Why a man does not want to live together - the fear of living together

  • Why a man does not want to live together - the fear of living together

    Very often there are situations when, long meeting with a woman, a man categorically refuses to take any steps to live together. As a rule, this leads to constant quarrels and quarrels, because absolutely all the girls dream not only to meet with the guys, but also to create together with them a family, and, accordingly, life.

    So why men do not want to live together, but at the same time do not let their chosen ones to create another real union. It is worth noting that this question is asked, almost every sixth woman who has been in a relationship with a young man for a long time.

    To understand why a man does not want to live in your place, let's look at a few recommendations that you can not only keep your love relations with, but also help your beloved guy finally offer you a hand and heart.

    How to achieve decisive action

    Tip # 1 - to identify the true reason why a man does not want to move to the total area of ​​ .It so happened that by its nature almost all girls begin to react too emotionally when they hear a refusal from their beloved person about cohabitation. It is against this background that many couples often part. However, to avoid such omissions, psychologists advise first to understand what specifically stops a man from further development of relations. It is likely that the reason for this behavior is his fear of life, responsibility, as well as the experience of past alliances, material shortage, etc.

    Thus, having discarded all your doubts and looking at the current situation objectively, it will be much easier for you to understand your lover.

    Straight Talk

    Tip # 2 - Bring your lover to a frank conversation .In the event that you can not independently identify the cause of this categorical behavior of your man, it is recommended to go directly to a conversation with him. Such a conversation should not start spontaneously. Prepare for it in advance and decide on those questions, the answers to which you really want to hear, despite their frankness. It is desirable to conduct the conversation in a calm and non-aggressive state. The most important thing in this conversation is to be ready for any arrangement. After all, if your partner says that he is not ready for living together, because he does not feel very strong feelings to you, then with this you will either have to accept or go on breaking the union.

    If during the conversation, you will notice that the man is not completely frank with you or is trying to get away from the topic in any possible ways, it means that he has no serious intentions towards you.

    Tip # 3 - after revealing the true reasons why a man does not want to live together, you should start to act .It is worth noting that such options can be a colossal amount.

    Why they avoid living together

    Why a man avoids living together

    As practice shows, the most common are the three main factors:

    • Fear of cohabiting because of the sad experience of previous relationships. If your narrowed-down was once married and knows by his own experience what everyday life is, then his fear of making a mistake again can be understood. That's why you should try to tell him that you are not like his former lover, and you will never learn his life, but become his only and reliable support for him. It is worth noting that this conversation is not recommended to start a topic about marriage and future children. After all, a young man is so afraid of tying his fate to a new woman, and such topics can scare him off altogether, that you will remain in the status of a potential bride till the end of your life.
    Financial independence
    • Desire to achieve material prosperity and financial independence. At present, most men do not want to bind themselves by marriage because they do not have stable and high earnings. That's why some of them delay the moment of cohabitation. And this is not surprising, because every member of the stronger sex wants to bring his companion of life into his own house or apartment. In this case, psychologists recommend frankly talk with your lover and convince him that you will not be his burden, but, on the contrary, help increase your joint well-being.
    Doubts in the feelings of
    • Doubt about your love relationship. Very often men do not want to come together with their beloved ones because they have doubts about their feelings, and also because of fear of losing their freedom and the status of a bachelor. In this situation, it's up to you to stay in such a relationship or put a fat point in this union. After all, life is one and dedicate it to the person who does not appreciate your love, care and attention is quite stupid.