Facelift SMAS: reviews, photos before and after, video, indications and contraindications

  • Facelift SMAS: reviews, photos before and after, video, indications and contraindications

    SMAS-lift( it's SMAS-lifting) is a procedure for deep lifting of the skin on the face. This procedure can turn the clock back several years ago. Modern aesthetic surgery uses the SMAS facelift as one of the most advanced methods of circular skin tightening. During this procedure, not only the skin is tightened, but also a dense tissue that is located deep beneath the skin. It is also called superficial muscular-aponeurotic layer, shortly - SMAS.This has a more pronounced effect after a facelift that lasts long enough.

    Such rejuvenating surgery is recommended if the age indications are particularly pronounced, or if there is an excess of skin and fat layer on the face.

    Facelift SMAS is relevant for women under 45 years of age, at a time when the skin still has a good ability to contract. In general, if there are no contraindications, such a suspender can be carried out after sixty years.

    The process of SMAS-lifting

    This facial rejuvenation is performed under internal anesthesia without the use of general anesthesia. An incision is made behind the ear and inside the ear. The duration of the operation process averages from one and a half to two and a half hours. The surgeon makes a skin detachment in the middle of the face and on the upper portion of the neck. During the procedure, SMAS tissues are fixed by the doctor at a new location.

    To get the maximum effect during this kind of operation, sometimes a deeper structure plastic is performed. In this case, the surgeon has to work at the level of the periosteum. This decision is made personally by the surgeon in each case.

    During the SMAS, facelifts usually produce a lifting in the neck and neck area in order to avoid stretching the face and flabbiness of the neck. Very well combined liposuction and SMAS tightening of the skin, this makes it possible to say goodbye to the second chin, cheeks. The face as a result turns out to be more thin and younger than before the operation.

    What do they say about SMAS rejuvenation of the patient who underwent surgery?

    Reviews of those who tried the

    Amalia : Did the SMAS a suspender that year. But I went to surgery after my girlfriend, she's an experimenter. Therefore, seeing the result on her example, I decided to do this myself. The hands of the doctor turned out to be gold. The result is completely satisfied.

    Uliana : Six years ago I made myself a SMAS.The best doctor in the city did me a lift. Now I'm 64 years old, I look great in my old age, and I do not plan to make any changes, and to this day I'm very grateful to the surgeon who operated me. The result is really there and for many years now he has been pleased with me. Thank you.

    Galina : There is nothing better than a SMAS facelift. She looked through a lot of results, was interested in many methods of rejuvenation, but none of them could convince me that she could give a greater result than SMAS-lifting person. Many surgeons, of course, recommend their methods, they tell a lot of scientific incomprehensible terms. .. They boast of their author's works. But in the end it turns out that everyone talks about the same technique, just different terms. Having studied a lot of information, having seen a lot of photos before and after the operation, I still made myself a SMAS-lifting, and, frankly, I do not need anything else. The result is excellent, at its 54 I look all 40.

    The results of the SMAS rejuvenation speak for themselves, it's enough to look at the photos before and after those happy women who have already transformed to the fullest.