How to meet a guy from the army - we meet a guy from the army

  • How to meet a guy from the army - we meet a guy from the army

    Every guy in his time goes through an army - this school of life, which brings up a man in him and widens his horizons. Many young people leave not only their relatives, but also their beloved girls, going to serve the Motherland.

    During the service many things change in those boys who only recently graduated from school walls. They grow up, grow stronger, and life priorities become established. The most ardent rebels turn into strong and "right" men. The girls are looking forward to meeting their soldier, dreaming about the day when the beloved will return home.

    How to properly meet a guy from the army

    Meeting a guy from the army should be bright, unusual, memorable. It is necessary to meet your loved one at the station. Do not go alone - gather a large company of relatives and friends, together draw some posters with bright greeting slogans, balloons and flowers. A merry noisy company will allow the soldier to feel that he has returned home, that there is already no strict army regime.

    After a noisy meeting, you can walk all together in the park. The soldier has something to tell his friends and vice versa. A relaxed, tense atmosphere of the park zones will only facilitate active communication. You can take with you something edible, if the weather allows you to have a picnic. After talking with friends, you can slip away to stay together. Friends will understand that you just can not wait to be alone.

    The army life is very different from the ordinary civil reality. Therefore, it is necessary to help your loved one to adapt to the social realities of the modern world. A joint trip to the cinema or to a concert of your favorite artist will help a guy get used to the lack of an army regime and strict discipline.

    Another option for meeting a guy from the army is to tour the city. While he steadfastly defended his homeland, for sure, something has changed in the city. You can arrange a romantic excursion to the places where you spent the most interesting days of your life together. The first place, the place of the first kiss. ..

    It is also necessary to introduce a soldier in the course of all the affairs of his friends: who married, who from whom was born, maybe someone moved to another city. This information will help the returnee to get closer to their friends and acquaintances.

    Parents usually cover a rich holiday table, waiting for their beloved son. All relatives, distant and close, are invited. The return of the son home is eagerly awaited by all household members.

    The tablecloth should only be festive. Cutlery should match the tablecloth. Not every day there is such a celebration.

    Dishes are best cooked by yourself, and do not buy semi-finished products in the store( as is customary in recent times).The soldier will be pleased that he is so taken care of. In addition, the preparation of many dishes takes a lot of time, and therefore, the return of the soldier was not bothered at the last moment. Surely, the guy has some favorite dishes. It is best to ensure that they are on the table, no matter what efforts it does not cost.

    You sit better than each other, not side by side. This seating arrangement will allow you to communicate freely, and not just think about when you will be alone. The gathered friends and relatives also want to spend some time with the guy who returned from the army.

    Calm music gracefully complements the big picture. It is best to choose a good instrument, so that nothing interferes with your communication.

    Organizing a romantic dinner only for the two of you, you can stock up on scented candles and good champagne. After you have a snack, you can refer to the old general photos and resurrect the memories of your first days together, your feelings and experiences.

    Dishes on the table should prevail light. Dinner does not require heavy meals. For dessert you can make ice cream or a frozen cake - easily, tasty and unusual.

    Under the romantic music will pull to dance, do a few pa - this will help to defuse the situation. The prolonged absence of a loved one, one way or another, gives rise to constraint even in private. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure all possible external conditions to prevent this stiffness and restraint.

    Do not expect anything supernatural from the guy who returned from the army. The army is changing a lot. This applies not only to some gastronomic preferences, but first of all, life priorities. It is possible that after returning from the army, your young man will become completely different. Therefore, you should not blame him "but before you liked it", "and remember, you used to love it" and similar phrases. A lot of time has passed, and everything flows and everything changes. So just help your beloved to adapt to the realities of the modern social world.

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