• How to dry the nail polish - dry the nail polish

    Hardly every woman knows the situation: you have made up your nails and it is high time for you to go out on business, and the varnish dries incredibly long. If your house is not a branch of a nail salon with its drying machines, you will have to use home remedies to ensure that the lacquer is as dry as possible.

    How to dry the nail polish without harm to the beauty of the manicure and very quickly? This question was constantly asked by the fair sex representatives until the moment when the quick-drying varnish was invented.

    But here's the problem: not always such a miracle is at hand, and not everyone prefers to buy it. So what to do in such a situation, when in a few minutes you are waiting for friends, and the varnish is still not dried up?

    Secrets of drying varnish

    There are often situations when it's simply impossible to do without a beautiful manicure, but there is so little time, and there is no varnishing-drying. So, how to dry the nail polish with minimal time loss?

    A few secrets:

    • the drying time of the applied varnish can greatly increase due to the fact that the layer of the substance is too thick. If you want to avoid such a situation, before applying a new layer of varnish, remove the old one and apply the product as evenly as possible and no more than 2 layers. Otherwise, drying your manicure will be incredibly long.
    • is a very good helper in the rapid drying of varnish is the flow of cold air. You can use your favorite hair dryer, putting it on a cold schedule. Never try to dry the lacquer under a stream of hot air! This only spoils and damages the varnish. Not bad with the task and the usual fan, so just put your hands under it;
    • for the next method you will need a container with cold( even ice) water. Next, proceed as follows: apply varnish on dry nails, well, as you have always done, but only the layers of varnish should be no more than two. Minutes after two, lower your hands into the water in such a way that the nails are completely under water. Keep them so you need in just five minutes. When this time is over, shake off the water, but do not wipe it off. All can run about their business, nothing threatens the beauty of your manicure. Finally, he dies in the open air.
    • in the salon conditions, there are several ways to dry the lacquer quickly on the nails. Masters can offer you special tools, which are also used to nail care, for example, spray. It should be sprayed on the nails from a distance of about 30 centimeters. In a few moments you will have a neat and absolutely dry manicure.


    To date, invented a lot of special varnishes, which are designed to fix the color lacquer and give glitz to the nails. Moreover, this means also very quickly dries the applied varnish. Do not take the money and get it. Believe, the spent means very quickly will pay off improbable convenience and fast drying of a varnish.

    A good option in a situation where you very quickly need to make up and dry your nails - quick-drying colored varnishes. But they have one drawback: when the street is too hot, they can fade strongly, acquiring an ugly yellowish shade.

    Have bought a new beautiful shade, for which they have been "hunted" for so long? Well, then you need to do everything so that it does not deteriorate. For this, when you come home, put it in the refrigerator. When the varnish is cooled, it will lie much easier on the nail and dry much faster.

    Well-groomed women's hands with beautiful manicure have always attracted and will attract the attention of the opposite sex. Brilliant marigolds indicate that their hostess is an elegant, sophisticated lady - a real woman.