• Mesodisolution for weight loss

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    How effective is weight loss mesodissolution: myths or reality

    popular methods of weight loss and rejuvenation is mesodisolution: it allows for several procedures to tighten the skin and get rid of fat folds, due to which many women resort to it.

    What is mesodisolution: benefits, effects, features ^

    Mesodissolution is a kind of mesotherapy, in which by means of special cocktails fatty deposits are destroyed and removed from the body.

    It is conducted only in the clinic, because it requires high professional training and the availability of drugs containing vitamin C and caffeine: they are the most effective fight against cellulite and fat cells.

    How mesodissolution for losing weight works:

    • In the problem areas, a fat-burning drug for mesodissolution is introduced, resulting in the elimination of fat deposits;
    • After destruction, liquid fat is eliminated from the body.

    It is worth noting that weight loss using mesodissolution is possible only after the entire course, consisting of 10-15 procedures, but the first results are visible after the second session.

    Advantages and disadvantages of mesodissolution

    Mesodissolution for the body has several important advantages:

    • No toxic effects on the human body: the drugs used not only do not have a negative effect, but also help to reduce the likelihood of inflammation;
    • Unlike massage and other methods of combating cellulite and excess weight, mesodisolution provides a faster and more stable effect;
    • To lose weight, there is no need to torment yourself with grueling training in the gym;
    • Thanks to such procedures, blood microcirculation improves, lymph flow improves, elasticity and smoothness of the skin improves, subcutaneous fatty tissue is leveled, varicose veins are prevented.

    The drawback of this technique is the possible appearance of redness or vasodilation after injection, as well as the soreness of the procedure itself.

    Mesodissolution for weight loss: indications, contraindications, description of preparations ^

    Mesodissolution for weight loss: results and feedback of patients

    Mesodissolution: indications and contraindications

    Mesodissolution sessions are recommended in the following cases:

    • In the presence of fat deposits in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, legs andthe upper shoulder girdle;
    • If the skin has lost elasticity and become flabby;
    • If there is cellulite;
    • For correction after the procedure of liposuction.

    Diseases in which mesodisolution is contraindicated:

    • Third degree of hypertension;
    • Chronic renal failure;
    • Any skin disease;
    • Allergy to cocktail components;
    • Poor blood clotting;
    • Ischemia.

    In addition, one should not do shots during pregnancy, breast-feeding and taking anticoagulants.

    Mesodissolution from cellulite, slimming and skin tightening

    The procedure itself is performed on specific areas of the body, depending on the problem that needs to be solved:

    • First, the specialist disinfects the skin surface, then injects with a lipolytic cocktail at different points using a syringe with a thinneedle;
    • Further to a depth of 1 to 5 mm, a drainage cocktail is introduced, which helps to remove fat cells from the body;
    • Sessions are performed every week, with a course of 10-15 procedures.

    Mesotherapy for slimming belly and other parts of the body: what drugs are used

    For the injection of mesotherapy and mesodisolution, the following drugs are used:

    • Carnitine: effectively burns fat, extracted from B vitamins. The composition also contains Omega-3 acids;
    • Hyaluronic acid: provides maximum skin tightening, accelerates fat burning in problematic and hard-to-reach areas, smooths creases;
    • Dermostable: has a lipolytic effect.

    Mesodissolution for the face

    This procedure is also performed on the face, and many people use it to eliminate the following drawbacks:

    • Wrinkles and flabbiness;
    • Fat deposition in the chin and cheeks;
    • Loss of tonus and firmness.
    We also recommend that you read the article Lipolitics for weight loss.

    Mesodissolution from cellulite: reviews, results, doctor's recommendations ^

    After the whole course you can achieve the most positive results of mesodissolution sessions:

    • Significantly tightens the skin, wrinkles disappear;
    • The subcutaneous fat is smoothed, thus reducing cellulite;
    • Waist, hips and cheeks are diminished by eliminating fat cells;
    • Eliminates the second chin.

    Comments of doctors on mesodissolution:

    Lyudmila, 35 years old, cosmetologist:

    "To me in the clinic very often come women who want to remove wrinkles with mesodissolution. I want to say that after such procedures, there are rarely side effects, but then the skin remains smooth for a long time. Bruises and traces of injections disappear in a few days, but to make it happen faster, it is worth using wound-healing creams or ointments. "

    Olga, 39, nutritionist:

    " I do not see anything reprehensible that some decide to undergo weight loss mesodissolutionhere it is worth considering that without dieting not to do. It is best to eat mainly protein food: it increases skin tone and strengthens muscles, but vegetables with fruits should not be ruled out. "

    Tatiana, 33, cosmetologist:

    " Mesodissolution is really one of the effective methods of wrinkles, but beforeto conduct the first procedure, you should exclude the presence of contraindications, otherwise there may be side effects after the introduction of cocktails ยป