• Useful and therapeutic properties of chromotherapy

    Chromotherapy( chroma - "light"), i.e., treatment with the use of color lighting, is a part of color therapy. It has ancient roots. It is known that the healers of some countries treated patients with rays of sunlight, passing them through colored glass or crystals.

    Modern chromotherapy, besides solar, also uses artificial light. Currently, there is a large selection of special lamps intended for light treatment. They are used at home, clinics, health resorts, etc.

    Using multi-colored filters or gels sold in electrical and photographic equipment stores, it is easy to build such a device from an ordinary table lamp.

    Another option are electric light bulbs in different colors. Changing them in the cartridge, you can get various effects: soothing( blue), warming( yellow), relaxing and soothing( pink), etc.

    It is even better to use a lighted candle placed in a container of colored glass. Gently burning candle fire creates a special state and enhances the mood.

    There are two main methods of chromotherapy: treatment with colorful lighting of the whole body or some part or organ of it.

    In addition to light exposure to large enough areas, there is also a method of color-points. It consists in the impact on the acupuncture points of the human body with colored rays. The procedure and duration of such treatment are established individually and only by a specialist color therapist.

    It should be remembered that in most cases, color treatment is an addition to the main means of combating various ailments.

    To receive sessions of color-light treatment is best in white or light clothing.

    Remember that, despite the seeming simplicity, chromotherapy without consulting a specialist can have negative consequences, especially for severe diseases.

    Recently, in the medicine and fitness centers, colored baths have spread, in which various salts or food colors are used to create the color. Reception of such baths is usually combined with aromatherapy.

    People have known for a long time that communication with pets brings a person joy.

    The essence of the animatherapy is simple: the bio-field of the animal affects the sick human body, reducing its bodily suffering and giving peace of mind. The Egyptians deified the purring cat, portraying the goddess Bastet in the shape of a slender beauty with a cat's head. It is not by chance that the green-eyed woman was considered the ideal of beauty in ancient Egypt( cats are mostly iris of gray-green color).

    Englishmen at the time of Robin Hood treated the cough in an exotic way: they put one's hair on one piece of bread, covered it with another piece and offered a treat to a four-footed friend.

    The first person who seriously approached the study of this method of treatment was New York physician B. Levinson. His experience and hypotheses, this specialist outlined in the books: "Pets and human development" and "Children's psychotherapy with the use of pets."However, not everyone reads specialized and complex literature on animatherapy, but any philistine knows that animals can treat us. Among the good healers are cats, dogs, horses, birds and dolphins.