• 15 secrets, how to come up with a nickname on the Internet or in the game?

    Year after year, coming up with a beautiful and unique nickname becomes more and more difficult, as the number of people on the Internet is constantly increasing, which means that there are fewer and fewer free nicks. In this article, we will tell you about the rules that you need to follow when designing nicks.

    15 secrets about what kind of nickname to come up on the Internet

    1. To begin with, think about whether you are ready to reveal your identity on the Internet. If you are afraid of this, then try to think up different nicknames on each site and in each game( write down where you use which nickname the most).

    2. If you want to emphasize your age, then use the year of your birth, and not the age figure at the moment.

    3. You can take a beautiful nickname from the English language, for this, think up a name in Russian and translate it into an online translator. For example: "Sinner", in the translation will sound like "Sinner" - short, easy to read b beautifully.

    4. Be prepared for the fact that your nickname can already be used by someone. If you want complete uniqueness, just think up the phrase "English letters" and check it on the Internet.

    5. Your nickname should be easy and fast to read. Therefore, strive for simplicity, not pathos.

    6. If you are afraid of ridicule, then having thought up a nickname, try to find a funny analogy( consonance or visual similarity), if you do not like it, it is better to find another nickname.

    7. A completely unique nickname will make you recognizable, so do not do anything stupid under this name.

    8. Please note that you are growing up quickly, so the name should not shame you with the years.

    9. Your nickname does not have to be a ladder, like: CaDa_GROOM.This has long gone out of fashion: it looks childish and even stupid.

    10. Try not to use special characters in nickname, not all games and websites support them, so you will have to constantly remember how your nick looked in any game.

    11. Use exclusively the Latin alphabet. Russian font is sometimes not supported, and Latin is everywhere!

    12. Your nickname should have meaning and something to mean, because sooner or later, you will be asked the question "What does your nickname mean?".It would be foolish not to answer such a simple question.

    13. Girl to come up with a nickname more difficult. Here you need to follow several rules: first, if she does not want male attention, it is better to choose a neutral nickname, such as "cat", "mouse", etc. Secondly, if you want to have a feminine nickname, you need it to contain a minimum of vulgarity. Otherwise, it will be a double hint, and you will get tired of stupid questions.

    14. In social networks "Classmates", "VKontakte", "Twitter", etc.it is better to use nicks that match your name and surname. The type "Ivan Ivanov" will be "ivanov".On the contrary, simplicity will help you find other people.

    15. It is not recommended to use nicknames on the basis of fashion trends in humor, as with time, it does not become ridiculous, and your nickname for the new generation will be completely incomprehensible.

    Successful choice of nickname wishes you an online magazine Vse-Sekrety.ru!