• Wedding bouquet by yourself( + photo)

    Flowers for the bride - this is one of the symbols of the wedding. They also represent purity, embody the beauty and inner peace of a young girl. When choosing a bouquet, you need to consider many things: the color and style of the dress, the age of the bride, her tastes and preferences. A bouquet for the bride is an indispensable element. If necessary, you can abandon the heels or tiaras, but from a beautiful bouquet - never.

    In our time, the range of jewelry, clothing and accessories to them is huge. There are also schools and floristry courses that will help you understand the flower world and teach you how to make compositions correctly. But you can just order a bouquet for the bride. In each store there are special catalogs, in which numerous photos and designs of already created happy bouquets are collected. You can also order a bouquet according to an individual sketch. Each florist will help you make it up if necessary.

    But just ordering, that is, buying a happy bouquet - it's easy. It is much more interesting to make a wedding bouquet with your own hands. The bride, no doubt, will appreciate the rush of his beloved. To help the grooms there are various master classes to create a living magnificence. Let's consider the simplest option.

    How to make a bouquet for a bride

    Wedding bouquet from pink roses

    A round bouquet is considered a classic bouquet. For successful work, you need to buy a portuquette, scissors or a garden pruner, an oasis, an adhesive gun, a technical wire, a twisted cord, decorative pins, double scotch tape. Portuquette is the basis on which all other parts will be fixed. The main elements of the bouquet are: frame, handle, oasis. Portuketnitsa not only reliably secure all plants, it also prolongs their short life. From flowers, preference should be given to pions, roses, ornitholagum arabicum, greens of a shepherd's bag, Italian Ruscus and aspidistra. But any other flowers will look equally well in the correctly composed composition.

    Portuette Maker and much more

    Portuette Maker

    Initially, you need to make a handle to the portuquette. Flight of imagination in combination with a variety of decorative materials gives rise to an unthinkable number of design options. In this case, from the available colors for the decor handles fit the aspidistra leaves and the screw cord. Before starting work, remove the grill from the portuquette and hammer the handle with napkins or other material with excellent absorbent properties. This will prevent the excessive allocation of moisture at the time when the bouquet will be inserted into the oasis. Thus, the handle does not wet. Then put the oasis in a deep container with water and leave it there for a while."Readiness" of the oasis can be determined by its descent to the bottom of the tank, as well as the color change.

    Ready-to-use oasis should be placed in portuquette and fixed with a grate. The technical wire will help to fix the element securely. Stick out the pieces of wire carefully, so that during the wedding, the bride is not injured.

    Let's start decorating

    Bouquet of peonies with beads

    Prepared in this way portbuketnitsu can be stacked with flowers. First cut the aspidistra sheet into several pieces and place it on the bottom of the bouquet. Fix it with a double tape. Leaves should be applied one to one, and not overlapped. Using a gun, decorate the handle of the portuquette.

    What's with the cuff?

    Assembling the cuff

    In our case, the role of the cuff will be played by russus, a shepherd's bag or the green of the needle. You can choose any kinds of plants, but you should take into account that the bouquet will look much richer and more elegant when the cuff consists of different leaves.

    And finally, the flowers

    Wedding bouquet with a shepherd's bag Put the portquette in the vase: so handy it is filling it with flowers. Stems of flowers should be no more than five to six centimeters. Arrange the flowers in orderly rows in a circle. After all the flowers have found their place, it's time for greenery. Do not overload the bouquet with leaves and twigs - the flowers will simply be lost in the deaf green. Beads, crystals, pearls and small and shiny decorative elements will come in handy. Special glitter and sprinkles are sold in shops, as well as a variety of sprays that will help give your bouquet an originality, lightness and uniqueness.

    To make shiny leaves of a bouquet will allow special varnishes which all florists use. But do not get too carried away. A huge layer of varnish will give the bouquet an unnatural artificial look.

    Here we have created a bouquet for the bride. It was not as difficult as it seemed at first glance. A little imagination and courage, creativity and desire to make a magnificent gift to the bride will certainly help create a real masterpiece. A little effort and patience and everything will turn out!

    Wedding bouquet with own hands photo:

    Beautiful wedding bouquet
    Bouquet decorated with shells
    Wedding bouquet with roses
    Bouquet of large white roses
    Delicate wedding bouquet from a mixture of roses
    Bouquet with roses and callas
    Wedding bouquet with a shepherd's handbag
    Bride bouquet ofof roses and gerberas