Chocolate wrap at home - recipes wraps

  • Chocolate wrap at home - recipes wraps

    Chocolate wrap at home is a heavenly bliss of body and soul, which every woman can and should afford at least occasionally. The complex effect of massage, mask, aromatherapy and psychotherapy corrects the figure, nourishes the skin, relieves stress, invigorates and lifts the mood. With chocolate you can not go too far in this case!

    The procedure is simply frenzied in almost all elite salons and spa resorts. External application of chocolate radically differs from internal: with regular wraps the figure will not only not spoil, but will lose extra pounds.

    Why is chocolate chosen as the cosmetics? It turns out that he is able to enrich the skin with valuable nutrients: sodium, iron, potassium, theobromine, calcium, phytosterols, plant proteins and even phenylethylamine, produced by the body only when in love. It should be understood: chocolate cosmetic is very different from confectionery, so, no matter how appetizing it is, you should not taste it.

    Components of chocolate cosmetics

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    Chocolate cosmetics

    First of all, chocolate cosmetics contain cocoa beans. It is the base, rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, mineral salts and protein - substances that improve blood circulation and strengthen the vessels and, in addition, have a unique anti-cellulite action. And now it's more detailed.

    In cocoa beans more than 50% of butter. It gives you such a pleasant aroma and brown shade. In addition, it contains vitamin F and fatty acids that retain moisture and regenerate the skin. The antioxidant properties of the oil make it possible to smooth wrinkles and even effectively deal with stress. Cocoa butter rejuvenates, gives elasticity, nourishes and moisturizes.

    Cocoa beans

    Caffeine is recognized as a natural energy and the best remedy for fighting cellulite. By activating the breakdown of fats( lipolysis), it also returns elasticity to the skin, improving blood circulation and preventing the appearance of edema.

    Theobromine with theophylline is able to dilate blood vessels, which means - to increase blood circulation. By intensifying biochemical reactions, they both burn fat and tighten the skin.

    What is the use of

    What is the use of chocolate wrapping
    1. Activation of collagen synthesis.
    2. Improves skin elasticity and smooths wrinkles.
    3. Reduces the amount of fat deposits and corrects the whole figure.
    4. Cleansing the skin.
    5. Detoxification.
    6. Discharge of liquid.
    7. Elimination of acne.
    8. Vitaminization and mineralization of the skin.
    9. The effect of lifting even for mature skin.
    10. Endorphin production.

    Undoubtedly, all these ten points will tempt any woman. But visiting expensive salons, alas, is not available to everyone. And why not try a chocolate wrap at home?

    To begin with - the basic rules:

    • procedure begin on a half-starved stomach, at least a couple of hours after breakfast;
    • skin should be pre-cleaned.
    Coffee scrub

    And if there should not arise with the first item of questions, then about skin cleansing it is still worth saying a few words. Perfect cleansing material for the skin can become coffee belongings. It is not necessary to search in shops. It is enough to mix the gel with the coffee grounds and take a shower with the resulting remedy. Why coffee? First, it fits perfectly with chocolate;secondly, it is difficult to name other components that can make pilling and soft, and gentle, and so enjoyable at the same time. The procedure not only cleanses the skin, but also expands the pores, improving the later assimilability of the chocolate mixture.

    A mixture of chocolate is applied to the steamed and peeled body. Problem areas are given special attention. The treated areas immediately turn into a food film, thanks to which we get a "greenhouse effect" that activates lipolysis.

    All salons use additionally thermo-blankets that enhance the effect. At home any warm blanket is suitable. After thirty minutes of chocolate relaxation, the film is removed and the mixture is washed off with ordinary warm water.

    Refrain from eating heavy foods( smoked, roasted), alcohol, coffee and sweets the next 24 hours after wrapping.

    Base mixes

    Base mixes for chocolate wrapping

    With a base of cocoa powder: 500 g of cocoa are poured 400 grams of boiling water. The resulting paste is applied to the skin( the temperature is about 35-38 degrees).

    With a base of dark chocolate, containing 70% cocoa: two melted tiles are added with olive oil( dessert spoon).The temperature of the mixture ready for application is 35-38 degrees).

    For the sake of increasing blood circulation and activating the splitting of fat, you can add a couple of pinch of cinnamon and chili.

    If you do not want to mess with making masks, get professional cosmetics. In chocolate cream masks already present oils, lanolin, seaweed and extracts of various plants. You will only have to put the mixture after the shower and have fun.