• Preparing for kidney ultrasound: an integral part of the diagnosis

    At the moment, ultrasound is actively used in modern medicine. This procedure is used to detect abnormalities of various organs of the human body. Now ultrasound can be used for almost all biological tissues of a person.

    Physicians often resort to ultrasound examination in order to detect pathologies of internal organs. The popularity of ultrasound for the diagnosis of various diseases can be explained by the fact that this method allows you to obtain reliable and unique information on the progress of the disease and the condition of internal organs. Kidney ultrasound is also actively carried out during the study of the disease.

    Preparation for ultrasound of the kidneys - an integral part of the diagnosis

    It is not surprising that at the first symptoms of the appearance of ailments of the kidneys, the patient immediately turns to the doctor. After all, agonizing pain in the lumbar region is often accompanied by other symptoms, the severity of which depends on the specific nature of the disease.

    In order to correctly diagnose the disease, the physician often assigns ultrasound examination of the kidneys. Ultrasound allows the doctor to obtain the most accurate and accurate results regarding the condition of this organ. In addition, the procedure is completely painless for the patient, which can not but rejoice.

    After a doctor examines the patient and prescribes the necessary tests, as well as diagnostic procedures, the patient often faces the question: "How will you prepare for ultrasound of the kidneys?" After all, according to statistics, in 95% of cases of kidney diseases the patient has to perform ultrasound. Carrying out this procedure in case of organ damage is justified, as it allows to detect abnormalities, and gives a detailed description of the disease. But before ultrasound, you should carefully prepare your body for a successful procedure.

    Is it necessary to prepare for ultrasound examination of the kidneys?

    Many patients who have this procedure are asked the question: "Do you need to do any preparation at all before ultrasound of the kidneys?" Highly qualified specialists give an unambiguous answer: "Yes"!After all, the normal preparation for ultrasound gives the doctor the opportunity to get the most accurate and in some way unique information that relates to the course of your illness and the general condition of the urinary system.

    This is important! Special attention should be given to training people with excess weight or increased gas formation, because in this case, the possibility of qualitative examination of the kidneys decreases many times.

    Basic principles of preparation for ultrasound of the kidneys

    As you know, if you take responsibility for treatment, you can get rid of the disease much faster. The same can be said about the preparation before the diagnostic procedures. After all, quality training allows you to obtain reliable and accurate results on the health status of an organ. Therefore, you should pay attention to the preparation of the body before ultrasound.

    To better understand which principles should be followed during preparation before the procedure, you should know which departments will be examined by ultrasound:

    • kidney;
    • bladder;
    • ureter;
    • pelvis;
    • renal arteries.

    Having analyzed the above, it can be concluded that the preparation for ultrasound of the kidneys includes not only the preparation of the kidneys. It is necessary to give due attention to all components of the urinary system.

    It should be said that the preparation of a patient for ultrasound includes simple measures that can be carried out by everyone. So, let's consider the key factors that should be paid attention to ensure that ultrasound results are as clear and reliable as possible:

    1. Diet. Compliance with a special diet is necessary, since the gases that are created by certain products, make it difficult for ultrasound to pass into the kidneys. In addition, the intestine needs a quality rest and cleaning before any medical procedure. So, doctors strongly recommend to exclude from their diet of food white bread, fruits and vegetables cooked in any way, sauerkraut, peas, garlic, beans, and other products that increase gas formation in the intestine. As for drinks, the refusal of milk, especially greasy, is welcomed. To start to adhere to the given diet follows for three days before ultrasonic research of kidneys. During this time, all excess gases and slags from the body are likely to escape, preventing the penetration of ultrasound into biological tissues.
    2. Also for qualitative cleansing of the body from gases, which are undesirable during the procedure, you should take Espumizan or Filtrum tablets. Start taking these medications about 3 days before the ultrasound. It is necessary to take 2-3 tablets per day, that is, one tablet after a meal. You can replace these drugs with ordinary activated charcoal. Remember that for more accurate data, consult a doctor who prescribes the pills you need to eliminate flatulence, based on the individual characteristics and structure of your body.
    3. Before the procedure, the patient needs an enema. This measure is also aimed at eliminating gases from the body, as a result of which the permeability of ultrasonic rays will greatly increase. Enema should be done only two days before ultrasound examination of the kidneys, otherwise it will not give the desired result.
    4. During the examination, the bladder should be complete. This is due to the fact that with this factor in the ureters and pelvis there is an increased pressure. This will make it possible to get the most accurate picture of the kidneys and their appendages as the full bladder activates the urinary system.
    5. Doctors recommend that patients undergo an ultrasound examination on an empty stomach. Ideally, the last meal before ultrasound should occur no later than the last 12 hours.

    Kidney ultrasound: preparation for the procedure is a time-consuming process. By following it steadily, you will be able to obtain accurate information concerning your illness. Thus, preparation for ultrasound examination of the organ is one of the most important stages of diagnosis and further treatment of kidney diseases. Remember that for more information on the preparation for ultrasound examination of the kidneys, you need to contact your doctor. He will give an accurate instruction on the preparation for ultrasound based on the individual characteristics of your body.

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