The highest mountain in the world: Everest. Interesting facts about Everest

  • The highest mountain in the world: Everest. Interesting facts about Everest

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    It's probably no secret that the highest mountain in the world is Everest. Both adults and children know about this, starting with the school bench. And travelers, climbers dream to visit there. And who has ever been in the mountains did not remain indifferent to their greatness, beauty. Only there, standing on top, you feel freedom, spreading your hands in the sides, or sitting with your legs hanging down. And below everything seems so small that it takes breath. The height is so scary and so attracts. And if such feelings arise in small mountains, what about Everest! And further speech will be about him.

    A bit of history

    The highest altitude in the mountains is Everest. This name was given to the mountain by the English geodesist George Everest in 1856, which he subsequently inflicted on the map. The second name of Jomolungma was invented by the inhabitants of Tibet, which means "Divine mother of life" or "Mother of Gods".Many tried to conquer Mount Everest, but until 1953, it was not possible to do this to anyone. However, this year, luck smiled and Everest was conquered by a resident from New Zealand - Edmund Hillary. And from Russia the first peak was reached by a woman - Ekaterina Ivanova in 1990.

    Geographical location, nature and climatic conditions

    There is a mountain in Asia on the border of Nepal and China( Tibet Autonomous Region).It enters a mountain system called the Himalayas. Its southern slope is the steepest, it is on it that snow does not hold and therefore the peaks of the mountains are exposed.

    The view of the mountain is fascinating with its beauty and majesty. The climate here is severe, a strong wind prevails, the temperature at the top drops to -60 degrees Celsius.

    What is the height of the highest mountain on earth? The first measurement of the top was made in 1856.The height was 8,840 m. In 1950 Indian surveyors measured the top with the help of theodolites. The height was 8,848 m. In 1998, the Americans made new data - 8,850 m above sea level. Seven years later, the Chinese scientists measured the peak again. According to the measurements, the altitude was 8,844.43 m.

    Everest - a magnet for climbers

    Many climbers from all over the world are eager to visit the top of the World. The route on the way to the mountain is not considered very difficult for professional alpinists. However, why are there so many 600 deaths from 4,000 people that managed to get there? Do not underestimate the situation. The matter is in bad weather and severe climate. Mountain climbing and death walk side by side. Causes of death:

    1. At an altitude of about 7600 m above sea level, the oxygen reserve is only 30%.And this means that, most likely, if you do not have an oxygen mask, you may not have enough air when climbing to the top. Whichever route you choose, you will have to go through the so-called "Death Zone", it starts from 7,600 m. The first thing that happens to you at altitude is the clouding of consciousness due to the fact that the brain does not receive oxygen.

    2. A very low air temperature of -60 degrees, you can get serious frostbite and even worse, die from hypothermia.

    3. Strong wind.

    4. Frequent avalanches and collapses.

    5. Increased solar radiation.

    6. Depletion. Such ascents require a lot of energy, and the digestive system refuses to work at such heights, the body begins to devour itself.

    To these specific conditions we will add standard failures of climbers bad equipment, falls and other.

    However, all these deadly problems do not stop brave souls, with a strong desire there are no obstacles. People are willing to risk their lives to stand on top for 15 minutes and make a memorable photo. This is the time that the conquerors of the summit spend there, and the journey itself takes 15-16 hours.

    I need to say a few words about the cost of climbing, as this pleasure pours out a pretty penny. The average cost of such a journey varies from $ 30,000 to $ 85.As we see the route is not cheap.

    The world should know the names of the characters. Records.

    In addition to the terrible death rates in these mountains. There were those people who set unprecedented records. The first record holders were Sherpas. We need to say a few words about this nation. Sherpas are a unique, energetic people who live in the east of Nepal. This mountain people, distinguished by their endurance, they often act as conductors.

    • 1996 Sherp Ang Rita on the mountain 10 times without oxygen masks.

    • 2000. Appa Tenzing broke the Angra Rita record once.

    • 1999 Babu Shiri was on the mountain 21 hours.

    • 2001. A blind climber conquers the summit, proving to people that human possibilities are endless.

    • 2004 Pemba Dorje conquers the summit in 8 hours.

    • 2010, the American Jordan Romero conquers the summit at the age of 13 years.

    • 2014 Bill Burke climbed to the top in 72 years.

    These data make us admire and understand - there are no insuperable peaks! However, do not forget, going to the mountains, you must understand that you can never return. Do not underestimate all the conditions, it can cost lives. And remember, in addition to reaching the peak of the mountain, you will still need the strength to return.