Gift for her husband for the New Year 2013 - what to give her husband for the New Year 2013

  • Gift for her husband for the New Year 2013 - what to give her husband for the New Year 2013

    Choose a gift in our time and it is easy and difficult at the same time. On the shelves of stores - a huge variety of things that can become wonderful presentations. But how to choose exactly what your loved ones are dreaming about, because it's so easy to make a mistake and instead buy a gift that will be gathering dust in the corner instead of a long-awaited gift.

    The very first and main advice - take care of gifts in advance. Time in this case is your ally. And it's not even that you have the opportunity to save money and look for the right thing in stores, but to understand what your family is dreaming about. It is not difficult to do this, you just need to be able to listen to the desires of your relatives.

    It is especially difficult to please the strong half of humanity - they are very demanding on gifts. Most women are used to giving their second half useful things: a razor, socks, deodorant, shampoo, etc. But should not the gift be original, especially if it's a New Year's gift to a man for a year of a black water snake. After all, you, dear women, probably dream of your man choosing a surprise for you, showed an exceptional fantasy and guessed your hidden desires. Give an example to your husband and present something that will eloquently speak about your love for him and become a manifestation of care. The main meaning of the gift is not usefulness, but the fulfillment of desires is so important in the New Year. Let even your husband go to the store with you and choose the thing you like, but this will be a hundred percent hit, and the holiday will not be dimmed by disappointment from the unsuccessfully chosen gift.

    Practical presents

    A good wife knows in advance what her husband wants to receive as a gift, even if he himself has not realized it, but all because during the years of her life she learned by heart all the features of his character. If you are used to giving practical gifts, and do not imagine how you can move away from this principle, then choose something that your husband will use in everyday life. But remember that this thing should not be ordinary socks with a towel, but something more extraordinary, perhaps, and expensive. Let it be a thing from the category that it was necessary to buy, but let it be more expensive and better then.

    Do not forget that men are the same children, only their toys are several times more expensive. If you are ready for your favorite to fork out, then, of course, it will please a new mobile phone, such as the iPhone of the latest model. If he is dealing with numerous papers at work, then for him an irreplaceable gift will be a laptop. Maybe he can not live a day without a book? Then give him an e-book.

    With a lack of finance, follow the irresistible fantasy and talents, do something yourself, for example, a frame for your wedding photography, a portrait or a friendly cartoon painted with your own hand, prepare a culinary masterpiece or tie a sweater or scarf.

    But not only the gift itself is important, it is important how to present it. Do not underestimate the packaging. Sometimes only the unfolding of a gift can lift the mood. Imagine how fun it will be to watch how your husband tries to get to the surprise, carefully wrapped up by the principle of a matryoshka doll.

    Gifts for a hobby

    A win-win option is to give something out of what your husband enjoys. Usually a gift from the category of hobbies brings a sincere joy. Collectors donate a new exhibit to the collection: collects car models - a car model, a numismatist - a rare coin, a philatelist - a postage stamp. For those who are engaged in photography, the desired gift will be "heaped" cameras, licensed photo processing software or an electronic frame for photo masterpieces. Melomanam will love any means for listening to music from the MP-3 player to a set of music in a car consisting of speakers, a subwoofer and an amplifier from leading manufacturers. Fans of outdoor recreation, including fishermen and hunters, will find sleeping bags, fishing tackle, compass, spinning, thermos, binoculars.

    Do not forget that you, as a person ignorant in the subtleties, for example, fishing or car music, are simply obliged to consult a knowledgeable person or at least to penetrate a little bit of the Internet, so as not to hit the dirt in the face, getting something wrong.

    Gifts for the image

    A gift to her husband for the New Year 2013 can advantageously emphasize his status or style. Let it be a portfolio or purse made of genuine leather, the main thing is not a serpentine, a Swiss watch, a Parker handle, a cigar or a tube, expensive perfume - a lot of accessories for your choice and taste right down to the brand name handkerchiefs. The man himself is unlikely to attend to such trifles, but you, believe me, will be grateful. And you will admire your beloved, flaunting with a new thing.

    "Soulful Gifts"

    Soul Gifts

    You can not underestimate those gifts that are permeated with warmth. They are especially relevant in the year of the Serpent, the keeper of the hearth. They excellently serve as supplements to basic gifts, but can also be donated separately. Experiment with the captured family video, review the photo archive and edit the best material about the best moments of your life together - the New Year is a wonderful occasion for this. Order a calendar with your family photos, which will mark all important dates, including the wedding day and the mother-in-law's birthday, then the faithful will not for sure forget about it. Create a beloved husband a romantic mood, having arranged a festive dinner for two, or by presenting a ticket to hot countries. A wonderful addition to the dinner for two persons will be a letter with words of love that you did not dare or forgot to say for a year. It is so important to feel loved in the New Year.

    Remember that the New Year is the time for fulfillment of desires. And the main thing in this holiday is not the price of the gift, but your desire to please the native person. Give gifts from the heart!