage the massage ointment into the affected area of ​​the body. Thus, you need to be treated for four days, and on the fifth day you should wash and put fresh bed linens.

    • Sprayal is an effective tool in the pharmacy can be found in the form of an aerosol. The drug is absolutely safe, so it is prescribed even for pregnant women and children. Apply the drug on the affected area before going to bed after taking a shower. Next, you need to lay clean clothes. After applying the product, you can not wash for 12 hours. After 12 hours again change bed linen, take a shower and apply the drug. If there are rashes on the face - close your eyes with napkins and spray the product on your face.

    • Serum ointment - there are two concentrations: 10% - for children and 20% - for adults. It is used for a week to completely eliminate the mites. A week later, change the bed linen and repeat the course, if necessary. Often when treatment there are allergic reactions. The main drawback of the ointment is the possibility of messing up the bed and the terrible smell that quickly spreads in the room.

    • Claritin and Suprastin - are prescribed by dermatologists as an antiallergic agent, since scabies exacerbate allergy if it has a predisposition. Drugs can be prescribed in combination with ointments and aerosols to conduct internal treatment in the background with the external.

    How to treat scabies at home with folk remedies

    If you notice that a strange relief appeared on your skin that resembles the movement of parasites, you should immediately start treatment. Not only are the ticks appearing on the skin, along with this, there is also a strange itch that intensifies towards evening and provokes the appearance of severe discomfort.

    The most difficult thing is to treat scabies in children, where it is localized in the scalp area. Since the pincers penetrate very deeply - you need to see a doctor and do not even think about self-medication, because the consequences can be very serious, and the treatment will not give you almost no results. But if scabies appeared on the hips or buttocks, then you can conduct home treatment, and without side effects, which are found in all drugs.

    • Prepare ointment from thick yogurt and sour cream, and also need hunting powder. Mix powder with sour cream at a ratio of 1 to 3. After a while, the powder completely dissolves, remove it to a warm place, while wrapping the pan with a blanket or woolen scarf. Stir the mixture for 20 minutes, when it will be infused. Then start treatment with ointment, you need to apply it every day twice to the most painful places. It is desirable to isolate healthy areas of the skin when applying ointment, for example, with a towel. When the ointment is dry and absorbed, wash it off with water, but without soap.

    • If you wash yourself with household or tar soap, scabies will disappear. But you can do better, just smash the soap on a small grater and put it in a saucepan, and then put it on a gas stove. Further squeeze the head of garlic in a saucepan, turn on the medium heat so that the soap melts. Cook it all for about 15 minutes, and then put it in a separate mold and wait until a bar of soap is formed. Use soap to rub the diseased area, moisten it with water and slowly drive along the inflamed areas of the skin. Such treatment is absolutely safe, therefore it is recommended even to pregnant women.

    Prophylaxis of scabies

    You should immediately pay attention to these or other symptoms of the disease, to ascertain scabies and begin treatment of the whole family to increase the chances of recovery. Go for treatment with the whole family, contact a dermatologist and tell about the symptoms, show your skin. Necessarily the presence of sexual partners, because they often appear scabies and can be transmitted regularly. It is necessary to isolate all healthy family members from those who are ill, exclude handshakes and use the same bed linen. If only one member of the family is infected, it is necessary to try by any means to limit his contact with other family members, otherwise infection is inevitable. Of course, the infected person needs a separate bed linen and towel. He needs to sleep in other rooms, so that the mite does not get to healthy family members.

    It is necessary to disinfect the things of the infected person, this is very important. You need to boil the bed linen in a solution of soda with a concentration of 2% or in a good detergent for about 15 minutes from the moment when the water boils. You need to buy a disinfectant to handle a person's things, such as toys, furniture, shoes, headgear, outerwear, gloves and so on. Things must be ironed, if the product can be poured into the iron - pour, but in small quantities to steal things.

    The patient's room should be regularly cleaned, preferably wet with the addition of a 2% solution of soda or other disinfectants. It is necessary to handle the handle of the armchairs, the door handle, the workplace( computer or laptop) and everything that a person touches most often. You should immediately consult a doctor so that he can determine the severity of the illness and prescribe the appropriate treatment, for example, ointments against ticks or aerosols with tablets that resist allergic reactions. Do not take in head to self-medicate, if you live with someone, because the treatment can not give results, but other family members will be infected with scabies and you still have to go to the doctor.

    Do not forget to take a shower every day, change bed linens and watch yourself, because the lack of personal hygiene often leads to the appearance of an itch mite. You also need to consider that you can get infected with sexual contact with an unfamiliar partner, so you need to put your sex life in order and have a permanent partner. Please note that condom protection does not help with scabies, because prolonged contact with the skin of a sick person is inevitable.