Mesotherapy: reviews of doctors and positive and negative reviews of patients

  • Mesotherapy: reviews of doctors and positive and negative reviews of patients

    Mesotherapy is a good alternative to surgical plastic surgery. If the patient has mild wrinkles, barely visible nasolabial folds, "crow's feet" near the eyes, the doctor will most likely offer the patient not an operation but a course of mesotherapy. In principle, doctors' reviews of mesotherapy are often more positive than negative.

    Mesotherapy: "for"

    Here are some positive feedback on mesotherapy available from doctors:

    Cosmetologist Oksana I.:

    "Mesotherapy is very suitable for patients suffering from severe acne( acne).Creams here give a temporary effect, but for plasticity there is no indication. After cleansing and vitamin supplementation, the skin begins to behave completely differently: the pores are closed and cease to shine, the skin becomes supple. "

    Lyubov Alekseevna, therapeutist:

    "I recommend mesotherapy to all women who come to me, although I am not a beautician. Mesotherapy helps with fuzzy contours of the face, the second chin. This is a very good procedure for any skin. "

    Victoria, cosmetologist:

    "And once again, yes mesotherapy! Only here the main thing is to find a good specialist and ask him about the drugs being administered. The result with a properly performed procedure is simply stunning! Wrinkles are smoothed out, the complexion improves, the skin becomes even and elastic. And most importantly, the effect of this procedure lasts for several months. "

    Mesotherapy: "against"

    Negative feedback about mesotherapy can also be found from doctors on the Internet:

    Julia, doctor-diagnostician:

    "I warn all women that this is a rather painful procedure. There will be swelling and red spots on the face, which will last a long time. And more: cosmetic salons take quite a lot of money for this procedure. "

    Tatiana Leonidova-Parshunkova, Surgeon:

    "There can be a very unexpected result that you do not like. A person can swell, bruises will appear, and wrinkles will not decrease. Be sure to inform the doctor in advance of the illnesses and allergies that have occurred. There may be an allergy to aspirin or other drugs. "

    Cristina, nurse:

    "Mesotherapy, of course, is a wonderful thing, but you should not expect complete recovery, for example, from pigmented spots. Do some courses, and then all on a new one. So my feedback is rather negative than positive. "

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